• DTI: No deadline for roadmaps submission


    Department of Trade and Investment (DTI) Undersecretary Adrian Cristobal said that there is no deadline for the submission of industry roadmaps, as these are led mostly by the industries and sectors themselves.

    “We have been asked when will we stop accepting roadmaps or when is the deadline for submitting roadmaps. Our response is that crafting the industry roadmap is a private sector-led process,” he said.

    “As long as there are industries or sectors that take the initiative out of necessity, market conditions or ambitions, we all should welcome that [submission of roadmaps],” said Cristobal, who is the managing head of the Board of Investments (BOI).

    But he said that many stakeholders are criticizing the fact that there is no deadline for submissions, and that the roadmaps project is just a mishmash of industries because of the lack of a “grand strategy.”

    “I think it’s time we all learned from our past experiences about grandiose plans, and how the bigger they are, the harder and slower they move,” Cristobal added.

    There are currently 20 industry groups in the country that have submitted their roadmaps to the BOI, and all of these roadmaps are currently being integrated into the Manufacturing Industry Roadmap (MIR). These roadmaps are from the following industry groups: auto parts, biodiesel, cement, ceramic tiles, chemicals, copper, electric vehicles, furniture, information technology and business process management, iron and steel, mass housing, metal casing, motorcycles, motorcycle parts, motor vehicles or automotive, paper, petrochemicals, plastics, rubber products, and tool and die.

    “With the unified goal of building and enhancing competitiveness of Philippine industries, we have thus far completed 20 sectoral roadmaps and we expect more to be completed in the coming days, particularly those from the electronics industry, motorcycle parts, creative industries, and processed food,” Cristobal said.

    Roadmaps are also being drafted for the shipbuilding, medical travel, mineral processing, bamboo, and aerospace industries.


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