DU30 has failed, says FVR



Toward the end of his term, when most everyone was saying BS Aquino 3rd was the worst thing that ever happened to us, I said desultorily, without any idea of who would succeed him, “who knows, PNoy might yet turn out to be better than the next guy?” I was being flippant, and did not expect to have to explain my meaning. But as President Rodrigo Duterte completed his first 100 days in office a few days ago, a friend called me to ask what, exactly, I meant.

The answer is complex and elaborate, and we neither have the space nor the time. But given the situation DU30 is in, we must try to ascertain how stands the presidency after three bruising months. The media like to ask: “In a scale of one to ten, how would you rate PDU30’s first 100 days?” I don’t answer such questions, but almost everyone else does, and DU30 gives himself a modest score of six, even though one Visayan prelate seems to think he deserves a higher rating.

The emperor has no clothes
Former President Fidel V. Ramos provides the most striking and significant response. While Secretary Martin Andanar pronounces DU30 “the greatest President” (he has ever worked for), and most everyone else tries to avoid an open clash with that opinion, FVR does not mind saying what the little child says in the famous story about the Emperor without clothes, “you are naked, Mr. President.” Instead of quoting a figure as DU30 himself does, FVR writes, in his Manila Bulletin column, that in his overall assessment, “we find our Team Philippines losing in the first 100 days of DU30’s administration—and losing badly. This is a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us.”

“Ours is not to heap more brickbats on PDU30—because he has had more than enough already—but to help enable him to transform (through his own efforts) from a mere provincial official to a capable international player (on behalf of) 101,000,000 multicultured Filipinos,” he wrote. Previous to that, a front-page article in the French newspaper Liberation called DU30 a “serial killer.” This prompted one Cabinet member to say, “This is too much.”

Unlike The New York Times in the US, or The Guardian in Britain, or other familiar newspapers elsewhere, which have lately been running stories and editorials about the Philippines and DU30, this was the first time the newspaper, which the world-famous philosopher Jean Paul Sartre (the only man to reject the Nobel Prize for Literature) founded and edited in 1973, ever carried an article of this nature on the Philippines or its President. Not even during the darkest days of Martial Law did this newspaper ever take notice. This means that all shades of intellectual opinion have now weighed in on the issue of DU3O’s drug killings.

Why Ramos’ opinion matters
The Ramos article contains nothing half as trenchant as the Liberation’s epithet. What sets it apart from other comments, though, is that it is not coming from any of DU30’s usual critics. It is what I would call an “in-house or internal opinion” or a “self-critique.” Ramos is not only a well- known supporter of DU30; he is partly responsible for making him President. This is what he said at his inaugural address: “Salamat po sa tulong mo (thank you for your help) in making me President.” Many of the non-communist members of the DU30 Cabinet are known either as “Ramos boys” or as “GMA boys.”

On July 14, DU3O named Ramos as his special envoy to China, after the Philippines won a favorable ruling from the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague in its maritime dispute with China, and the President decided to hold bilateral negotiations with Beijing instead of asking China to recognize and comply with the arbitral ruling. Ramos did not decline the appointment; in fact, he made one quick trip to Hong Kong to meet with certain Chinese personalities, including one former ambassador to the Philippines who now occupies an important position in the People’s Congress, in preparation for his official conversations in Beijing. Nothing new has been heard about his going to Beijing.

In September, DU30 said he had received a list from FVR containing names of suspected drug dealers. This appeared to be an attempt to portray FVR as a rabid supporter of the drug war, where the mounting number of summary killings of drug suspects has triggered worldwide condemnation. However, Ramos denied the claim.

Subdued Palace reaction
Caught flat-footed by the Ramos article, Malacañang’s first reaction was to express “respect” for its political ally’s opinion, describing it as “fatherly advice.” This was the first time DU30 held his fetid and vicious tongue in the face of what he would have normally regarded as a “provocation.” But the Communist Party of the Philippines made up for DU3O’s uncharacteristic restraint by excoriating the West Point-educated Ramos as an “American boy” out to torpedo DU30’s announced pivot to China and Russia, at the cost of the Philippines’ historic political, military and economic ties with the US.

