Drug convict killed, de Lima ‘asset’ wounded in Bilibid riot


CONVICTED drug lord Tony Co was killed while former Justice department asset Jaybee Sebastian was hurt in a riot that ensued inside the most-secured Building 14 of the New Bilibid Prison Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Two other convicts, Peter Co and Vicente Sy were also wounded.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd said a stabbing incident erupted when inmate Edgar Cinco caught Sy and the two Cos having a shabu session inside a cell.

Cinco told Clarence Dongail, a former police officer, what he saw, and the latter accosted the trio.

“[Dongail] went to the three and told them to stop what they were doing. He said they were already in a bad situation and it could get worse if authorities found out they were using shabu inside the jail,” Aguirre said in a radio interview.

Sy and the two Cos sought Sebastian’s assistance, sparking more tension.

As to who stabbed whom, Aguirre said the matter was still being investigated.

The two Cos belong to the Commando gang, which Sebastian heads, while Sy was once a Commando member who transferred to Batang City Jail gang.

Building 14 houses 38 prisoners, including the so-called “Bilibid 19” or high-profile inmates. It was heavily guarded by members of the police’s elite Special Action Force.

Bureau of Corrections officer in charge Rolando Asuncion said there were at least eight other inmates who were involved in the riot. Dungail was also hurt but refused to be brought to a medical facility.

Sebastian and Peter Co were confined at the Muntinlupa Medical Center, while Sy was brought to the Ospital ng Muntinlupa.

Visitation rights of inmates have been suspended following the incident, said Aguirre.

Asuncion admitted that inmates still managed to hide illegal drugs and deadly weapons in the national penitentiary despite a recent major revamp that saw prison guards sacked.

Sebastian is a potential witness in the congressional probe on the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the Bilibid when Sen. Leila de Lima was still the Justice secretary.

Aguirre said Sebastian would be given additional security as the administration was counting on the latter to spill the beans on de Lima’s involvement in the drug trade.

“I believe that Jaybee Sebastian is more valuable to us when he is alive than dead,” Aguirre said in a television interview.


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  1. It would be best if JB Sebastian’s “legal written deposition” be now extracted while he is still capable of providing it, rather than when he is already silenced by those parties interested in him being dead. For obvious reasons, JB’s previous benefactors have the more weighted motives to silence him and to ensure that he does not “spill the beans” against them. Dead men tell no tales….

  2. Kind of hard to believe that inmates are getting mad at other inmates for using shabu.
    More likely inmates are not happy about all they are reading about the drug lords working for the Justice Dept and snitching on people. In most prisons Jail House Snitches have a short life span.

    That is sad because apparently there are forces who don’t want Jaybee Sebastian to testify said House Speaker Bebot Alvarez

    Alvarez apparently has no clue about how inmates feel about informers.