• Drug kingpin who wants Duterte, ‘Bato’ dead known


    A former senior government official who is now identified with the camp of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has identified convicted drug kingpin Peter Co as the one who allegedly raised a “bounty of P50 million each” for the incoming President and his anointed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

    “Originally, the offer was only P10 million but since nobody took the offer, it was raised to P50 million each,” said the former official, who held highly sensitive posts in previous administrations.

    Speaking on condition that he would not be named, the former official told The Manila Times that the information was relayed to them by intelligence sources “from within and outside [New] Bilibid [Prisons]” or NBP, the national penitentiary.

    “We have different sources yet the information is the same. We have a saying that where there is smoke there is fire. Peter Co is said to be the drug kingpin who raised the issue of bounty. There are other big-time drug traffickers with him but he is now said to be the one running the show,” the source said.

    When asked how they managed to get the information. he replied, “The walls have ears.”
    During the time of then-Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) director Dionisio Santiago, the source said Co was transferred to the Leyte Penal Colony in the Visayas region in central Philippines to prevent him from “trading.”

    A local politician from the Visayas allegedly tried to bribe Santiago with P5 million in exchange  for transferring Co back to Manila but the former Armed Forces of the Philippines chief declined.

    “When Santiago left the bureau, it was only then that Peter Co was transferred here from the Visayas. Did money change hands during the time of General Santiago’s successor? God knows,” the source claimed.

    Dela Rosa had confirmed having received reports that drug lords have been planning to have him and Duterte assassinated for fear of the incoming government’s “deadly” campaign against illegal drugs.

    Duterte himself vowed to pay a reward of P5 million for anyone who kills a drug lord and P3 million in case one is taken alive.

    Also, he promised to pay P50,000 for each slain small-time drug personality.

    The Times source, however, said the amount offered by Duterte is “peanuts” compared to what these drug lords can offer.

    “P5 million is for one-time killing only. What if the drug lord offered P5 million a month just to keep himself alive?” he pointed out.

    Co is one of the 19 “high-value” inmates who were found to be living like kings in the NBP previously.

    At the national penitentiary, they were treated as VIPs.

    A kubol (hut) once occupied by Co has a sauna, wide-screen television sets, Wi-Fi and air-conditioners.

    Found among Co’s belongings were P1.4 million in cash, five firearms, five cell phones, money-counting machines, laptops, a projector and small appliances.

    Also seized from his kubol were documents that contained lists of names with corresponding cash amounts and dates.

    The hut was also equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

    A kubol of Co’s assistant, Jojo Baligad, also convicted of violation of the anti-illegal drugs law, has a bathtub, a long conference table, a game console, a bar, a kitchen and a life-sized sex doll.

    In Baligad’s two-bedroom cell were checkbooks, bills in a Louis Vuitton cash box and an undetermined amount of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride).

    In an article that he had written, incoming Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol alleged that retired police general Marcelo Garbo was linked to Co and that the connection is “public knowledge in Camp Crame.”

    Camp Crame in Quezon City serves as the general headquarters of the Philippine National Police.

    Garbo recently hit the headlines after he was seen meeting with four active police generals in the Novotel Hotel in Cubao, also in Quezon City, before the May 9 elections.

    Two weeks ago, Duterte asked three police generals to resign or face humiliation for their alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

    The three are yet to be identified but the PNP leadership under Director General Ricardo Marquez already denied that there were police generals who are directly involved in the illegal drug trade.

    Still, the PNP is investigating these officials, a police intelligence officer said also on Friday.

    “Two of them are based here in Camp Crame and the other one is assigned at the National Capital Regional [Metro Manila] Police Office,” according to the intelligence officer, who asked that he not be named since he was not authorized to speak on the matter.

    He refused to identify the officials, saying he did not want to jeopardize ongoing counter-intelligence operation being conducted by the PNP.



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    1. Dapat mag kaisa mga sundalo at militar…mga kaanak nila at baka mismong mga anak nila biktima ng droga,kundi mam biktima ng mga nakadroga…patayin na yang si co sa loob..bakit pa hahayaang magkalat ng perang galing sa kawalanghiyaan…kung patay na yan? Sino pa ang maglalakas loob para ikalat ang droga at masamang oera na yan..bunutin ang ugat para tuluyang mamatay ang puno!!!

