• Drug lord’s pet hippos roam Colombian village


    DORADAL, Colombia: More than 20 years after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar died in a gunfight with police, a strange legacy survives him: his pet hippos. Look out of the window in the dead of night in the village of Doradal and you may see one plodding down the street. Police killed or locked up Escobar’s drug gang, but not the hippos in his private zoo. Left to themselves on his Napoles Estate, they bred to become what’s said to be the biggest wild hippo herd outside Africa — a local curiosity and a hazard. “I was going to football training this morning about 6:30 and there was one in the meadow, opposite the school,” says Lina Maria Alvarez, 12. Just outside the village, Diego Alejandro Rojas, 19, shines a flashlight on a black mass grazing among the tall grass. Its eyes catch the light and shine like glowworms.



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