In his column, Ramos lashed out against DU30’s “off-and-on statements” on Philippine-American relations, particularly on security and economic matters. “So what gives?” he wrote. “Are we throwing away decades of military partnership, tactical proficiency, compatible weaponry, predictable logistics, and soldier-to-soldier camaraderie just like that? On P.DU3O’s say-so???”

Indeed, nothing has happened between the Philippine government and the US government to cause a break in relations. The only thing that has happened is that Barack Obama was reported to have expressed a desire to talk to DU30 about the human rights issue related to the drug killings, and DU30 responded by asking who was this Obama to want to talk to him about human rights? Weren’t blacks also being killed on the streets in the US, he asked. As a result, Obama canceled a proposed meeting with DUC on the sidelines of the September Asean summit conference in Vientiane, Laos.

Since then, DU30’s pivot away from the US and toward China and Russia has taken a life of its own. The two most pro-American Cabinet secretaries—Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. and Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana—have started sounding completely anti-American in both their speeches and reasoning. Without giving the reason/s for it, they have announced the cancellation of the joint naval patrol with the US in the South China Sea and the termination of the joint military exercises under the Mutual Defense Treaty after 2016. However DU30 has given us a peak into the rationale for some of his pronouncements.

The NDF wants the Americans out
In an apparent slip during his speech to the National Banana Congress in Davao on Oct. 7, DU30 revealed that the NDF had insisted on the withdrawal of US troops and the cancellation of the joint military exercises as a pre-condition for the peace talks that recently got restarted in Oslo, Norway. It now appears that the CPP/NPA/NDF is now pulling the strings on how the government is to conduct its national security and foreign policy.

This is most disturbing. It is the exact opposite of what we read elsewhere. In Colombia, whose President Manuel Santos has just won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to achieve peace, the citizens rejected the government’s peace agreement with the rebels in a referendum, for negotiating with “a spent force,” among other reasons.

It now appears that DU30’s pivot to China and Russia, although it could be defended as a legitimate diplomatic initiative, is but a mere excuse and cover for what serious national security sources describe as DU30’s covert project with the CPP/NPA/ND to establish a resurgent Philippine communist state. They would like to establish what they had failed to do during the Cold War. According to these sources, the plan is to recreate a virulent communist state, patterned after the rogue state, North Korea.

Despite the high praise DU30 has recently heaped upon China, it is not the state model DU30 is reportedly looking at. For although the Communist Party continues officially to run things in China, there are only Chinese now, rather than communists in China, says one analyst. DU30’s character and governing style are more suited to the North Korean model, which is run by one man, Kim Jong-un, and has strong ties with the New People’s Army. The apparent plan is to promote DU30 as the new and bigger Kim Jong-un across northeast and southeast Asia.

These sources claim that aside from the strong commitment of support from North Korea, the communist parties in Germany, India, Peru (Sendero Luminoso), Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia, among others, are all eager to see the emergence of a new communist state in what used to be an American satellite. According to these sources, this project recently got a boost from the communist parties in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia when they met with communist members of the DU30 Cabinet who traveled with him to the Vientiane summit.

Ramos does not mention any of these developments in his article. But as a longtime Constabulary chief, Armed Forces Chief of Staff and Secretary of National Defense before he became President, it is unlikely that he would be the last one to know about these. One thing clear, though, is that FVR has never been known to make any innocent or premature political move. It took him a while to support the military uprising at EDSA in 1986, but when he finally did, the end of Marcos quickly followed. In the case of Estrada, he gave the signal for his removal when he saw the time had arrived.

As documented in my book, A Nation on Fire: The Unmaking of Joseph Ejercito Estrada and the Remaking of Democracy in the Philippines (Icon Press, Manila, 2002), Ramos came to the National Security Council meeting in Malacañang on Nov. 6, 2000, a week before the House of Representatives impeached Estrada on Nov. 13, 2000 on charges of bribery, graft and corruption, betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution.

