DTI unaware of discount rule for elderly – lawyer


A senior citizen has accused the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of being unaware of the discount to which a senior citizen is entitled under the law.

Lawyer Romulo Macalintal, who filed with the DTI his complaint against a fastfood chain’s promotional discount where it sells two food items consisting of a cup of coffee and a piece of hash browns which he claimed was “not senior citizen friendly,” said his complaint “was brushed aside by the DTI Consumer Protection and Advocacy Board on ground of lack of jurisdiction and referred his case to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Social Welfare for proper computation of the discounts for senior citizens and VAT exemption.”

The regular price of the two food items is P60 and are sold by the chain on a “pre-purchased coupon” for P49 or a discount of P11.

But Macalintal said the store should advise or notify senior citizens that if the food items are sold to the elderly, they could choose between the promo price of P49 or avail of the 20 percent senior citizen discount and 12 percent VAT exemption for which the senior citizens would only pay P42.24 or a total discount of P17.76, which is higher than the P11 discount under the fastfood chain’s promo price of P49.

Macalintal also accused the DTI of “not having full knowledge of the extent of the permit it granted the [chain]on its sales promotion. [It] said the coupon is acquired by the customers ‘for free’ when the truth of the matter is that [the]coupon is sold by the [chain]for P49, that is why it is called a ‘pre-purchased’ coupon.’”


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