Drug raps filed against de Lima

CHARGED Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption chairman Dante Jimenez and lawyer Ferdinand Topacio hold copies of the complaint filed against Sen. Leila de Lima at the Department of Justice. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

CHARGED Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption chairman Dante Jimenez and lawyer Ferdinand Topacio hold copies of the complaint filed against Sen. Leila de Lima at the Department of Justice. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

A day after several convicts testified in Congress that they raised funds for her Senate campaign, Sen. Leila de Lima was charged with drug trafficking in conspiracy with several other government officials at the Department of Justice (DoJ).

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) led by its chairman Dante Jimenez filed the complaint against the senator for violating Republic Act 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act) by conspiring with several government officials and inmates at the National Bilibid Prisons when she was the Justice secretary.

Also charged were former Justice undersecretary Francisco Baraan 3rd; former Bureau of Corrections chief Franklin Bucayu; Ronnie Dayan, Joenel Sanchez and Jose Adrian Dera, former bodyguards of De Lima; Bucayu’s alleged bagman, Wilfredo Ely; and drug convict Jaybee Sebastian.

De Lima and the other respondents were specifically charged with violation of Section 5 (sale and trading of illegal drugs) in relation to Section 26 (b) (conspiracy) of RA 9165.

If found guilty, they face life imprisonment and a fine ranging from P500,000 to P10 million.

Baraan was accused of receiving millions from the illicit drug trade at the NBP while Bucayu was charged with collecting drug money.

The VACC accused de Lima of using her power to protect inmates peddling drugs at the state penitentiary.

“Sen. de Lima utilized her power and authority as then Secretary of Justice to abet and even promote the proliferation of massive drug trade inside the Bilibid,” the group said, adding that the former Justice chief used drug money for her political ambition.

They alleged that de Lima spent P86.15 million for her senatorial campaign.

“For all the advertisement she contracted during the election campaign, where would she get the money from? One could not turn a blind eye to her actual source of fund. She had generous benefactors from inside the Bilibid. This explains why she never had second thoughts in running for one of the highest political positions in the country,” the VACC said.

The group attached copies of the testimonies of witnesses who appeared before the House of Representatives’ Justice committee that is investigating the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the NBP.

“Through her authority as the Secretary of justice, she was able to put in position her cohorts at the BuCor [Bureau of Corrections] to enable her to maneuver the drug trade,” it said.

“Her influence and power likewise offered respondents in this case shield and protection to ensure the invisibility in the conduct of their illegal trade; in this same manner that she was also able to eliminate the competitors of Jaybee [Sebastian] inside the prison by having them transferred to the NBI,” it added.

The VACC also submitted to the DOJ the sworn affidavits and testimonies of former National Bureau of Investigation deputy director Rafael Ragos, robbery convict Herbert Colanggo, Sebastian and other convicts who claimed that they contributed to de Lima’s campaign kitty.

Sebastian on Monday testified that he gave P10 million to de Lima.

“Each one of them had played significant roles in order to ensure the perpetuation of the illegal drug trade inside the Bilibid. Sen. de Lima, through her authority, as the Secretary of Justice was able to put in position her cohorts at the BuCor to enable her to maneuver the drug trade,” the group said in its complaint.

“Her influence and power likewise offered respondents in this case shield and protection to ensure the invisibility in the conduct of their illegal trade; in the same manner that she was also able to eliminate the competitors of Jaybee inside the prison by having them transferred to the NBI,” it added.

“It is well-settled that direct proof, however, is not essential to show conspiracy. It need not be shown that the parties actually came together and agreed in express terms to enter into and pursue a common design. The concerted actions of respondents in this case before, during, and after the commission of the illegal sale and trade of prohibited drugs, demonstrate their unity of design and objective of perpetuating an act that violates the provision of RA 9165.”

Go to Ombudsman
De Lima welcomed the filing of the complaint but said charges against her should be filed before the Office of the Ombudsman since the allegations against her involve acts supposedly done when she was the Secretary of justice.

“This [filing of complaint]is most welcome. Instead of stoning me in a House inquiry, they should start filing cases in the proper venue,” de Lima said.

The senator added that although the DOJ may take cognizance of the case, the department would eventually file the case with the Ombudsman.

“In the interest of the speedy administration of justice, they should have directly filed this complaint with the Ombudsman, not the DOJ,” she said in a statement. “Unless they have other reasons for filing it with the DOJ instead of the Ombudsman. Justice under Aguirre is fake.”

The senator said she will file a complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte for blatant abuse of power to test the doctrine of presidential immunity from suit.

“I’m going to file a test case, na may mga pagkakataon po na hindi pwede (there are instances that the president can’t) invoke the presidential immunity from suit,” de Lima said.

She is also considering filing charges against the allies of the President for violation of various laws, including the writ of amparo and habeas data.

De Lima said she wants to get justice from the acts of oppression and persecution done to her by the allies of the President.


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  1. Just face the court and defend yourself.. That is simple…Prove to the Filipino people that you are innocent ….but i dont think so, it will happened.

    • You have a backward way of looking at the Justice system.

      It is the responsibility of the prosecutor to prove the guilt of the defendant and we all know how competent the Philippines Justice system is don’t we ?