He did not call attention to himself, but when asked to say something to the Council, he rolled out a formal statement accusing Estrada of various excesses and asking him to resign. Although the secrecy of NSC deliberations is deemed absolute, Ramos copied his statement for the press, and read it aloud to reporters after the meeting before leaving the Palace.

I am not saying anything similar could happen. But I do not predict anything. Andanar and company have spoken of plots to assassinate or oust DU30, and DU30 himself has challenged the CIA “to assassinate” him. Probably more careful about Mossad, he has formally apologized to the Jewish community for comparing the victims of the Holocaust to the victims of the drug killings, and the community has accepted his apology, including the apology of his ambassador-designate to the UN, Teddy Locsin Jr.

But “nothing could mollify the long suffering Jews who have done well for the Philippines,” said Ramos in his article. The insult to the Jews ran in the headlines on the day they were mourning the passing of the 93-year-old Shimon Peres, former President and last of Israel’s founding leaders.



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  1. The problem here is Duterte believes he knows what’s good for the people so just shut up. He seems to know it all. Any constructive suggestions contrary to his plan are considered personal insult. He brags he’s not afraid to die and I believe him; however, that is not the kind of leadership that is needed but a president who understands the problem and does something to correct it in a democracy. Duterte’s mystic is fading in light of his personal behavior and speeches adlibbing and rumbling causing public confusion.
    The president is accused of the lack of knowledge in diplomacy and geopolitics. An ally doesn’t threaten severing military and economic alliances when criticized. He’s a tough guy. The country is in dire economic collapse that needs investment and sound policy. Duterte doesn’t own the country but was elected to pursue the general welfare, common good, rebuild infrastructure, improve the economy, and provide for the internal and external security of the nation.
    Of course we want prosperity. The president can’t go around the country promising dole out, health care for all and all that goodies. The country is poor and socialism is not the answer for it has been a proven failure and breeding ground for tyranny and abuse by government. The government is broke and the people are paying exorbitant taxes to pay for all these military and social programs.
    Duterte still has the opportunity to do the right thing if he will humble himself in pursuing democratic system that respects life, liberty, rule of law, and the CONSTITUTION. He’s not a king but a servant of the people and the republic. Did he say he did not believe in God? Well…… A person who does not fear God is dangerous.
    And by the way, all previous presidents of the republic should not be self-righteous and critical because they have not done a good job themselves. They are all failures and their tenures are marred with corruption and bad leadership.

  2. we urge all major services of the afp to break from the chain of command from Duterte before the whole country becomes communist.Also eliminate all the NDF’s at once including the key cabinet members amd legislators, Aft need to clean the mess created by these people and start a real new beginnings, Its time for the ram to rise up again.

  3. Despite your Marcos past Kit, I have always been a fan of first, your command of the English language – effortlessly and flawlessly expressed – and second, your very perceptive thoughts on the affairs of the nation. I am reminded of the great writers and thinkers like Blas and Teddy Benigno. On that score congratulations, the nation owes you a lot

  4. I was being flippant…….per Francisco Tatad

    Again, I find again responding to an article by Sec. Kit Tatad. I am not a fan of writing reply to to any article but I am interested in the return to prominence of my beloved Philippines. I am looking for at best a solutions to all that ill my Philippines. I am following this President and his plans and policies. Reading about all the issues, I find appalling to all the killings and salty speeches. There are lots of clamors and negative things about them

    You mention FVR. I have an utmost admiration to our former president. I consider him one of the greatest president of my Philippines. You seem to insinuate that FVR is turning his back toward Mr. Duterte. As per your article, FVR is a supporter to the presidency of Mr Duterte. Why? FVR love my Philippines as much as this the president. FVR is very concern that the country is going to the dogs. He was concern people in goverment as well military and police officers are destroying my Philippines. Seems familiar. Just like the Marcos years. As per FVR very much concern about the current administration, I am elated that democracy is alive in my Philippines. People are able to criticize the administration and voice their opinion without any persecution. NOT LIKE THE MARCOS YEARS

    I am very much watching this administration. I again not in to killing. There must be another way. But if we have to stop rampant crimes, as per Mr. Duterte states “No crimes committed, if he threaten to kill all criminal. Thank you.

