TREAT YOUR BUSINESS AS A FRANCHISE. Due to our type of work, we set up operations and teams in every partner-location. In the same way that McDonald’s or Starbucks has a particular system in place, my company makes sure that the operations we establish in one location follow the standard of the rest. From the the color of our uniforms to the training of the personnel, to the set-up of our offices and facilities, we follow a standardized system. This ensures that the service we provide is consistent across the board.

    INSTALL A SET-UP TEAM. With every new location that we enter, we deploy a ‘set-up team’ that assists in the training and education of the new operations management. They’re responsible for orienting new personnel on company culture, our values and their responsibilities. This ensures that while the teams are functioning independently in different locations, we are aligned in our values and goals.

    USE TECHNOLOGY. As a boss, I cannot be everywhere at one time. Besides entrusting my senior management team with the day-to-day operations, I also equip myself to work remotely by using technology. Aside from the typical channels, which facilitate video communication, we are fitting some of our offices and facilities with cameras, allowing me to conveniently view operations from my laptop and smartphone no matter where I am.

    DELEGATE. With such a big company, you have to learn to trust your people and delegate. It’s important to remember that you cannot do everything on your own.

    SURROUND YOURSELF WITH EXPERTS. In the same sense that you cannot do everything on your own, you cannot expect to know everything. Be humble enough to seek the advice and feedback of other experts, as they, too, can help you as a leader make better decisions.


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