Drug-related cases down in Metro


Theft in Metro Manila, which is usually done by drug addicts, has decreased by 41 percent since the government launched a bloody anti-drug campaign, according to National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief.

Director Oscar Albayalde said over the weekend robbery, another crime committed mostly by drug addicts, also went down to 34 percent, while car theft incidents were cut by almost 50 percent, especially in Quezon City.

Alyalde said the huge decrease in various crimes happened not only in Metro Manila but in the whole country because of “Oplan Tokhang,” under which policemen knock on doors of suspected drug users and convince them to surrender.

Albayalde said the reduction of theft and robbery was unprecedented.

“Sa buong Pilipinas at saka dito sa Metro Manila, lahat po ng crimes against property, lalo na ‘yung robbery, hold-up, bumaba po ‘yan, kung (i)-compare natin. Malaking baba po ‘yan nung nag-start tayo ng Tokhang natin… [In the entire country, including Metro Manila, all crimes against property, especially robbery, hold-up, have gone down. There has been a marked decrease after tokhang was launched],” he said.

He added that the crime rate reduction was a big thing “because what our President has been telling us that the other crimes, or most of the crimes, are drug-related was correct.”

The NCRPO director parried allegations that Tokhang has led to the killing of drug suspects, saying the suspects were killed because they tried to shoot police officers.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said 3,850 drug suppliers and pushers were killed from July to September 2017. Data provided by the PNP also revealed that about 2,000 people were shot to death by alleged hired killers.


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