Drug campaign hit for targeting ‘small fry’


A PARTY-LIST lawmaker on Sunday slammed the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign, pointing out that only “small fry” had been killed while police generals linked to big-time traffickers “walk.”

Buhay Rep. Lito Atienza said he supports President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, but bewailed the “apparent government-sanctioned extrajudicial killings of mostly small fry.”

“We want all those engaged in the illicit drug trade, big and small, but especially the big ones, captured and locked up. But we cannot tolerate summary executions, especially if all those targeted are mere street-level pushers,” Atienza noted in a statement.

The lawmaker said at least 135 persons, mostly suspected neighborhood pushers, have been killed this month.

“If these victims of extrajudicial killings were really known pushers, then they should have been in jail a long time ago in a corruption-free drug enforcement drive,” Atienza added.

Empirical evidence needed
When asked by reporters why only small-time drug suspects had been captured or killed, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said such claims needed to be supported by “facts, by empirical evidence.”

“As far as we know, the operations of the Philippine National Police have always been in pursuit of peddling or pushing drugs,” he told the government-run Radyo ng Bayan over the weekend.

But there has been “no strong action versus conniving generals” since the President’s revelation that five police generals were protectors of the drug trade, Atienza said.

During the Philippine Air Force anniversary rites last July 4, Duterte named two former and three active officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) as the top five coddlers of illegal drug rings: retired deputy director general Marcelo Garbo Jr., retired chief superintendent Vicente Loot, Director Joel Pagdilao, Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz and Chief Supt. Edgardo Tinio.

“We have to eradicate the big-time traffickers first, as well as their coddlers in law enforcement, if we are to effectively suppress the supply side of the drug problem. We’re afraid getting rid of the easily replaceable smallest players in the supply chain won’t make much of a dent,” Atienza said.


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  1. Let drug dependents beyond rehabilitation as well as drug lords,drug dealers,drug lab operators,those Chinese making shabu and all illegal substance,their protectors,coddlers, include also plunderers,rapists,traitors,corrupt government officials and employee,commissioners I.e. Those government officials and employee getting commissions in government projects,those government officials who entered into contract disadvantageous to the government,those government officials and employee who extort before work,those who are punishing the Filipinos to advance their capricious lifestyle..

  2. Mabait na Pinoy on

    Lito Atienza should not make too much noise because he, himself, have yet to pay for the money, (DENR Budget, when he was DENR Secretary under GMA Administration) that he took upon himself, spent by going to Las Vegas watching many Paquiao’s fight. He was rubbing elbows with the rich and famous at the expense of the Filipino people. He was with Chavit Singson, as usual, spending his RA 7171, intended for the tobacco farmers in Ilocos Sur. Luckily, I was seated further that I almost went behind them and slap behind their heads, for spending Filipino ‘s hard earned money. lol.

    The concept of getting rid of the small ones first before proceeding in going to the biggest of the big is the right concept and anything that DU30 is trying to do in this campaign takes time. The only morons that do not see this way are the shitheads that cannot tell the difference between their mouths and their asses. In other words, politicians like Lito Atienza, the cholesterol lovers of the Senate, Drillon and De Lima, and the rest of them should stop playing politics and should stop being media hungry. Kulang lang sila pansin and it seems that they are having disorders called ADD (attention Deficiency Disorders)

    Why not plan to allocate money for Drug Rehabilitation? Why not fight for more funding in education, so someday, there may be more formally educated people like yourselves? Why not fight in Congress, for the government to pour money into the economy by building infrastructures and create millions of jobs throughout the country? If there were enough jobs throughout the country, poor people would not want to use illegal drugs, because they would be more concerned in going to work the following day. Why not fight for more funding in Health Care? by giving the basics of the most basic medications would be a great help for the poor living in distant barangays. I wish politicians should stop politicking and unite, regardless of their political affiliations so the country can move on for better tomorrow.