• ‘Drug war good cover for rogue police’


    THE Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has stressed the need to “revisit” the government’s war on illegal drugs, saying the campaign has provided a good cover for rogue policemen as proven by the kidnapping and killing of a Korean business executive last year.

    The CHR said the killing of Jee Ick-Joo is alarming because it “depicts the worsening culture of impunity” in the country amid the spate of summary executions as the Philippine National Police (PNP) carries out a bloody campaign against illegal drugs.

    “The allegation that the kidnap for ransom is linked to the drug campaign of the PNP highlights the imperative to revisit the campaign,” the commission said in a statement.

    “Amidst the rising toll of extra-judicial killings in the country, the so-called “war on drugs” has become a convenient cover for rogue elements within the PNP to commit other crimes, such as kidnapping for ransom of foreign nationals,” it added.

    Jee’s house help, Marisa Morquicho, who testified at the Senate on Thursday, identified SPO3 Ricky Santa Isabel as one of the policemen who abducted her employer.

    The CHR also backed National Human Rights Commission of Korea Chairperson Lee Sung-ho’s call on the Philippine government to respect and abide by the principles of due process.

    “The right to life is a fundamental and primordial right regardless of race, gender, religion and status, among others,” it said.

    The CHR reminded the PNP to “strictly adhere” to its Police Operational Procedures and the United Nations Code of Conduct of Police Officers and to remember that the national police must promote and protect human rights.

    “”(T)he PNP must promote and protect human rights because this task lies at the very core of maintaining peace and order, ensuring public safety, and upholding the rule of law in the country,” it said.

    Black Friday rally

    On Friday, hundreds of activists held a rally in front of the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters in Camp Crame in Quezon City to denounce the culture of impunity and rising human rights violations in the government’s war on drugs.

    Those who joined the “Black Friday” rally called on the government to stop killings under the guise of “Oplan Tokhang.”

    Policemen shut the camp’s Gate 1 along Edsa as members of various militant groups stormed Camp Crame.
    The militants also slammed the apparent breakdown of discipline in the PNP and the failure of its leadership to go after rogue policemen.

    Members of the League of Filipino Students (LFS) described the killing of Jee as “a scandal that has exposed the true nature of the regime’s Oplan Tokhang” which they also branded as “a legitimized massacre operation that allows state forces to kill and extort under the guise of drug elimination.”

    “The recent scandal on the killing of a Korean national has shown that the PNP is brutal, corrupt, and rotten to its core. This is part of the culture of impunity that the agency has employed to spread fear among the people,” said LFS national spokesperson JP Rosos.

    Members of the Bagong Alayansang Makabayan (Bayan) lined-up at the camp’s gate while holding a huge tarpaulin imprinted with: “End Impunity! Fight State Terror.”

    Others were holding placards saying: “Parusahan ang mga Berdugo,” “Stop the killings” and “Rage against impunity” referring to the drug-related killings.

    “The human rights situation in our country has gone from bad to worse. With impunity, our state forces have been slaughtering the people and sowing fear in every communities in the country. Infuriatingly, they are able to get away and they can still hold their head high even after countless deaths in their trail,” Rosos said.

    “The remorseless killings under the Duterte regime’s crusade against drugs must be put into an end. The youth and the poor are the most vulnerable in Oplan Tokhang’s police operations. Civil liberties and human rights are not being upheld. There is no due process. It is an utter madness that must be strongly condemned,” he added.
    Members of Gabriela who joined the protest also raised the rape of a woman by an intelligence officer based in Southern Tagalog.

    Joms Salvador, Gabriela secretary general, said that the culprit, Insp. Aaron Cabillan, should be sacked and jailed.

    with Fernan Marasigan


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    1. This wily CHR has been campaigning to save those lawless criminals. No wonder they propose measures to provide shelter for these evils. They do not want them annihilated.

      The right to life should not be given to the evil ones , for evil has no human rights the reason why the end of the world is coming , and that horrible ending is solely dedicated to these evil , lawless sinners. The end of the world which God shall bring upon the world of the wicked , is definitely not for the good and righteous.

      Should the End of the world happen today , would you make an appeal to The Lord that those lawless individuals be spared from wrath and doom? Would you use your usual litany—how about the innocents , the children , the PWDs , the pregnant women and the elderly ?

      Remember in the dialogue between The Lord and Abraham. He pleaded to The Lord for the lives of the righteous who might be living in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah , not for the lives of those you are accustomed to use as cover for the evil. You pretend to be righteous despite the fact that you show partiality to the wicked. And you use another set of people to make good your evil motives.

      So why give life to the wicked when God Himself shall completely destroy them? Human rights , you are all God’s reprobates because of your going against the will of God.

      It is good to remind yourselves that even the International Bill of Human Rights do not coddle heinous criminals. If indeed criminals have the right to life they are the ones destroying the tenets of the bill of human rights as they do not act as human beings but live like unreasoning animals.

      So human rights is simply not for them because they do not possessed within them that “reasonable being” which is found in humans. They are beasts that destroy humans. If you want those criminals to benefit from your own kindness and generosity—you should have written another set of bill of rights for the lawless criminals.

      You allow these animals to use the human rights bill written for the good citizens. You are very much like Satan , the Devil who uses the name of good to cover his evil. You are living under the guise of human rights defenders , yet your object of affection are the evil ones who are very much like destructive wild dogs!

      That is Satanic Wisdom , the use of the good to cover the evil , and this wisdom of the evil one is known in ancient times as the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You human rights advocates are clinging to that tree of Satan. You were acting as if you belong to the Righteous One , when in truth you do belong to the Evil One!

      Are you not the damned enemies of God?

    2. Should of cleaned the PNP up before they let them loose on the public with a presidential promise of protection.
      They conveniently overlook government officials like the pork barrel thieves and themselves.

      Did the law enforcement agencies forget that congress stole 10 billion ?

      20 senators on the Naploes list
      100 house members on the Napoles list

      Only 3 opposition senators arrested

      Why are they allowed to plunder the country and not face justice ?