• Why is DU30 so afraid of EDSA?



    COMMUNICATION Secretary Martin Andanar, who has made a career of announcing all sorts of conspiracies and plots against President Rodrigo Duterte, has just announced the existence of a “grand scheme” by parties unknown to unseat the President. This contradicts the statement of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. that there is no such threat to the President. Is Andanar’s claim more solid than his previous assertion that members of the Senate media had been bribed $1,000 each to cover a former policeman’s press conference alleging DU30’s involvement in the bombing of mosques and killings when he was still mayor of Davao City? Or is it just as spurious? Why is Andanar the one saying all this when his credibility is perhaps at its lowest point?

    Assuming Andanar had credible intelligence, was he not being intolerably amateurish in prematurely broadcasting it, while Lorenzana and Esperon decided to treat it professionally as a state secret? If the claim had any basis, shouldn’t the government have exposed it in all its details, after some of its alleged conspirators had been arrested, just like what happened after some rebel officers had penetrated Malacañang’s security perimeter, on the eve of the EDSA revolt in February 1986? Absent any proof or details, Andanar’s statement could easily be construed as an attempt to justify DU30’s decision to empty the 31st anniversary celebration of the “EDSA Revolution” of all meaning, by holding it away from public view, inside Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo, rather than on EDSA itself, and to manufacture his own “event.”

    What the world remembers
    “EDSA-1” was one event that left our people in utter awe of what they could achieve without resorting to or enduring violence. It left the world breathless to see Ferdinand Marcos, who had held power for 20 years, stepping down without any resistance, despite the rabid insistence of his Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Fabian Ver to deal a crushing blow on the rebellious forces. People thought of us Filipinos better than we thought of ourselves, and for one brief shining moment we all seemed to have finally discovered that God and country, in their respective spheres, were infinitely bigger than anything else. But because we did not pay for it with our blood nor with any great sacrifice, it became so easy for us to throw our gains away, from the very moment “victory” was ours.

    No administration after 1986 ever sought to invest the word “revolution” with the meaning it needed and deserved. So, year after year our EDSA celebrations progressively lost their spiritual, moral and patriotic fervor and content. But the backslide and the effort to rob it of its substance was there from the very start. On the day my neighbors’ families, including their young grandchildren, came to line up on EDSA, I literally climbed over the wall of Camp Aguinaldo to come to the office of then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile, who was holed up inside. We had been the closest partners in the Cabinet, but we had not seen each other since I left the Batasan in 1984, four years after leaving my Cabinet post. He gave me a big hug, and I felt reassured that he was on top of the situation.

    Enrile misspoke
    But my heart sank when he sat down briefly for a TV interview, and when asked whether he had any plans of assuming the leadership during the transition, he said No, he would rather see Cory Aquino preside over the government. Thus, the first shouts of “Enrile, Enrile” were instantly muted, and “Cory, Cory, Cory!” welled out from the crowd. He was not answering an original question from the interviewer; it had been raised earlier on the same TV channel by former Senator Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo, who was chairman of the National Unification Committee, of which I was a member, and which had fielded Cory as Marcos’s opponent in the February 7, 1986 “snap” presidential election.

    Although I had broken with Marcos six years before and had voted for Cory, I thought that was a mistake. Enrile misspoke, that was his first mistake.

    Cory had lost the election, and although the February 13, 1986 statement of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said, “In our considered judgment, the polls were unparalleled in the fraudulence of their conduct,” this was not part of the reasons the military had mutinied against their Commander-in-Chief. Cory had gone to Cebu to avoid the “uprising”; her last speech at the Luneta after Marcos won the election and US President Ronald Reagan said there had been irregularities on both sides, was to call for a “boycott of the products of all crony corporations”—she did not have the heart to call for “civil disobedience” as suggested by her supporters.

    Later evidence would suggest that much of the so-called fraud allegedly committed by Marcos had been staged by anti-Marcos forces, and made to appear as the handiwork of Marcos, for the benefit of the international election observers.

