• DSWD chief unlikely to get CA nod


    SECRETARY Corazon “Dinky” Soliman will not be confirmed by the Commission on Appointments as head of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) because Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago still refuses to give the post to her.

    In a letter to Rep. Conrado Estrella 3rd, chairman of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Welfare of the CA, Santiago informed the committee that she will be invoking Section 20 of the commission’s rules suspending consideration of Soliman’s nomination.

    Under the CA rules, no presidential appointee can be confirmed if a member of the committee invokes Section 20.

    Soliman is scheduled to face the CA committee on Wednesday for the continuation of deliberations on her ad interim appointment as secretary of DSWD.

    But even before the committee conducted the hearing, Santiago had informed the committee that she will be moving to suspend the consideration of Soliman’s nomination as DSWD chief, claiming that she is “dangerous.”

    Santiago cited Soliman’s history from being a fervent devotee of former President Gloria Arroyo to a staunch ally of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    “In the first place she [Soliman] should be satisfied with one term under one President. In the second place, she should not retain her public office on the strength of her denunciation of her first boss,” the senator stated in her letter.

    Santiago had received information from Palace insiders that Soliman has been denouncing her integrity as a senator based on her actions during the impeachment trial of former president and now Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada more than a decade ago .

    Santiago was among the senator-judges who voted against the opening of the controversial second envelope and according to her Soliman seized that incident as proof that she was pro-Estrada and therefore corrupt.

    “I accuse Miss Soliman and her ilk of Manichaeism, an obsolete attitude based on the supposed primeval conflict between light and darkness, where the most vocal proclaimed themselves to be the personification of light and their victims as the personification of darkness. These people are dangerous,” the senator said.

    Aside from Soliman, the CA will also be deliberating on the ad interim appointments of Commission on Audit Commissioner Heidi Mendoza, Commissioner Grace Padaca, of the Commission on Elections as well as Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.


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    1. We thank you for your consistent advocacy and intellectual prowess in defending the rights of many aggrieved Filipinos amidst the ongoing very troubling scandals happening in our gov’t.