• Drug test haunts Chael, Wanderlei

    Mumbakki  Daniel Foronda

    Mumbakki Daniel Foronda

    Here’s one big disappointing news for all the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans. Chael Sonnen was tested positive for a banned substance. Just to make it clear though, he was tested positive of an estrogen blocker. An estrogen blocker is not an illegal drug. It is a fertility drug that most anabolic steroid users rely on to bring back the normal functions of their hormones. But the Nevada State Athletic Commission has considered this drug a banned substance anyway.

    UFC big boss Dana White was so upset of this news that he immediately announced that Chael Sonnen’s fight schedule for the year (or forever) is done. Sonnen will make an appeal to the Athletic commission to consider a few arguments regarding the way he was tested positive. The drug that he was tested positive on is not an anabolic steroid, which is completely illegal in sports around the world.

    If the news on Chael Sonnen already doesn’t sound good, earlier on, Wanderlei Silva’s position is even worst. Silva ran away from drug testing. This is tantamount to admitting that he is definitely currently using an illegal substance. Wanderlei Silva was asked to take the drug test on the eve of UFC 175 in May, but he outright refused to do so and fled. This act was declared by the Athletic Commission as good as guilty or positive.

    In April, the tension between Chael and Wanderlei during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter in Brazil stirred the whole world of mixed martial arts, and had the fans hungry to see the two great fighters’ face off in July. After Wanderlei was declared guilty of using the illegal substance, Vitor Belfort was chosen to face Chael Sonnen instead of Wanderlei Silva. And now that Sonnen’s out, Wanderlei wants to face Vitor Belfort. Therefore Wanderlei Silva will have to appear soon and undergo drug testing to see if he will get a shot at the title.


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