    An appointive commission
    I had assumed, correctly it turned out, that the victorious forces would establish a revolutionary government, and this was exactly what they did. They abolished the 1973 Constitution, and replaced it with a makeshift “Freedom Constitution”, effective on March 25, 1986. This provided that 60 days from that date, a Commission of not more than 50 citizens shall be appointed to draft a new Constitution. The popular expectation, mine too, was that since Cory had become President through “people power,” she would allow the people to write their own Constitution through an elective constitutional convention. I was on earshot range when she said, she could not imagine the people voting for Commander Dante (who was then present) as one of the delegates to draft the new Constitution. So, she decided to appoint them instead. But Dante was not among her appointees in the end.

    Article V of the Freedom Constitution specified that the members of the Commission should be natural-born citizens, of recognized probity, known for their independence, nationalism and patriotism, and chosen after consultation with various sectors of society. A couple of friendly bishops wanted to nominate me as one of the commissioners; I graciously declined—I did not believe in the appointive commission. Forty-eight members were appointed, without adhering strictly to all the criteria for appointees set by the President. A political officer of the US Embassy diligently sat daily with the commissioners as an observer and became known as the 49th commissioner. Forty-six delegates voted for the draft Constitution on October 15, 1986.

    I accompanied Enrile in his campaign against the draft Constitution, after Cory had sacked him as her secretary of national defense. We covered a lot of ground, but I travelled with him as a newspaperman. When we came to Tuguegarao, his home city, though, he asked me to speak. There I pointed out the various flaws of the document. Toward the end of my speech, I took a sheaf of newsprint, and ripping them apart, said, “This is not a Constitution, this is but a scrap of paper!” (Which was literally correct.) The mammoth crowd rose as one and gave me a prolonged ovation. One commissioner who recalls this in his book, says I tore his heart with my symbolic gesture. The Constitution was ratified in a plebiscite on February 2, 1987 despite our opposition, and Enrile and I became among its staunchest defenders. Without being blind to its defects.

    Cory’s term extension and self-interests
    But either the Constitution is erroneously framed or Cory committed a serious violation of one of its transitory provisions. Section 5 of Article XVIII provides that, “The six-year term of the incumbent President and Vice-President elected in the February 7, 1986 election is, for purposes of synchronization of elections, hereby extended to noon of June 30, 1992. The first regular elections for President and Vice President under this Constitution shall be held on the second Monday of May, 1992.” This was erroneously interpreted to mean that Cory Aquino and Salvador “Doy Laurel,” who became revolutionary President and revolutionary Vice President, respectively, after losing the election, could remain in office until June 30, 1992. Strictly construed, the provision refers to Marcos and Arturo Tolentino who were proclaimed “elected” by the presidential canvassing body and whose proclamation was never revoked, even though they were not allowed to sit because of the EDSA uprising.

    This was a grave offense to the “revolution.”

    Now, Presidential Proclamation No. 3, issued on March 25, 1986 authorized the sequestration of all known Marcos assets by the Presidential Commission on Good Government. This meant all assets, whether held by the Marcoses or by their cronies. The PCGG, not any particular individual or family, was to be the repository. And yet a group of corporations originally owned by Cory Aquino’s Cojuangco family, which her brother-in-law, the late Ricardo “Baby” Lopa, had asked his boyhood friend and Imelda Marcos’s younger brother, Gov. Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez, to acquire in a legitimate business transaction during martial law, were returned to the Cojuangcos, reportedly without any consideration, without going through the PCGG, contrary to law. In like manner, Hacienda Luisita, the country’s biggest agricultural estate, was exempted from land reform by direct action of the President.

    This, for me, was a great setback for the “revolution.” The Supreme Court tried to correct this error during the term of President B.S. Aquino 3rd by finally awarding the rights to Hacienda Luisita to its farmers, but this decision cost the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona his position, his honor, his peace, and finally, his life. Aquino literally bribed the congressmen and the members of the Senate impeachment court to have Corona impeached, convicted and removed. He died broken-hearted, not long after that.

    What happened to courage?
    To most Filipinos, the EDSA revolt “restored Philippine democracy,” as they knew it, and Cory and her family were its very first beneficiaries. She did not have to have trolls in order to rewrite history and say that she restored Philippine democracy instead of being simply its primary beneficiary. She did it in any case. When we see how deeply entrenched the political dynasties and the old oligarchy have remained, despite the political acoustics generated by some ideological propagandists, we have to ask, what exactly had we won at EDSA which we have not yet lost?