    2. reynaldo nocilo on

      President Duterte linisin mo rin ang Justice system natin. Marami dyan ang hoodlums in robes, mga bayarang justices at commissioners. Sa NLRC, MTC, RTC, Court of APPEALS, SUPREME COURT, mga prosecutor, sherriffs, puro tuta na ng mga politiko, mayayamang kumpanya, oligarch, elites at mayayaman at maimpluwensiyang mga tao. Pera pera na lang ang hustisya ngayon lalong lalo na sa mga labor disputes. Subaybayan nyo ang kaso ng Digitel Employees Union vs. Digitel/PLDT na dedesisyunan ng SC, tinanggal lahat ang mga regular na empleado via redundancy program at pinalitan lahat ng mga contractual workers, malamang papabor ang desisyon sa PLDT kahit na labag sa batas ito kasi mauaman at maimpluwensiyang kumpanya ito at kayang magbayad kahit magkano?

    3. This only shows and confirmed that Pnoy administration did nothing positive and concrete to combat illegal drugs. In his administration illegal substances trading proliferate. Illegal drugs are being sold openly in fact the losing LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas said in national TV he knew where to get/buy illegal drugs but he did not do anything to stop it. Is he a protector? malice not intended just wondering why?

    4. I don’t think the best way to solve the “drug problem” is to encourage citizens to kill drug dealers, if anything it will make matters worse. You also have to take into account that innocent people get accused of dealing drugs all the time! So what happens when a civilian decides to kill an innocent man who they falsely assume is selling drugs??? By encouraging this kind of violence and punishment for drug dealers you create this “witch hunt” effect where nobody is safe. I think the best way to handle this problem would be from within the system! You do so by cracking down on the corrupt officers, corrupt officials, corrupt judges, and corrupt prison wardens who make it easy for drug lords to get away with their crimes. Replace those in power who are corrupt and trust in the due process of law.

      • We’ve been doing that since ever. They want Duterte dead simply shows they dont fear anyone in this country. However, death I believe is what they fear right now. Let us take that opportunity to, if not to end, at least put their crimes under control. That’s what really matters.
        About having people kill wrongfuly accused criminals by mistake, remember that a deserving punishment does not shy away from them as well. It’s all boils down to vigilance and individual responsibility.

    5. I think they need to do a lifestyle check dun sa General na pumalit kay General Santiago.

    6. Cayetano and Panelo will now do more blaming against Pilipinas media to explain why Du30 will need 2 years or longer for Bilibid clean-up. Panelo can say that because UNited Nations has gotten involved and made a lot of paki-alamero noises, now Du30 and Bato can not do extra extra-judicial to Peter Co and Jojo Baligad. May kalanan dito, ang media!

    7. wala talaga mga media mga corrupt talaga… pano nyu nakuha scope na yan.. siguro kasabwat kau no.. o mag kano binayad sa inyu ng mga kabaro nyu??.. bat d nyu ipag sabi sa batas yan malaki ba natangap nyu dyan??..

    8. President Digong walisin na mga salot ng lipunan, marami na silang sinirang buhay…isalba ang kasalukuyang henerasyon at wag na silang hahayaang mabiktima ng mga drug lords na ito. Ipinagdasal kitang manalo dahil sa paniniwalang ikaw ang kasagutan sa lahat ng mga suliranin ng ating bansa. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas & God Bless Sir Digong!

    9. Only in the Phils. Drugs being cooked and managed inside the national jail. Matagal na yan at public knowledge pero walang ginawa c Pnoy, Roxas at De lima. Mga Bayad kse ang mga loko!

    10. Lintek na Garbo yan, I’m sure may mas mataas pa sa kanya. Yari na kayo! Pati tong c Marquez walang kwenta, nag mamaang maangan kapa, lahat sa crame alam na kung sino yung 3 heneral. Dapat sa mga to sampolan ni DU30. Pati yan c Co, dapat tirahin na sa loob.

