Driven beauty ‘vlogs’ her ‘best self’ story


For transforming herself from a shrinking violet to a successful go-getter, showbiz multi-slashie Yassi Pressman has earned herself a coveted spot among a new batch of Cream Silk Women who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Catching up with the 22-year-old actress, model, dancer, and host during her studio pictorial for the hair-conditioning range, The Manila Times learned that the brand’s latest campaign extols modern Filipinas whose beauty stands out, along with their attitude and mindset to rise above adversity.

“I’ve always aimed to be my best self,” said Pressman. And in her chosen career under the spotlight, she realized very early on that there is no other way to make it to the top than working hard, putting in long hours and making big sacrifices.

Yassi Pressman

Today, Cream Silk will premiere the British-Filipina’s inspiring transformation story on its official YouTube and Facebook pages [https://tinyurl.com/YassiTransformed].

Dreamers all
For Pressman, the very first lesson she learned as a newbie talent was that there were many others like her with dreams of making it big in showbiz. Secondly, it hit her hard that she will always meet doubters and detractors along the way.

“When I started showbiz, I realized there were so many other girls like me who wanted to become a star. I first tried dancing, and there were only too many people who were happy to tell me, ‘D’yan ka lang’.”

Instead of getting intimidated by all the noise around her, she held her chin up while keeping her eyes on her ultimate goal of exploring every avenue showbiz had to offer.

“There’s a difference between having the dream and having the drive so I practiced a lot,” she continued, recalling the countless hours she spent at the dance studio, learning new dance moves and perfecting the ones that she already knew by heart.

“You really have to pursue your passion because if you do, that’s when you’ll go places,” Pressman guaranteed.

The rise
Soon enough, Pressman’s talent and unwavering drive to succeed caught the attentions of producers. Her first stint was in the 2006 ABS-CBN teleserye “Gulong ng Palad,” after which she accepted an invitation to join the other station’s Sunday variety show “SOP Fully Charged” as a dancer.

When the program was reformatted and rebranded to become “Party Pilipinas,” Pressman found herself spending more time at the forefront, thanks to her much-improved dancing skills, stage presence, and hosting prowess.

Her biggest break came in the form of a movie in 2014, almost a year after she signed with Viva Entertainment. In the romantic-comedy movie “Diary ng Panget,” Yassi was paired with then-emerging star Andre Paras and shared screen time with the James Reid-Nadine Lustre tandem. That movie was immediately followed by another hit, “Talk Back and You’re Dead,” in the same year.

With her newfound confidence, Pressman further pursued her dream, which took her back to where she started in ABS-CBN. She landed the coveted leading lady role of prime-time star Coco Martin in the long-running TV goldmine that is “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”

As her TV career when full throttle, the young lady with an ever-pleasant personality and sense of fun also blossomed as a veejay. She was a natural in music programs like “MTV Pinoy” and “MTV Shoutout” many others.

“If you put together commitment, discipline, and drive, there’s no way for you but to go up,” concluded Pressman, who patiently waited for her time to shine.

Best self
According to Cream Silk brand manager Raiza Revilla, they believe Pressman is the perfect endorser for the Dry Rescue Conditioner variant because of her steely determination amid criticism and for her courage to take risks and face her fears.

The executive further said that Pressman’s transformation story, along with those of six celebrity endorsers, reflects what their campaign is all about.

“These women [featured]are confident and empowered, and they possess beauty that stands out. They are not afraid to embrace their individuality and let their uniqueness shine through, constantly reinventing and improving themselves to succeed in whatever endeavor they set their hearts to.”


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