Drug pushers arrested at Davao city hall


DAVAO CITY: In spite of several drug-related deaths recently following the declaration of war against illegal drugs in the country by incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, police arrested two men who sold shabu to undercover agents just outside the City Hall.

Police pounced Dexter Dumalat, 18, and Oliver Alonzo, 32, after handing methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu ) to the agents during a sting operation and reco­vered the marked money used in the buy-bust operation on Monday.

The transaction was made just within the vicinity of Duterte’s office.

But in Surallah town in South Cotabato, drug users have voluntarily surrendered to the police ahead of Duterte’s formal takeover of the presidency. At least four dozen people, including minors, have flocked to police stations the past two weeks to turn themselves in, and promised to stay away from illegal drugs.

Duterte has urged civilians to help his government fight illegal drugs and even offered hefty bounties for those who can arrest or kill drug lords and pushers if they fight back.

Police also launched Oplan Tok-Hang (Operation Plan Toktok-Hangyo), where law enforcers go to the houses of suspected drug pushers and users and convince them to stop their illegal activities or be arrested.

In Davao City, several drug pushers have been killed in what police said was the result of a shootout during anti-drug sting operations.

Al Jacinto


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