  5. if Duterte will follow every word of Ramos then my God we are at the Ramos administration. For Ramos, Duterte might failed him because he wants to let duterte follow what he wants, thats personal. for us, Duterte is doing his best. so far so good. NEVER UNDERSTIMATE HIM. thats a warning.

  6. It’s been my analysis long before this article appeared that it’s the KIM s rule of North Korea which Kim Jong Jong-Un as the latest Kim who is ruling is the way Duterte will emulate.

    When there was no budget proposal for the shifting to Federalism, Duterte may have realized that the way to go is to a Totalitarian form of government the North Korean model which is run by an absolute ruler, Kim Jong-un.

    Evidence to this goal are already existing:
    1. War on drugs where thousands has been killed and will continue as per his speech there is 3,000,000 which needs to be exterminated. The objective here is to extract fear to everyone that the current administration has the power and will to kill.
    He has recently said that the drug problem will still be there even when he completed his term.

    2. Peace talks with the CPP/NDF/NPA and Muslim insurgents.
    With the news revelations that Duterte are friends/comrades with Jose Maria Sison and Nur Misuari co-founders of the Kabataang Makabayan – the most prominent leftist group formed by students from various collegiate schools before the declaration of Martial Law, they could have decided that time if they won in their struggles there’s no way to rule but thru a totalitarian regime.
    So those who are dreaming for a Federal form of government just dream. No chance.

    The Philippines will be effectively ruled under a dictatorial rule as what it was during Marcos rule where no opposition existed. Marcos was smart enough to declare martial before the trio could make their move. Duterte has even admitted he was a fan of Marcos.

    The country needs once more this kind of rule. The way to go in curing the current ills prevailing in the country and there is no need to mention them here.

    Anyway there is no chance to prolong a one man strong rule like Marcos did, as there is no like the Kim’s of North Korea where the sons took over the power to rule in succession. No chance for Misuari and Sison to take over as they are maybe now in their twilights.

    So maybe just maybe we need a strongman to lead us again for a while and do a much needed cleansing of the country’s ills.

    Is there any man/woman other than Duterte who can be that absolute strong man like the KIM s ?

  7. actually this situation right now if Duterte and his advisers are wiser they can use this to go around with both China and the US to our advantage. But the way Duterte is doing is too drastic and premature. this strategy of breaking alliance with the US will take some time. and its wrong to do it now and even to let them know. that should be strictly confidential. Its true US wants to be here because of our strategic location and so as China wants us for the same reasons. I would tell the US if I was didiot to pay rent like they did back with Subic and Clark. and help the AFP in military hardware modernization and not just mouth ball ships donations. then I will limit the military exercises to show China that we are responding to their requests but will continue joint patrols with the US and tell china it is necessary to look for smugglers, terrorists and pirates not basically because of them Chinese, then reduce the bases allowed for EDCA, explain to China that it will take time to break alliances with US while tell the US we have to work with China to prevent war in SCS which US wanted that way anyway. and these are legit reasons. While I will still acquire some Russian military hardware that will be affordable with better terms. so that is a win win situation for us.


    On the matter of granting amnesty to political prisoners as a pre-condition, the CPP NPA NDF must reciprocate simultaneously in good faith by laying down their arms and renounce violence .

  9. Duterte is driving the American troops away because that is what he wants, not because the NDF demands it. That was an intentional “slip.” Putting the success of the peace process on the line works. People buy that. He is doing all of this for his sovereign country so that we may be united with our communist brothers who have only the best intentions. (Raise fist here.)

  10. The truth hurts for the 16M stupid voters of Duterte. With all the demands of the communists, don’t be surprised if the Duterte will sell the Philippines to China and the NPAs. God save the Philippines from Duterte and his STUPID allies.

