• Drug addict mother kills own daughter


    A known drug addict mother has been languishing in the Navotas City police detention cell since Friday.

    The reason, according to the police, was that 26-year-old Jin Paula Pelayo, a resident of KCC Venterdeck, Barangay Kapitbahayan, stabbed to death her own three-year-old daughter.

    Police said Alexa Rain Aviso sustained seven stab wounds in different parts of her body.

    Immediately after the incident, Pelayo was arrested by the police.

    She did not resist arrest, police said.

    According to police probers, Rolando Aguyam, Aviso’s grandfather, said as he was entering their house, Pelayo told him that she stabbed her own daughter.

    Aguyam immediately rushed the victim to the nearest hospital, but doctors failed to revive her.

    The victim was declared dead at around 2 a.m. Friday.

    Police said Pelayo’s being a drug user could be the reason that led her to kill her own child.

    The police will file a case of parricide this Monday at the Navotas City Prosecutors Office.



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