Drug rings in ‘joint venture’


(By Jing Villamente, Headlines, December 28, 2013)
The possible transportation of such drugs can be deployed at least 1km offshore by way of helicopters, it is done by dropping the package and be picked up by eyeing boats. The Philippines is ideal for manufacturing the drugs, since the transportation point offers advantages for difficulty of tracking from the authorities. U.S itself cannot solve their own problems in drugs even if they have the most advance tracking equipment. In order to uproot the grass, you must take them by roots. Start by pulling local syndicates in the PH, before attempting to take the bigger one. There’s a bigger step by taking from a small one. Goodluck Philippines in your journey towards drugs.
HanipTalaga, lineage.retold@gmail.com

With all the problems the country is facing plus this drug cartel will be overwhelming to handle, factor the corruption, the bribery and murder. The government might want to reconsider, what China does, when the capture these people.
Nito, drjuanito36@hotmail.com


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