DTI, DA to implement Bagwis Award for wet markets


The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), together with the Department of Agriculture (DA), will implement the Bagwis Award program for Wet Markets, in a bid to promote consumer interests through best practices in public and private wet markets nationwide.

The DTI-DA Bagwis Award for Wet markets, which will be implemented next month, is a program that aims to promote the welfare of consumers by strengthening and ensuring compliance of public and private wet markets with trade laws, such as the Consumer Act of the Philippine (Republic Act 7394), The Price Act (RA 7581), and Products Standards Law (RA 4109), among others.

“The Bagwis Award encourages retailers to maintain the cost of basic agricultural products, processed goods, including poultry and fishery commodities to its affordable level. It also ensures consumers of the safety and quality of products sold in wet markets and supply sustainability” Consumer Welfare and Business Regulation Group officer in charge lawyer Mario Dimagiba said.

“With this program in place, we can improve the delivery of services in the wet markets, as well as ensure that consumer welfare is always prioritized,” he added.

The DA, meanwhile, cited Bagwis Award’s importance in providing timely information from the markets.

“We welcome this collaboration with DTI which will map out and look for successful markets. Hopefully we can get timely price monitoring and useful information from the markets,” DA-Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (DA-AMAS) assistant secretary Leandro Gazmin said.

The DTI-DA Bagwis award is open to all public and private wet markets nationwide. In order to become a Bagwis awardee, a candidate wet market must comply with the minimum set of standards set by DTI and DA such as food safety and quality, price affordability, sustainability of supply, correct weights and measures, price tag, observance of cleanliness and sanitation in the market place, updated price bulletin, presence of consumer complaint desks, and functional and calibrated “Timbangan ng Bayan.”

The wet markets that will satisfy these minimum requirements will be awarded with a certificate and DTI-DA Bagwis Seal, which shall be displayed at the entrance or any conspicuous place of the establishment.

Besides the seal, recognized wet markets shall receive incentives from the DTI and DA, such as common service facility (Timbangan ng Bayan, test weights, price billboards, consumer welfare desks, power water sprayer, freezer, garbage cans, etc.).

The Bagwis Award for Wet Markets is one of the DTI’s programs that promotes consumer welfare and protection. DTI also implements Bagwis Seal of Excellence Award for Retail Establishments, and Bagwis Seal of Excellence Award for LPG dealers, in cooperation with the Department of Energy.


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