• DSWD’s P842-M for El Niño not for polls — Abad


    ILOILO City: Just five days before the May 9 elections, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad announced that P842.5 million for El Niño mitigation programs implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has been released.

    It, however, raised questions on whether this budget might be used to bolster administration standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd’s chances of winning in next week’s local and national polls.

    In an interview, Abad on Wednesday explained that the release of the P842.5 million is really more of a replenishment of the DSWD’s Quick Respond Fund (QRF), which includes “the purchase of family food packs for pre-positioning and disaster augmentation, cash or food-for-work programs, shelter assistance and additional relief supplies.”

    “Iyan pa ba namang calamity popolitikahin pa natin [Do you think we will make political capital out of the El Nino budget]? You know that will be so cruel. So I don’t know, wala e [there is nothing political in it],” the Budget secretary told reporters.

    “We have to replenish the QRF of DSWD, you know the QRF is the fastest way of by which an agency can respond to an emergency or a calamity. It’s a facility that we introduced so that they don’t have to go through the approval processes that delay response. So the QRF is a facility to ensure that when needed, an agency has money,” Abad said.

    The fund release, according to him, was the second augmentation of DSWD’s QRF for this year.

    On April 1, the Budget department augmented the DSWD’s QRF with P662.5 million.

    Of the nearly P2-billion QRF allotment that the DSWD received this year, the agency has obligated P1.516 billion as of April 19, Abad said.

    He added that QRF represents pre-disaster or standby fund for agencies to immediately assist areas stricken by disasters and calamities.

    Aside from the DSWD, Abad said agencies with QRFs include the Departments of Public Works and Highways, National Defense (Office of the Secretary and Office of the Civil Defense), Education and Agriculture.

    These agencies may request augmentation of their QRFs when they get depleted, he added.

    Abad said QRFs are sourced from the P19-billion appropriation in the national budget for disaster risk reduction and management.


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    1. sgt. rambo on

      The intentions are good, But yong implementation ay palpak. Ang probleman ay yong mga Presidente simula ni Aquino ay madala sa mga lobbyist, sa mga cordon sanitaire o cronies/kamag-anak. Tingnan natin. Si Cory ng na Presidente hindi niya na solved kung sino pumatay kay Ninoy. Ang mga sabi-sabi ay Cojuangco daw. Tapos ang kalaro sa mahjong ang inatupag at bigyan ng pabor. Si Ramos namin magaling siyang presidente. Umunlad and bansa pati daw ang yaman niya dahil sa Philippines 2000, centennial. Si Erap naman maganda ang hangarin, walang kaibigan or kamag-anak sabi niya sa inauguration speech. Ang resulta iniwan siya ng mga kaibigan na nag-agawan sa pera. Si Gloria, magaling academically. Classmate daw si Bill Clinton. Ang nangyari, panay ang kurakot ng mga kamag-anak o sabi nila ang malaking buaya ay ang asawa na may kalaguyo. Si Pinoy naman, ay hindi rin nag-attempt mag solve sa killing ni Ninoy. Kaya ang nangyari lumikha ng maraming patayan na hindi na rin masolve… Quirino Grandstand… Mamapasano SAF44…Kidapawan.. increasing murder, rape and shabu laboratories, even in NBP. Now he is campaigning for Roxas instead of ensuring a clean and honest election, whoever might win.

    2. Talagang hind na pwedeng pagkatitwalaan yang balimbing n yan.. sobrang dami na ng campaign funds nila. grabe..

    3. I don’t think we should Trust Secretary Abad , they have no more credibility at this time.
      The money becomes irrelevant for people are weary of this government already!

    4. Water calamity or disaster funds P842.5M and where do ILOILO find the source of water to buy??. Aquifer or the underground water are nearly gone for good without the rain the u/g water reservoir will not be replenish at all and not only that, it takes couple of years for the rain water to penetrate the ground to reach and refill the Aquifer. The political people are ignorant about the principle of charging and replenishing the Aquifer.