    Despite all that, none of the previous administrations ever suggested that the nation’s well-being and the President’s political health could be put to risk by a more vibrant celebration of what happened on EDSA 31 years ago, which made Filipinos the darlings of the world. What makes the toughest mouth and the quickest draw among all our Presidents so afraid of a simple commemorative event? Does DU30 need a million people, simultaneously marching at the Luneta, to provide support for his globally advertised and supposedly legendary courage?



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      Yonkers, New York
      25 February 2017

      The majority of the Filipino people now would be DUMB if they are still unaware or even dismissive of the fact that Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte stating June 30 last year inflicted a REIGN OF TERROR on the country through his warrantless genocidal extrajudicial killing of all those involved one way or the other in his speciously justified Drug War, a blood-thirsty drive which so far has dispatched prematurely to either heaven or hell some 7,200 hapless victims!

      This tyrant’s macabre goal, don’t ever forget it, is 4 MILLION.

      At what point in maniacal Duterte’s brutal and lawless drive will the Filipino people wake up and decide to depose him one way or the other, via IMPEACHMENT, or PEOPLE POWER, or even a PUTSCH? Will they helplessly wait till he achieves his goal of 3 million?


    2. Hoy tatad! hindi takot si DU30 sa EDSA at gaya ng mas maraming Pilipino nakaka umay na at wla naman dapat ipagbunyi dahil lalo lang lumala ang bansa at mas dumami pa ang magnanakaw sa gobyerno. Ano gusto mo taon taon, tatalon si FVR tapos isasara ang Edsa para sa salubungan. Ang Korny na, tama na, Kalimutan na!

    3. you are presuming too much mang kit. how can you even think that du30 is afraid of edsa celebration?? what do you want him to do, block ortigas edsa intersection just for the celebration?? santa banana, angal tayo ng angal sa tindi ng trapik sa edsa tapos gusto mo mag celebrate ng edsa anniversary. pareho kayo ng makulit na si tabako na gustong ipagpatayo ni du30 ang edsa revolt monument as if hindi pa sapat yung edsa shrine and people power monument.

    4. No significant changes since then. Am just hoping that we are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This showdown of we thought our leaders of good calibers are just like stage play. When can we have patriotic leaders imbued with nationalism and love of country?

    5. EDSA was a failure – there’s your answer. If I may second guess Pres. Duterte, he’s probably wondering why should the government spend precious funds on something that was only good for the yellows and not the majority of the suffering poor. The intent may have been good back then though irrelevant now, but what came after was even worse. The politicians, the elite, the church, members of the paid press just continued on their merry way, business as usual, of fooling the Filipino people. So what’s the point again of an EDSA celebration? Stop jerking us.

    6. One wonders what Mr. Tatad really wants DU30 to do about the commemoration of EDSA “revolution”?

      • He has deluded himself again. No. Mr Tatad, we know you through Tibo Mijares account of characters very close to Malacanang at the height of Marcos excesses and you were one of the many ‘rotten men’. The 1987 Costitution, a mere scrap pf paper, my foot and you think you will rise from the ashes of ignominy because of it, No, Mr. Tatad, we remember you and thanks to your symbolic gesture of tearing OUR Consstitution because you are now considered a marked man ‘evil to its core’ Thanks and no thanks to your article, your days as a demoralizing writer is gone. Park your pen and shut up if you know what’s goof for you and your country which never had a place in your selfish, self seeking heart.

    7. All these years I believed and put it that way that 1986 EDSA Revolution started with a military Coup de Etat, and the unexpected participation of the people from almost all sectors of the society was the deciding factor that determines how it should end – the fall of the dictator and the end of hostilities. But what makes it intriguing is whether or not the main cause and objective of the “military uprising” turned into a “people power revolution” was attained. Was it? Was Cory’s presidency part of the original plan? I guess not. Is the 1987 Constitution the desired output of the mutineers? I guess not.

      In my own opinion, unless the above questions are given the true answers the 1986 EDSA Revolt (by all protagonists, not just politicians) will have its real worth, worth remembering and worthy of indefinite celebrations.

