‘Drug lords funding destabilization’


DRUG lords may be bankrolling destabilization efforts against President Rodrigo Duterte without the knowledge of civil society groups campaigning against the government’s war on illegal drugs, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said on Friday.

DEEP POCKETS Senator Alan Peter Cayetano tells reporters it was too obvious for drug lords to confront the police or President Rodrigo Duterte directly, so what they did was to look for an issue that they could exploit and hope it would lead to the President’s ouster. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

The Senator said it was only natural for drug syndicates to look for means to stop the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the government that had cost them huge losses.

The key Duterte ally declined to give specific information and pointed to the intelligence community.

“What I’m saying is this: If I’m a drug lord making P1 billion a year and here comes the government going after my men, I have to do something because if I don’t, I may not only lose my income but I may also get arrested and jailed,” Cayetano said in a news conference in Quezon City.

He said it would be too obvious for drug lords to confront the police or the President directly, so what they did was to look for an issue that they could exploit and hope it would lead to Duterte’s ouster.

“That is factual and that is how they (drug lords) operate around the world,” he added.

But Cayetano made it clear he was not saying that the anti-Duterte rallies, like the one organized during the commemoration of the 31st “People Power” anniversary on Edsa last February 25, was somehow funded by drug lords.

“I do not know what specifically the drug lords are financing. What I’m saying is that it’s part of their playbook. It is part of organized crime to use their money so that they can continue to do business and it’s part of their plan to get rid of Duterte,” Cayetano added.

The senator also said he was not implying that humans rights advocates, church organizations and other groups should not speak out on abuses committed by authorities.

“What we are saying is let’s not be naïve. Drug lords are not standing by, they are not doing nothing. Now, how much are they doing is for the law enforcers to find out,” he said.

MARCH VS KILLINGS Families of victims of summary killings march while holding photos of their departed loved ones at the Baclaran Church in Pasay City on Thursday. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

Cayetano was among those who appealed to the President and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to re-launch the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, which was stopped in January after revelations police anti-narcotics operatives killed Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo in October.

The PNP responded with the creation of a new anti-drug group, and the President said it was up to the PNP to decide whether it would resume the drug war. He claimed there had been a rise of about 20 percent in drug sales on the streets since police were pulled back.

President Duterte on Thursday warned of “more killings to come” in his war against drugs.

“I am committed to stopping drugs before I go out, which means to say, Father, Monsignor, Bishop, there will be more killings because they really fight back,” he said, addressing himself to critics from the Catholic Church and referring to drug suspects who were killed by police for resisting arrest.

“It will not end tomorrow for as long as there is drug pusher and a drug lord,” the President added.


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  1. Senator Cayetano’s assertions are probably correct BUT speaking of ‘drug lords,’ how many drug lords besides Escobar (a mid level drug dealer) has DOJ indicted, captured & prosecuted in the last 8 months?

    • Pretty sure you are thinking about Espinosa not Escobar who was a Colombian drug lord.

  2. Where do the political parties get their funds?

    Who pays for the mass media to disinform?

    Is it even real news?


    Where did delima get fund to finance her campaign, from her salary?

    Ask that of all political candidates, government and private officials – same answer, not from good deeds.

    Stale news.

    With these types running the country, dominating governance and business, real change is impossible. Remove these a.h. first.

  3. Cayetano’s pork barrel allocation was given to Napoles in exchange for campaign funds.

    Why isn’t he in jail instead of inventing new unnamed threats of drug lords that the masses can focus their attention on instead of the pork barrel stealing senators and house reps.

    “In order to rally people, To direct the masses attention, governments need enemies… if they do not have a real enemy, they will invent one”

  4. If Cayetano sincerely believes that drug lords are funding destabilization against Duterte, he should investigate the dismissal by Aguirre of the charges against the drug convicts who cooperated with him in sending De Lima to jail.

    The dismissal of the charges against Colanggo and co. Has made the drug lords bolder in their nefarious activities thanks to Aguirre and of course Duterte.

  5. Yes it’s a possibility. We have witnessed a very organized illegal drug trade because top ranking generals and government officials are involved. Though everything is being investigated, how can we answer this nagging question, “Why illegal drug trade prospered this big under their watch?” How did this happen when it should be expected of a government to protect its citizens and do all things possible to fight crime rather than tolerate? With the new regime, we saw a million addicts/ pushers surrendered. Mayor Digong, was able to strike fear in the hearts of criminals and not the other way around. His kind of leadership is what our nation needs to protect the young generation and prevent narco-statehood.

  6. Drug users who rape infants, bludgeon their parents to death and massacre innocent people in their homes deserve no mercy and should be killed if they fight back arresting police officers. The drug war must continue!

  7. Not only should PRRD go after drug lords and pushers but also banks where drug money is laundered. This is where the game begins.

  8. It is not only the drug lords who are funding the destabilization plot. Look at the big picture. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the organizations condemning PRRD’s war on drugs and in cahoots with the Yellows**t fellows … and calling for the immediate release of D’eviLIma, are funded by the evil George Soros who is the world’s biggest drug lord. These organizations need to be exposed for the EVIL that they are.

  9. Any analytical mind will say that drug lords will exert all efforts to counter the effects of government anti drug war. They have enjoyed the easy money during the previous regime and now their resources are going down and so all remedies should be exhausted for their return.

  10. isn’t this ludicrous? kulang kho et al are their friends as state witness. they must have forgot “when you sup with the Devil you need a long spoon”


    The drug menace issue should not be politicized. Its a social problem. Keep politics out of it and just leave it to the law enforcement agencies to do their job. Its a 24/7 endeavor.

  12. In addition , to destabilize and deligitimize Pres Duterte anti-illegal drugs campaign , the minute Duterte sat as President, they started getting rid of the small fish drug pusher (tentacles) meaning killiing them one by one posing as “vigilante” so Pres Duterte will be blamed for all the extra-judicial killing going on in the Philippines and so the many ill-informed Human Right Watch would believe every reports made by those drug lords and its emissaries, De Lima and her yellow followers are all very happy because they can make HRW to believe that all the killings was done by the PNP , Just think of it, if there were 7,000 reported killed during the anti-illegal war,but there were only 3000 or so, reported by the PNP because they fought and resisted to be arrested. And the condoning Catholic Church of the Philippines only made it worst, they failed to use their pulpit to help in stopping many people from using the brain damaging controlled substances which has been rampant for many decades mostly affecting the many innocent youth. And the blame should also fall to the uncaring and corrupt previous adm who did not do anything but serve their self-interest first.,