• DU30 a genius at obfuscation



    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has a knack for keeping his true intentions close to his chest, thus confusing his intended audience. But, must he also confuse his supposedly close advisers like his Cabinet members?

    The President’s rabid supporters claim that he always means what he says. So, why is it that often, his Cabinet members interpret his words differently? And why is it that what’s supposed to be a definitive declaration of policy gets another meaning in a subsequent speech or clarification?

    Now, after Mr. Duterte declared in Beijing the country’s separation from the United States, expect a lot of explanations and clarifications from his Cabinet members on what this really means.

    “I announce my separation from the United States, both in military but economics also,” he said Thursday at the Philippine- China Trade and Investment Forum in China.

    He gave no details on what this “separation” entails. The Philippines and US have signed many trade and military agreements and treaties. Will these be unilaterally abrogated? If what he meant was not really separation, why did he use that word?

    Here’s another Duterte statement—addressed to China–that needs clarification: “So please, you have another problem of economics in my country. I am separated from them (the Americans) so I will be dependent on you for a long time.”

    The pivot to China and away from America is meant to herald a more independent foreign policy for the Philippines, so why is he saying that he’ll be dependent on China for a long time? Perhaps, he was only joking
    that time. That’s the only plausible explanation for the contradiction between words and intent.

    This statement of President Duterte needs no further clarification: “I realign myself to your ideological flow and, maybe, I would also go to Russia and talk to Putin and tell him there are three of us against the world — China, Philippines, and Russia.”

    Russia and China are both communist countries and while the President is not one, he declared here that he is leaning towards their ideology. However, much more than realigning himself with their ideological flow, it’s his confidence that the Philippines can join China and Russia against the world that takes the cake.

    The Philippines, he believes, is now strong and influential enough to take on any other country in the world except China and Russia. The Philippines is among the world’s Big 3? Wow! This should make all Filipinos proud.

    While he’s most willing to go to Russia and meet its leader Vladimir Putin, he said he’d never go to the US. Why? “I will just be insulted there,” he explained.

    The President is wont to curse and insult but he doesn’t want to be insulted. This is the reason why he likes the Chinese with their Oriental character which does not go around insulting people.

    Going back to Cabinet members’ clarifying or explaining the President’s statements, I sometimes wonder if they are qualified to do so. A few months back, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said the President had rejected China’s urgings to ignore the arbitration ruling on the West Philippine Sea and go into bilateral talks instead. Well, we now know that the President really favors bilateral talks.

    The President had made pronouncements on defense matters without consulting with his defense secretary, who went on to contradict him.

    At a recent budget hearing, the finance secretary could not answer the question of Senate President Pro Tem on why the President wanted to cut economic ties with the US, and what are the ramifications of this new policy.

    Secretary Dominguez said he didn’t know as the President made the announcement without consulting with him.

    Oh yes, President Duterte is returning with agreements worth $13.5 billion from China. This will go a long way in making Filipinos more independent and survive without foreign aid, like what he has frequently said.

    But, what if the President makes another pivot different from his recent pronouncements? Well, that merely means he’s still successful in confusing his audience.

    This should pose no problem to his millions of rabid supporters, however. They’ll follow him whether he goes left or right, backward or forward.



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    1. Mr. Danao my old man, I`m proud of what he is doing been here in N. America half f my life time years. I`ve seen discrimination before hand. You wanna lick uncle Sam hope you`re not one of this suckers pinoys on this white people. If you are shame on you brownie, thick lips, shorty flat nose that`s what this whites are calling us behind our back, Philippine are Asian and thats what we are on economic side we do it our way, we ask help from our neighbour fellow flat noses and shorty.

    2. He has everybody totally confused. Probably on purpose. One thing we do know, it’s not “business as usual” in the Philippines. He’s given notice to the US that He’s not their puppet. So far, I think everything is going to his plan, Machiavellian as it is. He probably has a copy of “The Prince” at his bedside. At least He’s not making enemies, except may drug dealers and Obama, neither of which people care about.

    3. Ryan the Great on

      We dont care about the reluctant people like Mr. Efren. We care about the coming progress that this country of ours will taste that has been long deprived to the Filipinos. We believe that this incorruptible government of President Duterte will materialize all the things that we need as a nation. So whoever curses or against him must deal first with the 86% of the Filipinos who trusts the President and we are a force to reckon with.

    4. What? eh di Wow! I will just wait for his constant excuses to be aired by his Cabinet and 16M Trolls. Member of Pilandok Cabinet and yet was not briefed regarding the plan. #NgangaAtDepensaMore

    5. The president is making it clear that he will not be a puppet of America and from now on will put our country’s interest first. He believes that closer relations with China and Russia is where our interests lie. Where is the obfuscation there? Those Duterte bashers are like a lover who has been dumped, and are now agonizing over it like someone who just got kicked in the gut. The only way the dumpee will see things clearly is to accept that he has been dumped. After accepting the new status quo, with a calm mind he can start asking himself what happened. Sudden break-ups like this are never settled by debating. Ayaw ko na sayo, sabi ng lover mo. If you don’t want to go crazy, tanggapin mo na lang.

    6. Efren L. Danao Thank you! Question: Have you been a CEO of a place as big as Davao City? Best way is to support Pres. Digong and evaluate him after 6 years. Ain’t it fair?

    7. The President knows best!

      I believe he will bring this country to its betterment, for the good of the people and country.

      Long live President Duterte & the Philippines!


        His inconsistency, irrationality and arrogance will bring our country in isolation… why leave US who gave millions dollars in terms of financial aid. and cozying china who prohibits us in fishing on our own territory…

      • I think the better question is, Why risk the rest of the Philippines over a small island that no Filipino resides in?

        We’ve been so Pro-US we turn a blind eye on the bigger and more dangerous issues around. And PDU30 clearly sees this. If US goes to war with China and Russia, where do you think US will launch their missiles? In their own territory? Look at the map and you will see why the US calls the Philippines ‘a very important, strategic ally’.

        What PDU30 did was brilliant and US was not expecting it. Neither did China. We bash him too much without knowing that he just may have save all our lives by deciding to step aside and out of the way of two opposing superpowers.

        His inconsistency is part of his strategy. That makes him unpredictable. And for years, we’ve been underestimated because our leaders have been predictable and obedient to what the stronger nations dictate. Du30 is playing with our strengths this time.

        He is not irrational. He has his own reasons and logic for his decisions. Not many people know those reasons. But he cannot reveal all his cards to the world. Some battles are won with the element of surprise.

        His arrogance makes him a force to reckon with. If he acts weak, do you think the more powerful countries will take him seriously?

        Maybe we all just need to stop hating him and take time to analyze his actions.

        LOOK AT THE FOREST, NOT JUST THE TREES (as I quote a blogger’s comment). Read the Art of War when we have the time.