    11. Kaya saludo parin ako kay Mayor Duterte, Di lang PNP ARMY PSG maging tropa nya, Andyan parin ang NPA kahit papano ay tutuligsa sa mga Tiwaling POLITIKO :)

    12. Bailisa Tabora on

      Yan Ang. Katotohanan Ang. Mga General at Justisce Ang. Protektor at pres. Noynoy kung Hindi pa nanalo si duterte ano na Ang. Nangyari ng pinas. A narkotics Country kawawa Ang. Mga tao nalulong sa drugs. Patayna at bitayin Nayon mga druglords na Yan para Wala ng susunod kagaya ng singapore .they have Death Penalty for drug traffickers. Bakit Hindi Gagawin ng pilipinos .kaya lahat dito nila sa pinas dinala Ang. Drugs Kasi Si Aquino ISA sa mga Protektor at si de Lima

    13. The NBP case shall be the 1st signature performance of DU30 Admin…and days are numbered. We are already seeing a glimpse of the gravity/magnitude of the impact as early as now…even china is scrambling for diplomatic maneuvers even if it is still days to go for the DU30 Admin commissioning. This is going to be significantly exciting times to behold the history of this republic!

    14. isa-isahin ng ibyahe ang mga drug lord na nasa loob ng kulungan, ibitay na sa loob ng ng kanilang magagarang kubol… hindi na kailangan ang batas n death penalty para gawain iyan…

    15. The President should set a trap for those who are after him and his Bato. Catch ’em alive and follow the money, Your President elect is smart, so far appears to be what’s needed. God protect him and his followers.

    16. Ignacio Balbutin on

      Money really is powerful and sad to say the dirty money from the drugs is really working. It’s beyond understanding how this kind of condition were allowed by the outgoing administration. President elect Duterte should cleanse this bilibid prison or transfer this bilibid prison in the spratly islands like the alcatraz. Dismantle this bilibid prison and put it in an uninhabited island where there will be no communication whatsoever with outside world

    17. Many maybe against the restoration of death penalty but i think this will serve as deterrence ;however ,the penalty must be served only for bigtime drug related crimes , corruption ,rape cases and a thorough objective investigation must be exercised to avoid killing innocent suspects .Improving our justice system is likewise a MUST .

    18. If High Value Targets are already inside …just a Surge of Tidal Wave would stop them alive ….

    19. How did these drug lords buit their huts complete with all luxuries inside the prison? Are they theones running it; not the ones who were supposed to? Amazing!!

      • Kaloka! pukpukan dito,pukpukan doon para magkakubol. bingi mga bilibid guards and officials. wow, mga tirahan nila ! bulag din mga guards and officials.
        ano nagawa ni madam de lima for 6 yrs? naglista lang at ang kanyang walang kamatayang, “we will investigate this matter.”

    20. Now that the drug lord was identified, why not eliminate him once and for all? As long as he lives, he would remain in power and drugs continue. He can be killed inside his cell making it appear there’s a riot or he dies of heart attack or hangs himself. Many ways to kill him. No judicial process is necessary for this guy.

      • Gorio del Galon on

        Yes, do the same thing in the story of “The Son” by Jo Nesbo, make it appear like suicide.

      • Burn the house to kill the rat.
        It is already found inside the house
        thus making it easy to render swift justice.

    21. mikhail hieronymus on

      Why are all the people in this drama are all playing dumb. They all know who’s who in this business. They are all playing the “zarzuela” for the people and making us all look stupid. Just say and name all people involved and stop all this crazy charade.

    22. Do we see cleansing soon at work?

      BATO, are you the oyster that will eventually guide us to be the PEARL.
      ….the most beautiful GEM TRANSFORMED FROM ADVERSITIES!
      You now DARE to do what those b4 you wouldn’t.
      Sending you my Love & Prayers.
      You can do the job, because you will; You can do it well because you can.

    23. Patakasin na ninyo si Peter Co at ang mga kasama nito ay barilin sila sa pagtangkang pagtakas at paglaban. Ang mga drug lords na yan ay walang karapatang mabuhay. Kahit na nasa loob ng kulungan iyang mga iyan ay nakakagawa pa rin sila ng kasamaan sa mga Filipino. Matutuwa pa ang mga tao kung maitumba iyang mga drug lords at ang kanilang mga protektor sa gobyerno (Mga matataas na pinuno pa ng PNP General, utumba rin yang mga heneral na yan).