Drug rings in ‘joint venture’


Philippines key hub in vast narcotics network

Western and East Asian syndicates could be working to establish a vast network to supply America and Asia with illegal drugs, with the Philippines  as a key hub.

The joint narcotics venture may have been on its start-up stage when a cache of 85 kilos of shabu was discovered during a raid at a gamefowl breeding ranch in Lipa City on Christmas Day, according to Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General Arturo Cacdac Jr.

“It is a good thing that we have discovered the emergence of the Mexican drug syndicate before they can harness and establish their illicit drug trade in the country.

Besides the Chinese and African drug syndicates, we now have the (Mexican) drug cartel to contend with,” Cacdac said.

“If these three international drug organizations coexist in the Philippines, then it is a cause for serious alarm,” he said.

The PDEA said the Mexican drug cartel Sinaloa had smuggled in the shabu worth P420 million with the help of a local drug syndicate.

A Filipino-Chinese, Gary Tan, and Filipinos Argay Argenos and his wife Rochelle were arrested during the raid.

The farm is being leased by Jorge Gomez-Torres, a certain alias Jaime and one alias Joey, all Mexican nationals and members of the Sinaloa drug syndicate, Cacdac said.

The Sinaloa, which is based in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, is a powerful international drug ring responsible for smuggling and distributing huge quantities of cocaine, heroin and marijuana into the US.

The group is headed by Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known as “El Chapo” or “Shorty,” who escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001 by hiding inside a laundry box.
American authorities consider Leora as the world’s most powerful drug trafficker.

Cacdac said the cartel is eyeing the Philippines as a possible market and transshipment point for shabu because of its geographical location, porous borders and long coastline, a factor in the undetected movement of illegal drugs through shipment.

The Sinaloa chose shabu to market in the Philippines because it is more popular and thus more profitable than heroin or cocaine, authorities said.

Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison said Friday the bureau is working with the International Police (Interpol) in watching out for Sinaloa members who may be in the country.

Mison said the Interpol provides the bureau with information on foreign nationals with criminal records in their home countries.

Immigration spokesperson Maria Angelica Pedro said they have not verified the names of the persons linked to the Mexican cartel.

“We don’t want to preempt the investigation of PDEA,” Pedro said.

The Sinaloa gained a foothold in the Philippines because the police lack the manpower and intelligence services, a former police chief turned lawmaker said Friday.

“Syndicates always conceal their nefarious activities. The problem is not having enough capable men to secure a large area and a big number of population,” Rep. Romeo Acop of Antipolo City, who was the Philippine National Police (PNP) chief during the Ramos administration, noted in a text message.

Acop said the PNP “should modernize intelligence systems . . . prioritize the procurement of needed equipment to improve on information gathering techniques, have training courses on intelligence work, interlocking and coordination between intelligence gathering and investigation.”

House Deputy Majority Leader Romero Quimbo said it is important that the authorities were able to detect the presence of the Sinaloa early. “The fact that they [PDEA] caught them [Sinaloa syndicate members] makes them laudable,” Quimbo said in a text message.

With reports from  Robertzon F. Ramirez and Llanesca T. Panti


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  1. alam na nila bakit wala pa rin. ayaw nilang may sumasawsaw dahil malaki masyado at hindi nila kayang makahingi ng hulog ng langit…

  2. drug trafficking is very strong in the Philippines for several reasons.its easy to make transactions because Filipinos are easy to deal with especially easy money…….

    we can control it by strict law enforcement and the cooperations of its government (citizens) will have to help. without their cooperations its hard to curve these illegal activities. Secondly is the money remittances either banks or remittance companies shall be monitored regularly regardless of the amount, because of pyramiding…… they will submit to the anti money laundering council if these amount are being remitted accordingly……

    good luck for our law enforcer and my beloved country PHILIPPINES…

  3. why does trafficking love Philippines as their HUB. ask yourself…Filipinos are easy to bribe just name it and you know the answer to it.

    another solutions is the law enforcer and the government (the people or citizens) needed their cooperations, then the banks and money remittances will be all registered and inspected regularly around the world wherein every Filipinos have their remittances have offices. they shall be monitored regardless how small their transaction because of pyramiding…

    good luck on your policy…..

  4. Kudos to the Philippine National Police and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for detecting and arresting the first three suspects associated with the Mexican – Chinese drug connection.”Money is the root of all evil” and drug sales allow easy access to money. Crimes, such as murder, rape, robbery, fraud, tax evasion, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, child abuse and family break-ups and many more crimes are all drug related mostly due to drug addiction. PNoy and Justice Secretary De Lima must insure that the first three suspects are prosecuted accordingly.

  5. The possible transportation of such drugs can be deployed at least 1km offshore by way of helicopters, it is done by dropping the package and be picked up by eyeing boats. The Philippines is ideal for manufacturing the drugs, since the transportation point offers advantages for difficulty of tracking from the authorities. U.S itself cannot solve their own problems in drugs even if they have the most advance tracking equipment. In order to uproot the grass, you must take them by roots. Start by pulling local syndicates in the PH, before attempting to take the bigger one. There’s a bigger step by taking from a small one. Goodluck Philippines in your journey towards drugs.

    • its not easy to solve these problem which require the cooperation of law enforcer as well as its citizens.

      one of the solutions is to check on all remittances companies as well as the banks. these will submit regularly all remittances made regardless of the amount…..Layering of deposits or remittances will end up to the end the amount they have……

      good luck to these law enforcer as well as to the CITIZENS……

  6. With all the problems the country is facing plus this drug cartel will be overwhelming to handle, factor the corruption, the bribery and murder. The government might want to reconsider what China does, when the capture these people.