• Drivers mount transport strike


    Jeepney operators slam plan to phase out rickety units
    HUNDREDS of jeepney drivers will not be plying their routes in Metro Manila on Monday to protest a plan of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to phase out rickety jeepneys.

    The transport strike to be mounted by the Alliance of Concerned Transport Organizations (ACTO) is expected to strand thousands of commuters, particularly office workers and students.

    Efren de Luna, national president of the big transport group, said they decided to hold a transport holiday because they fear that the plan to banish jeepneys that are at least 15 years old will deprive them of their livelihood. The government plans to phase out dilapidated jeepneys next year.

    De Luna said the LTFRB should have held a dialogue with jeepney drivers and operators to explain the questioned policy.

    “Ano ba ang batayan nila? Sa edad lang ba? Paano yung mga 15 taon na pero maayos pa ang body at maganda pa ang takbo ng makina [What is their basis? Is it just the age? How about those jeepneys that are 15 years old but are still running efficiently]?” he asked.

    “Ano ang standard na dapat unahin alisin? Ano talaga ang programa ng gobyerno sa atin? Tuluyan ba tayong sabay-sabayang aalisan ng karapatan para mabuhay [What is their standard? Who should be phased out first? What is really the government’s plan for us? Does it plan to deprive us of our means to make a living]?” de Luna said.

    The plan to phase out jeepneys, according to him, would leave thousands of jeepney drivers without jobs.

    “This is alarming. Our job is our only source of income, from which we get money to feed our families, send our children to school,” de Luna said in a statement.

    The group called for the resignation of LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez Jr. and Land Transportation Office Assistant Secretary Alfonso Tan Jr., the alleged brains of the questioned policy.

    De Luna deplored the failure of the LTFRB and LTO to lay down a clear program for jeepney drivers who will be affected by the looming phaseout of old jeepneys.

    “Lahat ng ginagawa ay pagyurak ng ating mga mahal sa buhay at karapatan upang mabuhay [They have ridden roughshod over our loved ones and our right to a livelihood],” the transport leader said.

    De Luna clarified thathis group is not against the government’s modernization program but it should inform jeepney drivers of the criteria or requirements that it will follow in the implementation of the plan to phase out old jeepneys.

    “Does the government plan to replace us with Grab and Uber? We should be informed if the LTFRB plans to start with jeepneys acquired in 2000 whose license plates end in 1, 2, 3,” he said.

    De Luna’s group earlier pushed for suspension of accreditation of mobile application-based Uber and GrabCar, saying these not only worsen traffic gridlocks but threaten the livelihood of jeepney and taxi drivers.

    Members of ACTO last week held a rally in front of the LTFRB office in Quezon City to protest the “privilege” granted to Uber and Grabcar owners who can get accreditation without difficulty.

    De Luna said the easy accreditation process of app-based transportation network companies violates the rights of legitimate operators of public utility vehicles who own franchises.


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    1. rEALLY, i dont understand why this stupid government doesnt know nothing. First , before do such anything like that, they have an alternative solutions that will give livelihood to the filipino masses esp the drivers..In Saudi arabia, they have government run institution that will check all vehicles, big or small, private or public , to check the conditions of all vehicles in a certain period when their Istmara (regisstration document) is subject to expired. Normally the istimara of all light vehicles in KSA is valid for 2 years and for big, medium, heavy is valid for 5 years. Before their registration vehicle expired, they should bring their vehicles at MVPI who will says that you vehicles is in good conditions. They will check every thing in your car, brake, lights, engine, before they issue result approve or not. If its passed, that is the time government agency will issue a new registration of your vehicle valid for 2 years etc…Not like in the Philippines, they will phase out the Jeepneys above 15 yrs even if the engine is good. What about the livelihood of our poor jeepney drivers?
      What will happen to them…Wala talagang kaisip isip ang gobyernong ito..Inutil…

    2. For both buses e and jeepneys, phase out the colorum first.

      Tricycles and padyakeros should not be allowed to travel on highways and main roads.These guys are not following any rules.

      Cops should apprehend vehicles using shoulders creating their own line and then forcing themselves back to the main line. Walang nanghuhuli kaya puro pasaway lahat sa kalye. This mentality and line of thinking is a creation of our kotong cops.

    3. I think there should be a dialogue between the government and the association of jeepney drivers. Both have good points and maybe they can reach to a better plan to benefit the masses.
      I still think that the best way to solve the problem(s) is/are the strict enforcement of traffic laws. Without enforcement of traffic laws and extreme cooperation of the drivers, no way you can solve any of the traffic mess. As it is, in Metro Manila as well as the provinces no one nada follow traffic laws. The most disgusting part of it is that it is brazenly done in front of traffic officers who are usually busy playing with their phones or napping or eating.
      I am sure every one believes me because every one can see it
      We have some of the brightest minds in the world and yet no one can come up with a very good solution. The media broadcasts the horrible traffic mess and it ends there; just a horrible traffic mess.

    4. Danilo Quilisadio on

      It’s about time rickety jeepneys should be phased out. In fact it is long overdue. Rickety jeepneys should give way to progress.