  11. mukhang unahan na lang ang laban, maubos sila bago madali si digong o mauna si digong bago sila maubos. pagnauna si digong, the winner is….marahil huwag din natin kalilimutan ang mga taga media na nagpalala at nagpilipit nito. they have names isn’t it?

  12. Leodegardo Pruna on

    It was Ramos who dug the grave with his IPP (Independent Power Producers) which broke the back of the Filipinos to this day. With the government guarantee, those who invested stood to gain to this very day for their investment. God bless the Philippines.

  13. Looks who’s talking??? FVR has failed the Filipinos even more and the writer has failed as well and yet you have the nerve to say that DU30 has failed. Kapal muks!

  14. I do not believe THE INFIDEL has the right tenor to meddle with THE BRAVE ONE DU30…THE INFIDEL for all to know is next to DIRT in terms of his previous deeds. The EDSA revolution his famous jump of joy was fake and he was not anti FM. His pres winning election was not legitimate..it should have been Mrs. Santiago if not for the cheating dagdag-bawas with the help of the NICA boss. INFIDEL should shut his mouth he was not voted legitimately as pres unlike THE BRAVE ONE DU30. He promised when he was the pres to have all OFWs return and work in RP and nothing….as in PFFFFF. SHIT to you INFIDEL…

  15. I believe what is going on in our Philippines political situation with Mr. President DU30 as our president is not what people and even his voters had been expecting him to do when they elected him. Of the first 100 days filled with human right abuses by killing illegal drug users, peddlers and innocents without providing them a chance to defend themselves, a first 100 days with profanity, obscenity and vulgarity we hear from the president himself, Mr. President DU30 has infected the Philippine with an incurable memory of remorse and shame for his people that he supposedly serve with pride and honor. I honestly cannot see right now a glimpse of a brighter tomorrow in the hands of President DU30, especially that he administers the nation most likely the way he administered his municipality of Davao before when he was a mayor. Philippines is not Davao, and his office is not a mayor’s office; his office is the office of the President of the Philippines Republic.

  16. Knowing DU30’s initial platform as everybody has observed it, Philippine is heading for instability. Why not cherish, strengthen,and improve our established norm rather than trying to change to new idea. There should be an oversight on things going on in the, the Senate, the Congress, the Justice Department, the Military, the Central Bank, The Internal Revenue, the Bureau of Customs and Other Department.

  17. Leon loza Leprozo on

    I’ve been in North Korea,China and Russia,the Philippines like North Korea it is bloody civil war if that will happen the communist will take over.I value my freedom our priceless freedom.I hope it will not happen.I agree with President Ramos assessment.

  18. Your article today about Ramos is somewhat sarcastic,we label him as STATESMAN,because he was
    a former president.
    President Duterte,must be omniscient ,Mr.Ramos will be the TROJAN HORSE,let us not forget Mr. Ramos ,his Amari Scam,Pampanga Expo,the Fort Bonifacio deals,nobody dares to expose him,yet
    we elevated him to this high pedestal as STATESMAN.

    • ALEX CORDOVA , You are die hard fanatic of DU30, that is why your judgement is skewed…Your “mayoral” president had more to prove than what FVR had done in his lifetime…
      Du30 bragaddocio is like a damocles sword hanging above him that in due time will likely cause his downfall…

    • True. Ramos was an accidental hero which the Aquino mob created. They (yellow mob) conveniently forgot that Ramos was among those “human rights violators” (as they termed it) of the Marcos years since Ramos was a highly placed official during the Marcos era.And now they place him in a pedestal and label him a statesman. As to him getting angry at PDU30 for wanting to break out with the US of A, well this is understandable. He is after all an Amboy, and America has been very good to him. No surprise there really.

  19. It’s an eye-opener. P.Du30 should better steer the ship safely to shore or else he’s out. Cutting ties with the U.S., coupled with the indiscriminate slaying of SUSPECTS, might trigger a coup. In fact, the military is already uncomfortable with the situation that communist leaders had been appointed to the cabinet.

  20. May tampo ba si FVR?

    FVR was initially appointed to talk to China but never materialized (as I predicted) because it was really a Bad Idea since FVR is a West Point (United States Military Academy) graduate and known to supports U.S. interest in the Philippines.