      How’s that 2009 Maguindanao massacre trial going ? 7 years and Not finished yet.
      The 2013 Pork Barrel trials ? Investigations to be completed in 2017 maybe.
      The Jan 2015 SAF 44 massacre ? None of the killers arrested yet going on 2 years

      Yea let’s all wait and see the trial’s outcome if we don’t die of old age first.

  2. De Lima spent P86.15 million for her senatorial campaign.

    Roxas spent P487 million
    Sen. Grace Poe, spent P510.84 million.
    Duterte, spent P371 million.

    • In terms of spending in the Senate race De Lima was 14th with (P86.15 million)

      Francis Twerk Tolentino spent (P199.1 million)

      Joel Villanueva (P163.8 million)
      Sherwin Gatchalian (P157.1 million)
      Ralph Recto (P131.9 million)
      Domagoso, Isko Moreno (P120.1 million)
      Gordon, Richard (P119.4 million)

      Sure are a lot of rich politicians in the Philippines.

  3. Ang Katotohanan talaga ay Lalabas at Lalabas kahit anong Tago ng mga taong tulad ni Leila De Lima at ng mga Pulitikong Corrupt at Manlulupig sa Kapuwa Tao, “KINAKARMA talaga”… Salamat meron isang Presidente na Totoong NagLiLingkod at NAGMAMALASAKIT para sa Bayan.

    Ito na ang Tunay na Hustisya para sa Taong Bayan! Leila De Lima “GUILTY as HELL” truck-truck ang ebidensiya laban sa malanding lola na ito… dapat MABITAY para huwag Pamarisan….

  4. Simple. Was there a proliferation of drug trade at Bilibid during her tenure as SOJ?
    Were there lavish kubols for big time inmates at Bilibid during that time?
    Were contrabands like guns, liquors, drugs , prostitutes found their way inside Bilibid during her time?
    If all the answer is yes then Delima must be guilty of something, the least is negligence which I doubt.
    How come this big time inmates were able to do that? e di maliwanag na pera pera yan.

  5. mabait na pinoy on

    The DOJ Secretary knows, deep inside his heart, that he will NOT get any conviction if he files the case against De Lima, so he let the VACC to do his dirty job. Aguirre’s pride and ego will not be affected if the court will dismiss the case for insufficient evidence, and he can also claim that public funds were not used because private organization was the one filed a case. But how do Dante Jimenez and Ferdinand Topacio earn their living? They will be paid by DOJ, under the table? At the end of the year, I would like to find out if these two particular individuals are paying their taxes on their earned income, and I can inquire this to BIR under the Freedom of Information.

  6. This woman will do anything not to accept the fact that everyone is wrong and she is always right. Why don’t you shut up and just listen to dance with the music.

  7. Delima’s only defense is to say she only took campaign contributions that were given from the convicts and that it is not illegal to accept contributions. The best she could come with is that the case against her should be filed with the Ombudsman. She normally attacks the people doing something against her but I guess she had nothing on the VACC. Congratulations to the VACC and a big Thank You.

  8. Justice under Aguirre is fake

    Appears that the new Justice Sect is no better than when De Lima was the Justice Sect. De Lima protected the Liberal Party and their allies from being charged for stealing the Pork barrel funds.

    The new Justice Dept is filing charges against De Lima without any proof, the only evidence they have displayed so far are accusations from convicts and former underlings.

  9. The filing of writ of amparo against Pres. Duterte presumably in the Supreme Court as announced by Sen. DeLima will put to test the invincibility of the office of the Presidency from suit under the 1987 Constitution and its enabling laws which provide the said office of immunity from suit; but said suit may not necessarily give the senator any added advantage from actively prosecuting the case, because of the prior indictment against her as co-conspirator in violating Sec 26(b) of RA 9165 aka the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act (CDDA) as reported in the newspaper. Simply, said, primary jurisdiction to hear the suit filed against a sitting President, be it impeachment or writ of amparo (cockled by her) is lodged with the House of Representatives.
    At most the remedy to be relied by DeLima is akin to an old toothless lion’s roar, it’s all roar no bite, just to drive away predators. But it’s an act of mercy to DeLima to let her do whatever she wants in relation to the charges she’s facing which may include the raising of a counter accusation against her perceived enemy even if done only later in the day. At least she’s afforded the chance to avail of her constitutionally guaranteed “day in court”. And she may not be shown screaming of persecution. Now the route of Sen. DeLima trip to the NBP not as a DOJ secretary but an ordinary convicted felon has been shortened some more.
    It’s now more proper to raise up the welcoming sign at the NBP portals. “WELCOME NEW INMATE LEILA DELIMA”.

  10. manny Cuaresma on

    President Duterte is full of vengeance towards DeLima that he will do anything to bring her down even to the point of embarrassing her in public and making up evidence to convict her. Duterte has a one tract mind that if you go against his will, you will be blacklisted and risk being ostracised or worst, killed.
    He is an embarrassment to the world for his words and antics. He will destroy a long friendship to the west because they question his way of governance. He is practicing and governing thru dictatorship. People should protest his behavior.

  11. Do not complain just answer the charges to you. President Arroyo and others never did complain about your invented charges. Eventually she was acquitted all for insufficient of evidence, an indication of your vindictiveness and your protector noynoy. Now it’s your turn , so just shut.