DTI product certification scheme generates P86M


In the process of ensuring Philippine products and services conform to relevant Philippine National Standards (PNS) or international standards for performance and safety, the Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of Product Standards (DTI-BPS) significantly contributed to the coffers of the government.

For 2013, the DTI-BPS collected P43.125 million in fees from its Product Certification Scheme. The DTI-BPS awarded 125 new Philippine Standard (PS) licenses; renewed 481 PS licenses; and issued 4,324 import commodity clearance (ICC) certificates to manufacturers, importers and distributors of critical products under mandatory certification.

Moreover, from its issuance of 35.62 million pieces of ICC stickers, DTI-BPS collected P43.37 million. When the DTI-BPS awards the ICC certificates, importers and distributors are required to purchase the ICC stickers with a control on the serial numbers per shipment per product.

“The DTI-BPS closely monitors the numbers of licenses and certificates it has issued to keep track of the compliance of industries that DTI regulate, with the requirements of the relevant PNS or international standard,” said engineer Gerado Maglalang, DTI-BPS officer-in-charge.

The DTI-BPS issues PS licenses and ICC certificates to manufacturers and importers, respectively, of products covered by mandatory PNS, as stated in the DTI-Department Administrative Order 4:2008, DTI-DAO 5:2008, and Republic Act 4109, or the Standards Law. Products covered by mandatory PNS include building and construction materials, electrical and electronic home appliances, and chemical and consumer products.

As per DTI-DAO 4:2008, manufacturers are required to undergo the BPS Certification Scheme and satisfactorily meet the requirements of relevant Philippine National Standards (PNS) before they can use the PS mark on the products that they release in the local market.

On the other hand, for importers, DTI-DAO 5:2008 requires all their imported products under mandatory PNS to undergo and pass BPS evaluation, sampling and testing before they can place the ICC mark on their products.

Among the products that were issued the PS licenses for 2013 and stamped the PS mark are: fire extinguishers; lead-acid storage batteries; liquefied petroleum gas cylinder repair and installation of motor vehicle LPG conversion kits; LPG cylinders for household use; medical grade oxygen; monobloc chair and stool; pneumatic tires; motor vehicle brake fluid; electronic ballast; circuit breaker; Edison screw lampholder; electric airpot; electric blender; electric fan; electric flat iron; electric rice cooker; electric stove; flexible cord; microwave oven; plug and socket-outlet; refrigerator; self-ballasted lamp; fluorescent lamp; snap switch; television set; thermoplastic insulated wires and cables; washing machine; steel wire nails; black and hot-dipped zinc-coated galvanized steel pipes; welded steel pipes; blended hydraulic cement with pozzolan; ceramic tiles; deformed steel bars; steel sheets for roofing; plywood; polyethylene pipes for water supply; portland cement; rerolled steel bar; sanitary ware; uPVC pipes for drain, waste and vent piping system, and potable water supply; and uPVC rigid electrical conduit.

Among the products that were awarded the ICC certificates for 2013 and bear the ICC sticker are: ceramic tile, self-ballasted lamp; double-capped fluorescent lamp; deformed steel bar; Christmas lights; PVC electrical tapes; helmet and visor; lighter; glow-starter for fluorescent lamp; electric rice cooker; electric fan; circuit breaker; motor vehicle brake fluid; pneumatic tire; sanitary ware; digital video disc player; air conditioner; electric flat iron; electric blender; safety glass for automotive application; plywood; socket-outlet; refrigerator; electronic ballast; washing machine; electric toaster; lead-acid storage battery; snap switch; microwave oven; television set; electric airpot; electric stove; electric coffee maker; portable fire extinguisher; LPG cylinder for household use; single-capped fluorescent lamp; electric rice cooker; Polyethelyne (PE) pipe for water supply; rubber inner tube; LPG cylinder for automotive use; magnetic ballast; deformed rebar; and Portland cement.

“Prior to purchase of any of these products, the DTI-BPS enjoins consumers to check for the PS and ICC marks. I also enjoin consumers to read instructions for the proper use of products to avoid accidents,” Maglalang said.

For a list of products and their brands that bear the PS and ICC mark, visit www.bps@dti.gov.ph.


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