Drop rebellion raps vs Misuari, we talk – MNLF


GENERAL SANTOS CITY: The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) wants the Philippine government to drop the rebellion cases filed against its chairman, Nur Misuari, to allow him to participate in the planned tripartite review of the 1996 peace agreement, an official of the rebel group said here.

According to Johnny Siao, chief of the National Border Command, an MNLF wing based in General Santos City, the MNLF hierarchy is willing to hold formal talks with the government on condition it be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Siao said the Philippine government should also show its sincerity and commitment to the 1996 peace pact, which was signed by President Fidel V. Ramos.

He claimed that since then only 70 percent of the first phase of the agreementhave been implemented.

“President Aquino must fulfill the remaining 30 percent of Phase I and to start with Phase II for its implementation,” Siao said. He added that the MNLF Central Committee, which met recently in Jolo, Sulu, may accept government’s offer to have a discussion about the unfinished business under the 1996 agreement through a tripartite review process provided the charges against Misuari for rebellion are dropped.

“We have been urging the government to drop the charges against Misuari for him to participate in the tripartite review whenever it would set its schedule and this is the only way also that the government will prove their sincerity,” Siao said told The Manila Times.


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  1. we should blame the government for their deception and conspiracy failing to implement the 1996 Final Peace Agreement (FPA) on the ground… God watching over us maybe next God will send another Super Typhoon just to prove that Government on the wrong side.. sending devastating message to the Philippine Corrupt Government and destroying our county once again..

  2. after he attacked and destroyed many communities in Zamboanga City he will be pardoned? what is he a special citizen? lol. I say shoot this guy on site. no need for trial.

  3. ayan na naman. gugulangan na naman ang government ng MNLF. aren’t we going to learn our lesson from the so-called peace talks with Misuari?

    how many times did the government tolerate Misuari? did we have peace when the Cory administration (by the prodding of Butz Aquino) sent him back from obscurity and gave him big propaganda and recruit new members of MNLF?

    • jundinx4@yahoo.com on

      it is the govrnment who start the fight.,not the mnlf,,they are the one who burn the houses,,the government is the one who betrayed the peace agreement,.,they are the traitors….