• Drive the future today: Honda at 44th TMS

    Honda Motor Co. president Takahiro Tachigo presents the new NSX.

    Honda Motor Co. president Takahiro Tachigo presents the new NSX.

    Honda may not have had much in the way of future concept cars, but instead the automobile and motorcycle manufacturer presented production or near-production models for the Tokyo Motor Show. Honda Motor Company president Takahiro Hachigo himself presented what his company had on display at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

    “Driven by ‘The Power of Dreams,’ Honda has always been striving to create new values by converging people’s dreams and our own dreams as creators,” said Hachigo, also Honda chief executive officer and representative director. “We dream to offer people greater opportunities in their daily life and to expand their life’s potential, and therefore we constantly take on challenges to realize our dreams.”

    “At this motor show, we use our dream-inspiring global brand slogan – The Power of Dreams – as the booth concept, and let red lines, intended as a motif of our corporate color, to run through the stage,” he added.

    Headlining their display was the production version of the new-generation Honda NSX hybrid super sports car. Honda has previously shown concept and prototype versions of the NSX at Tokyo and other motor shows around the world, though this is the first time that the completed production model made its debut. The NSX is powered by a 581-brake horsepower twin turbo hybrid V6 engine with all-wheel drive.

    Alongside Honda’s new high performance super car was the new generation Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) to propel Honda’s zero emissions future. The Clarity FCV is the direct successor to the previous FCX Clarity. The Clarity FCV hybrid gets a cruising range of 700 kilometers.

    Making its Japanese market debut is the Honda Civic Type-R. Unlike previous Type-R models, this one gets a turbocharged Earth Dreams VTEC engine, meaning it gets 310 bhp driving the front wheels. Also new for the Type-R is where it’s made: instead of Japan, this one is manufactured in England.

    Rounding out the Honda booth at TMS were special editions of cars like the S660 as well as the Odyssey Hybrid. Marc Marquez’s MotoGP motorcycle was also on display, along with the current McLaren-Honda Formula One car.

    “At Honda, we think over and over again. We embody our original ideas with our innovative technologies. We do not let go of our ideas and passion without trying something. We pursue things all the way to the end and breakthrough the conventional thinking or past precedents,” concluded Hachigo.


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