    Basically, the aggressive behaviour and provocative actions against China started during FVR term up to PNoy w/ a new warship/coast guard ship from U.S. (lBRP Gregorio del Pilar) and UNCLOS ruling.

    In May 1997 Filipino fishermen raised the Philippines flag on Scarborough Shoal or Reef (黄岩岛 Huangyan Island), and destroyed China’s sovereignty marker.

    On May 17, 1997, not long after the Chinese radio enthusiasts’ third expedition, a Philippines MP and House Defense Chair led military and media personnel to land on Huangyan.

    On May 20, 1997, a Philippine patrol ship detained 21 Chinese fisherpersons.The fishing boat captain and mechanic were then taken to Subic City in the Philippines and locked in jail.Other sailors were detained in Subic Bay.

    On May 23, 1999 and in July of that year, our country’s fishermen from Tanmen town 潭门镇 in Qionghai, Hainan, separately took two boats, the Qiong-03091 and Qiong-03061 to conduct normal fishing activities in the waters of Huangyan Island. They were chased, rammed and barbarically sunk by a Philippines naval vessel, and afterwards detained for more than one month. Our embassy made timely and serious negotiations, demanding their unconditional release as well as compensation, but the Philippines maintained the sinking was accidental and refused to pay.

    At the end of May 1997, President Ramos stated openly: “Philippines has the sovereign right to explore and exploit Huangyan’s resources, it is within our Exclusive Economic Zone.” With this, the Philippines had made a formal claim to sovereignty over Huangyan Island.

    In a press conference on February 3, 2000, Philippines Defense Secretary Orlando Mercado criticised Chinese fishermen for taking coral from Huangyan and violating the Philippines‘ rights.


    • unfortunately, above observation is factual in describing ramos column. it’s a sourgraping that his idea is not given much value by du30 in the end. but tatad won’t see that page..never, im afraid.

  21. I am buying a Tank Top later from TopShop| Digong would you want to borrow it? FVR said you are naked| it’ s a Top and it’ s a Tank.

    But seriously, I agree with Digong| we cannot win a legit WAR against CH.

    Sapakan na lang sa kanto| baka manalo pa si Digong, mano-mano :P

  22. These Duterte supporters will attack anyone and everyone that says anything negative about their new idol and savior.

    Besides killing people and having China build a rehabilitation / reeducation camp in the Philippines what has Duterte’s administration accomplished ?

    These supporters are probably the same people that supported Aquino’s administration, clapping like wind up toy monkeys every time Aquino lied during his SONA’s.
    Cheering Aquino as a corruption fighter while his clowns impeached Chief Justice Corona so Aquino could get a bigger payoff for hacienda luisita.

    Cheered Arroyo’s imprisonment.

    Gave the Aquino administration a pass for shooting farmers in North Cotabato for asking for food, SAF 44 massacre, Pork Barrel scam by most members of Congress, The DAP fund, The Yolanda fund, MRT contract scandal, Endo, FOI bill, Anti Dynasty bill.

    Six years from now these same Duterte supporters will be condemning the Duterte administration as the devil and on their knees for the next Presidential savior just like they do every election.

    Look at what these idiots just did, elected the same pork barrel stealing thieves to the senate and

    Stop electing devils and wondering why you’re still living in hell

    • What has Duterte accomplished the last 100 days you ask? Plenty if you only bother to find out. It has been talked about and published in the papers.

  23. The Great Defiant on

    so one of the author of martial law and a failed former president is talking what?
    a military and west pointer but too scared to confront the drugs problem during your term…
    where is the bonifacio funds, where are you when drugs IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY AND HURTING 10 MILLIONS OF FILIPINO YOUTH?…YOU BEACH!!!
    go jump a plane without chute!!!..

