DTI: No Montero recall just yet


The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has called for an independent, third-party probe of reported cases of sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) of some Mitsubishi Montero Sport vehicles.

At a news conference on Thursday, DTI Bureau of Products Standards (BPS) Director-in-Charge Ann Claire Cabochan said a recall for the Montero Sport vehicles is not yet recommended at this time.

The DTI said a recall is still possible if the third-party probe found that there is a defect on the Monteros in question.

The DTI inter-agency panel is composed of representatives of the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS), the Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) and the Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB).

After the conduct of a two-week probe by a panel from DTI, the cause of the Montero’s SUA remains unknown.

The probe, which started on December 2, involved vehicle tests in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology and in consultation with a resource person.

DTI Consumer Protection Group Undersecretary Victorio Mario Dimagiba said the “DTI shall shoulder the expenses for the procurement of a third- party expert and laboratory.”

Aside from calling for a third-party investigation, the DTI panel’s recommendations regarding the Montero Sport SUA case include:

• all Montero automatic transmission (A/T) owned by the complainants to undergo mandatory preventive maintenance;

• proper preservation and endorsement of Data Trouble Code to a third-party laboratory for evaluation;

• Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) to issue Certificate of Quality Re-Assurance before releasing the subject vehicles;

• free vehicle check-up for Montero Sport owners to be availedof  by all Montero A/T owners;

• proper education and training to be conducted prior to the sale of Montero Sport prospective buyers;

• MMPC to issue a public advisory on this matter;

• policy that SUA-related vehicles shall not be sold by Mitsubishi until there is a declaration that the Montero vehicle is roadworthy, as established by the third-party laboratory; and

• MMPC to bear the cost of repair for vehicles that will be subject for recall after independent third-party evaluation.


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  1. I think it might have been on its automatic transmission defect but not all even when it is not in drive mode shift and thus push its accelerator pedal tp rev and run wild..

  2. You have too many recommendations for MMPC, as if you know what the problem is?? wherein fact (Montero’s SUA remains unknown)

  3. That’s it DTI? What a joke you are making of this situation. This problem can cause deaths to drivers and bystanders. Yep let’s do a third party investigation that will be whitewashed anyways. MMPC and DTI, thanks for your lack of trust. Mitsubishi should be boycotted by the people.

  4. Ha, ha, the DTI is doing things against the Mitsubishi Montero because they are afraid of PNoy. They knew that this manufacturer is one of PNoy favorites. As proof, PNoy sacrificed meeting the dead SAF 44 instead went to the Mitsubishi assembly plant for a “tour.”