Drunken Baron pees on Ping Medina


Director kicks showbiz’ prodigal son out of indie movie
In a curse-laden and kilometric Facebook post on Monday—with his photo bound on a wheelchair and flashing the dirty finger—talented indie actor Ping Medina narrated how showbiz’ prodigal son Baron Geisler did the unthinkable and enraged him on the set of the movie Bugbog in Subic.

Ping Medina

Ping Medina

Allegedly drunk, and supposedly offended when Medina refused to run lines with him after numerous failed attempts [Geisler kept forgetting the few words he had to say], the supposedly rehabilitated Baron urinated on him when he was gagged and tied up for a scene. Cameras were rolling as three “policemen” dumped Medina on the ground for Geisler to threaten him, but as Medina wrote, “Habang umiiyak ako, nagmamakaawa, di makagalaw dahil naka packaging tape ang kamay at paa, at parang napansin ko: binubuksan ba ni Baron ang zipper niya?” [While I was [in character], crying, begging, I couldn’t move because my hands and feet were tied with packaging tape. Then I noticed: was Baron pulling his zipper down?].

He recalled faintly hearing Geisler warn him before the take, “May gagawin ako sayo Ping ah. Sana wag ka magalit,” and indeed felt warm liquid dripping on his chest and near his mouth, which was luckily covered with duct tape, and yet he could do nothing until the scene was over.

Geisler denied Medina’s accusation but the look on the bit actors around them gave the former’s dirty antic away.

Furious, Medina wanted to punch Geisler hard on the face but chose to land his fist hard on a cargo container, seeing that his aggressor was in no condition to fight back. Geisler, according to his co-actor, had been drinking that night, despite continued claims of being sober.

According to Medina, he had been patient with Geisler too many times, going out of his way to ask TV executives to give the perennial troublemaker another chance to work. But the indie actor, who comes from a clan of respected thespians, said that enough was enough after what he had done to him.

In his defense, Geisler also took to Facebook, in a post addressed to the movie’s director Arlyn dela Cruz. He claimed the entire incident was a misunderstanding and in so many words, pinned the blame of actions on the director.

“Good afternoon po direk. Sorry. Pero you and i both know na malaking misunderstanding po ang lahat. I asked you three times na direk may gagawin po ako then you just said gawin mo nalang sa eksena. Kung tinanong nyo po ako kung ano yun di sana naiwasan ang mga bagay na ito. You are our captain sa set. You can check the bts for proof kung bastos ako towards anyone. Wala po. May proof. But you were trying to pull off a Brillante Mendoza, bulong ka sa artista na samapalin mo para magulat or maganda reaction. I was slapped many times. So I thought… ahhh… so it’s ok pala to surprise my co-actors sa set. So low po of you to discredit my name. You are better than that po. Mahal kita.”

Dela Cruz quickly aired her side on the social networking side as well and said that she had been warned about Geisler’s attitude but nonetheless cast him for the movie after he promised he would come to the set sober, and become a “different Baron.”

She noticed, however, as the shooting ensued that Geisler would show up drunk and groggy from anti-depressant pills, often cursing when it was time to take scenes.

Dela Cruz surmised Geisler felt upstaged by Medina, and “wanted to redeem himself in the next scene.”

“There was a clear sense of someone who wants validation, applaud and affirmation that he is good at his craft. It’s human nature, but his was something that comes with a deeper sense of insecurity and I am not being a psychologist here now, in fact I am trying to understand where he came from when he pulled that act.”

She ended her equally lengthy post by kicking Geisler from the movie: “Ping Medina does not deserve what you did. No actor deserves that. No person deserves that.

“You wanted four days of shoot. No, more 2nd, 3rd or 4th day with you. I have killed your character and the story and script will stand without you.”

Netizens had a field day over this now infamous peeing incident in showbizlandia, mostly expressing disgust over Geisler’s unprofessionalism. The 34-year-old actor has been involved in car accidents, brawls, and even law suits for sexual harassment.


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