DTI urges govt agencies to rationalize issuances


THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is urging other national government agencies (NGAs) to replicate efforts to eliminate redundancies in official department issuances, saying this would simplify government procedures and hasten action and decision-making.

“We hope that our recent effort in DTI to streamline our official issuances will be followed by other national government agencies to make their administrative systems simpler and more efficient for all concerned,” Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo said.

The DTI recently delisted department administrative orders (DAOs) that were already obsolete or no longer used. DAOs are rules, regulations or guidelines prescribed by the department secretary that cover the implementation of laws, executive orders, and agreements and fall within the purview of the department’s various offices and attached agencies.

“The intention is to reduce inefficiency in our processes, especially for frontline services and at the same time, make matters simple and readily understood by the public and in this way, empower our consumers and improve competitiveness of businesses, especially micro, small and medium enterprises,” Domingo said.

Domingo added that this endeavor is expected to protect consumers, enable businesses to flourish, and encourage people to start new businesses.

“After our inventory and thorough examination of all business and consumer policies and procedures, we were able to reduce the number of active DAOs from 257 to 124,” Domingo said.

The other 133 DAOs were no longer included for circulation. These DAOs were repealed, amended, superseded or abolished by subsequent or new DAOs or laws. The obsolescence of a DAO is contained in itself or the new DAO affecting it.

The remaining DAOs were validated with the various DTI functional groups that have jurisdiction over them, and now contained in a document entitled “Compendium of Active DAOs in DTI.”

This compendium can be found in the department’s general records section, library, and digital systems. Soon, it will be published online and accessed through www.dti.gov.ph.

“We will continuously share our experience on this effort to other national government agencies to encourage and guide them in taking similar actions to streamline their official issuances,” Domingo said.

Domingo added that “through this effort, we expect not only speedy and efficient delivery of public services for our Department’s stakeholders but initiate the change in the entire Philippine government.”

“With efficient and quality government transactions, we can help put in place the underpinnings for an enabling environment that can improve the people’s living standards and promote inclusive growth in the country,” Domingo said.


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