  24. What’s Ramos saying or meant ” nothing could mollify the Jews” — is he inferring DU30 out of presidency”.

  25. A US-China war in the South China Seas will devastate the Philippines especially if U.S. will stock pile their weapons and ammunitions in our bases.
    I think Du30 has kept us from this devastation when he gave China the face saving device of bilateral talks.
    The U.S. is treating us like pawns as thy did in all their wars after World War II. If they win, they gain more economic spoils. If they lose, they abandon the country they were supposed to be saving.
    We will most likely be abandoned— devastated and abandoned.

  26. Ramos knows what he talking about. He has been in that position and he was there during the Marcos regime. We are only looking from outside looking in. Our knowledge is very little comparing to what Ramos knows. He even critiqued Pnoy during his term but his criticism on Duterte is very damaging. I my opinion, knowing very little in government, Duterte must concentrate in Solving the poverty problem. Drug problem will always be there. It cannot be solve by anybody. They may lessen the drug addicts by killing them but it will always be there. The whole world knows about this.

    • The Great Defiant on

      no Singapore and Malaysia are drug-free society.
      a gram of drug is meet with death penalty, no if’s, no but’s.

    • Ok sana yung anti-drugs pero NASOBRAHAN! hindi dapat solbarin yung isang crime ng MAS MALALA PANG CRIME! ano ba pinag iba ng mga drug personality sa mga MURDERER? At ang masama pa eh yung anti-drugs pala COVER lang sa planong gawing pseudo communist / totalitarian state ang Pilipinas.

    • If it is drug free in Malaysia and Singapore, who are they executing as drug dealers and drug pushers ? There are drugs in both country but the harsh penalty is death. So it is in Saudi Arabia, many Pilipinos are executed because of drugs.

  27. Remember reading an article in one of the Phl newspaper that Enrile -made a comment to give Duterte time , but comment from Ramos himself accusing Duterte that he let down.the countryi is uncalled for. And if he really cares for the welfare of the country, Ramos shld be the first one to notify him to call his attention and at least defend him esp to. those foreigners who may have misunderstood him Duterte, is the only President who in his first 100 days accomplished well to keep the unsafe Phl from govt corruption, massive crime and uncontrollable drug abuse that has taken place thru out Aquinos administration unfortunately. he inherited a disorganized corrupt administration Actress Agot Isidro , has the nerve to call Presideent Duterte ” a psychopath” , but the well meaning gracious broadminded President understands, that she is only exercising her right to freedom of speech Read a comment from. Peter Wallace , an American journalist for Manila Standard who lived in the Philippines understand Pres Duterte’s frustration facing the enormous undeniably serious and difficult problems he has encountered the first 100 days and counting. Projecting that It is some Filipinos are becoming impatient of Duterte’s ways , actually it is the corrupt yellow politicians and its minions lurking and rabbidly looking for every opportunity to see the chance and blame him for EJK so they will have excuse to oust him. Enough is enough.And the Catholic Church and other Christian Church ought to spend its vast resources and participate in rehabilitation( Duterte’s program) of the drug victims so they can return as productive citizens . A constructive criticism approach coming from the church will only bring healing and peace to all instead of division.

    • Please do not blame the yellow shirt in the mess we are in. It is Duterte that is to be blamed not by his projects but by his mouth. He never stop talking bad words. That is the problem. The secretaries Duterte appointed are succeccfully doing their job but there is. Perception issue within the investors and the public in general. All Pilipinos have a colonial mentality problem and if Duterte hits the US, millions will get mad at him. Gordon is right, better watch what you ay because it is perceived to be a policy and not wishful thinking.

  28. Watch out for that relative who betrayed. He has not only done it once but twice and number in the process of doing the third. As the most corrupt president we ever have, his agenda is only to protect himself. Remember that if he supplied the wrong narco matrix, he knows he could no longer control the one of power who was embarrassed. Isn’t it that his job of diplomacy in China is suspended. So as expected, his article which may be the basis that the zombies will rise again

    • Iibahin mo pa ? eh klaro na ngang WALANG drug matrix na binigay si Pres. Ramos. Manlilinlang kayo!