    8. To all! This is not worth reading at all. I stopped reading at the 2nd paragraph. This is just a justification of the EDSA Revolution some 31years ago which has brought our country nothing but ruin. To the former Senator, the legacy of EDSA Revolution has all been relatively exposed by the late Vice President Salvador Doy Laurel (https://correctphilippines.org/letter_of_doy_to_cory/) which has been kept a secret from Public all this time and the Filipino nation now knows, that the essence of the EDSA Revolution was a sham and at the same time, the resulting aftermath was a disaster for our country. You thrive on the comforts of your opulent home, but this country was raped many times over by all the prevailing masters of EDSA Revolution. Have you done anything in your time as Senator to stop the further degradation of this country which could be labeled as yours just like the numerous accomplishments of PRRD in such a short span of time versus your master, the Aquinos? Theirs is a legacy of shame and of whitewashing the Public that the yellow ribbon stands for justice but is actually the other way around.

    9. With all due respect, Sir Tatad, the President is NOT SO AFRAID OF EDSA. Had he been, he would have not ordered the internment of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Allow us to move on for once-in-our-life-time. We have enough of Aquinos and the Yellows, please. STOP FOOLING US FILIPINOS. I HAVE BEEN A FAN OF EDSA AS WELL AND BLINDLY WORSHIPPED THE AQUINOS because we are thought in schools that Ninoy is a Hero. Where are we now? And how can we move forward? How would you help solve rising criminality? How will we create jobs for the people? How can we develop the countryside? Those are the more fundamental issues we face today. So please, allow the Nation to move on…

    10. EDSA revolution succeeds in pulling our country backwards and other ASIAN country that was then behind us develops and leave us behind because of the most corrupt government exist in three branches of government.

    11. EDSA is memorable if something positve happened to the philippines like in singapore or hongkong. in the philippines, nothing new. we all have been fooled by the promises of cory aquino. now what? corruption becomes rampant.

    12. Enrile had the scare of his life and because of it he could not think straight anymore and was just thankful that he was alive. Had he not lost his cojones Cory would not have been president. This is a great article except for the last paragraph which I can only describe as a pavlovian reaction to Duterte. For the answer to your questions please read Bobby Tiglao’s article today on the same EDSA subject.

    13. Edsa “revolution ” is a tragedy, nothing good comes out of Edsa. everyone knows that, it just gave powers to the Yellows that rule our country to no avail. Edsa is a hoax. It made the country into oligarchy not democracy

    14. THE ONLY GAIN I consider at EDSA 1 revolves around putting an end to Martial Regime. The rest was a plain repeat of what the country was before EDSA. Today, it’s P51 vs USD1, so much like when the Marcoses flew out of their coop. Corruption, killing, communist onslaught, Moro rebellion, what else! Until and unless we CHANGE our culture, indeed, an internal change for the better… it will all be a BITTER memory.

    15. EDSA is the shining example of how to manipulate the news media and the people through a series of orchestrated events that gave back power to the elites. Yes, I was one of the EDSA people. I do not want any reminder of how I was able to be controlled and act against my own benefit. I do not want any monument or holiday to glorify how the elite regained power in the PH.

    16. Para sa akin, hindi na uso yung EDSA! 31 years, ang Pilipinas lugmok na lugmok pa rin! Samantalang China, in 30 years naging superpower!!! Wala pa yung plaka ng sasakyan ko! Aong nangyari? EDSALSAL!

    17. EDSA is no revolution, a real one completely changes the system of corruption and rule of the elite. We have deposed the dark era of Marcos dictatorship but we are back to the tunnel of despair of unequal governance between the rich and the poor.For us who joined the revolt and prayed for a peaceful outcome feels betrayed and realities of life today makes you realize that EDSA people power is nothing but a Fiesta revolution.

    18. Another masterpiece from the great journalist Kit Tatad. May his tribe increase. Kudos! Other columnists should emulate Tatad.

      • you do know that Tatad served as a cabinet minister for Ferdinand Marcos don’t you? know the person before you start idolizing him …

    19. Trillianes, DeLima, Aquino, Inquirer, Amnesty International, and all the yellows are in desperate mode now. They want Duterte out by fair means or foul. They bring out allegations after allegations without a single evidence. Their modus is: it doesn’t have to be true. It should just appear to be true.

      But no amount of destabilization will bring the people back to EDSA. It is because people are disillusioned by the broken promises of EDSA and the opportunistic leaders behind it. EDSA failed us. No to EDSA. Never again.

    20. I was there in FAKE EDSA revolution. I decided not to celebrate since Cory admin because only the oligarch befinited from that event. Dapat tangalin sa history natin yan hindi naman ang pangkaraniwang taon.