• Drug and drop


    PRESIDENTIAL spokesman Ernesto Abella: “It was not meant to be a public statement.”
    Yes sir, he was “privately” speaking to the government troops on national television.
    * * *
    I cannot refrain from wondering how these dates will be celebrated under this administration.

    August 21 – Death Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino

    September 11 – Birthday of Ferdinand Marcos

    September 21 – Declaration of Martial Law

    February 25 – Edsa Revolution

    My barber suggested that all of them should be lumped together on April 1.

    * * *
    News: Senators rap Panelo for ‘rewriting Charter.’ If this true, we can safely say “Charter Change is here.” Why convene a ConAss when one person is doing it already?

    * * *
    Public to support Duterte even if he declares Martial Law, says Panelo. Mr. Panelo, this comment s not “Panalo.”

    * * *
    Gunpowder smoke seems to engulf our islands in just two months. We all want a drug-free country but are we prepared to shed tears due to extreme exposure to the toxic fumes?

    * * *
    Blink-toinks in Pokemon Go:
    Sereno to judges: Don’t surrender to cops sans arrest warrant.
    Duterte to Sereno: Would you rather I declared Martial Law?
    Sereno assures Duterte on anti-corruption drive.
    “I apologize to the Chief Justice for the harsh words, it was never intended.” – President Rody Duterte.
    Sereno keeps her peace after Duterte’s stinging rebuke.
    Better than a daily crossword puzzle or a roller-coaster ride.

    * * *
    The last time I heard, it is illegal for any government official to get double compensation or some have to divest from their business affiliations to avoid conflict of interests. Are lawyer-senators or justices allowed to continue running their law offices? But how come we allow a senator of the Republic to earn hundreds of millions while in office? Or allow them to make movies and continue noontime TV shows? Everbody looks for delicadeza but where is ours when we continue electing these people?

    * * *
    Maybe it’s not true that our memory is short. Maybe our tolerance for pain is longer, especially for self-inflicted wounds.

    * * *
    I always stay fit by watching the movie “The Battle of the Bulge” and listening to Don McLEAN or The Beatles’ Carry That Weight.”

    * * *
    The burial or any issue will always have the adjacent legal and moral views along the central thought. That is why I have to mention this quote on Law vs Moral Values
    “Our increased reliance on laws to regulate behavior is a measure of how uncivilized we’ve become.”
    Whichever side we’re on, civilization is always authored by the same “us” but in different time frames.

    * * *
    Sad to note that we, Christians, seem to leave a lot more fingerprints in those touch-screens than a Bible, a Quran or a rosary.

    * * *
    The police warning to drug lords: “Every Breath You Take.”

    * * *
    News: “Classes Suspended” — the only news that I cherished during college days. Back to school everyone!

    * * *
    PNP is not a DJ and definitely not into music. Although it’s got its own Hit List.

    * * *
    Going back to the Marcos burial issue. Questions pop up when part of the populace says: “Let’s move on.” Could mankind simply move on after the Nazi holocaust? Have we or the bereaved families of those who died in the Mamasapano massacre moved on? Do we tell ourselves move on after China put up structures on territories we claim as ours? Could Filipinos just say move on after Spain shot our Dr. Jose Rizal? Do we move on after invaders trample our sacred shores?

    * * *
    Movie and TV personalities are slowly filling up important government positions. As the late Kuya Germs would always say, “That’s Entertainment.”
    Good work. Good deeds. Good faith to all.


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    1. Nathan Salvador on

      MArcos should be buried in a new cemetery to be called as Libingan ng mga Magnanakaw, an exclusive resting
      place for all the people like him. cheers!

    2. Why should we celebrate the death of Ninoy Aquino? His death was the result of his ambition.