Drug campaign kills poor, Duterte admits


President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted that his bloody drug war targets the poor because the market for methamphetamine, more popularly known as shabu, is the poor.

In a speech during the launch of the Laguindingan airport in Cagayan de Oro as Cebu Pacific’s seventh domestic hub, the President said his war on drugs is in line with his mandate to protect the citizenry.

“They say only the poor are the ones getting killed. I am telling you now, that’s because the market of shabu are the poor communities. Those rich people, the multi-millionaires, they do it (take drugs) in the yacht, airplanes.

They use cocaine and heroin. Heroin does not damage the brain that much,” Duterte, who has repeatedly claimed that shabu melts the brain beyond rehabilitation, said.

“When I took my oath of office, I promised to protect the people and preserve the republic. I will enforce the law equally [on the rich and poor]. Otherwise, it will be [implementing]a selective justice. That would make me a son of a b***h,” he added.

The President claimed that he has lost 128 policemen and 200 soldiers to the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

“People who rally [against the drug war]don’t understand that they serve as the marketplace of shabu,” Duterte said. “I will go against all criminals, without fear or favor,” Duterte added.


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