  29. What does FVR really mean and want? Before you judge Mr. Duterte, please answer my questiion Mr. Ramos, where is the bulk of the P8 billion sale of the part of Fort Bonifacio? I can modestly say that the money landed in your Urban Bank. Your backlash did not help the current administration. Maybe you are flipping in favor of the yellow people and the Makati business club. Instead of making stab-on-the back comments, as one of the “mentors” of Mr. Duterte, why not sit with the President and advise him like a father, if you really think Mr. Duterte stands to be corrected. I totally disagree with you Mr. Ramos because during your term, did you not have the balls to raise the issue of the massacre of Balangiga (2,500 killed) and the Bud Dajo (6,000 killed) by the Americans? Mr. Duterte did this because he has the nerve to stand up to the colonizers which majority of our countrymen, like you, admire and consider like gods. Mr. Duterte is waging not only war on drugs but also war on “colonial mentality”. This is the plight of Mr. Duterte. He is excellently correct to stop the US from using the Philippine soil in waging war with China. Once the guns start firing, the Philippines would be left like a wasteland again for the war that we do not like and we do not need. Only the Americans need to go into war, not for the Philippines, but for themselves in their so called “pivot” to Asia to gain military superiority. And again, they will trumped to the world that they are the liberators of the Philippines. From whom? The US snatched the Philippines from Spain and colonized us. We were caught at the middle during the second World War between the US and Japan, not because we declared war against the Japanese. And now, we will be at the middle again of a much wider and violent war between the US and China if we will allow the Americans to use our bases in staging military attacks against China. Now Mr. Ramos, did you ever have any balls to talk like Mr. Duterte to signify the Philippines’ wish to be independent of the American’s and other foreign nations thereby maintaining our dignity as a nation? You and all of the previous presidents of the Philippines did nothing to stand up to foreign meddling and sacrificed our nationhood and self respect. Please shut up if you disagree with Mr. Duterte and if you won’t, ask yourself first if you are a better person than him; are you not subservient to the US; do you have vested interests that made you utter discouraging comments against Mr. Duterte to please your benefactors. Those are only very few questions. Do not judge like a god or a judge, you are not in a position to do that. God bless the Philippines and Mr. Duterte.

    • Senator Trillanes is right. there is no need to plot his (Duterte) ouster from power. He is self distructing. He will successfully oust himself before his term ends. On corruption, what happen to that 100 million plus deposited on his bank account (Duterte) which he himself admitted, saying it is not exactly the amount quoted by Sen Trillanes but a little bit less. As a mayor can he amass that huge amount in the years that he serve, with the salary that he he had received?, without being corrupt himself?

    • Tell that to duterte. Ikaw nanlilinlang ka at binabaligtad mo ang istorya may pa history history ka pa eh halata naman na ginagamit mo lang to para manlinlang. Kita na po ang totoong hangarin ninyo. Yung anti drugs ok yan pero sobra sobra at halatang ginagamit lang para pa bangisin ang kapulisan at militar para sa huli gagamitin sila against sa common citizens ng Pilipinas para sa plano nyong totalitarian state.

    • to fight colonial mentality will be in the schools in high school and college. not just in the media crush coarse.

  30. Excellent insight. Do you mind if I spread it around?
    This was my hunch when all the commotion started.
    All the distraction was nothing but a facade.

  31. Tatad American secret weapon in PH. Ramos is the face of American intervention. What do Ramos and Tatad have in common? They are both part of Marcos Dictatorship Gang and lobbyist of and for American interest.

    Saan mang gubat ay may ahas. Itong dalawa si Ramos at Tatad ay kabilang doon.

    • Eh kayo ano? secret weapon ng mga communist? Kung totoong mabuti kang tao dapat mong isipin yung para sa kabutihan ng lahat. Yung pinaka makatao at karapat dapat na paraan. Pero kayo klaro na hindi. Demonyo kayo!

    • cora conception on

      Du30 is not going and will never listen except if you are a CPP/NPA/NDF comrades.Itaga mo sa bato.nasaan ang mga opposition ? puro may tama na ang mga utak.Wake up, save the Philippines from going rouge.