Drop in Aquino’s ratings due to public outrage vs. pork


Malacañang on Monday attributed the drop of the President’s satisfaction ratings to the public outrage over the supposed misuse of people’s money.

Instead of being worried, Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said that they welcomed the survey since there was just a slight adjustment.

“While an overwhelming majority of Filipinos remain supportive of the President and his agenda, we recognize that the increase in those dissatisfied reflects the depth of anger and disappointment of the people at the way public funds have been stolen,” Valte said.

The Palace, she said, shares the public outrage against those elected officials who abused these public funds.

“We share this anger and disappointment. No amount of clutter should confuse the true issue at hand: Public funds were stolen by elected officials and their cohorts in the bureaucracy and the private sector,” she added.

According to Valte, the President still enjoys the trust and confidence of the majority of the people and remains committed to leading them on the “daang matuwid [righteous path].”

“Public support of the President has always stemmed from his sincerity in addressing the ills of the system, his unwavering commitment to do what is just and right, his compassion for the underprivileged, and his belief that only by weeding out corruption can we uplift the lives of the poor,” she said

“These remain our bedrock principles as the Aquino administration takes on its most significant fight yet, against those who have joined ranks to derail us from the straight path,” she added

Despite the detractors’ efforts, the Aquino government, she said, “shall triumph, because we know—and the numbers show—that our Bosses, the people, remain on our side.”

“We are grateful to the great majority of our countrymen who have not been swayed by the enemies of reform. We thank them for their commitment, and laud their capacity to discern,” she added

Meanwhile, the Palace official assured public that those who misused the people’s funds will be held accountable.

“Rest assured that our pursuit of justice will continue and will in fact intensify as more evidence is gathered,” she said

“Those who have wronged us will be held accountable. Those who wish to bring us back to the old ways will not succeed,” Valte added. CATHERINE S. VALENTE


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