Durant to opt out of Warriors deal


Kevin Durant, last season’s Finals MVP in Golden State’s NBA title victory, has signified his intention of opting out of his two-year contract with the Warriors so he can restructure his deal with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant, who signed a two-year, $51 million deal with the Warriors last summer, told ESPN he is giving himself the opportunity to reconstruct the deal, which expires after the season.

He also said he will no longer ask for a discount, which he himself offered in the last contract to make it easier for the Oakland franchise to retain Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes quoted Golden State’s top scorer and leading blocker-defender that he will be seeking much higher pay this time around adding he is considering three options for his next contract.

He could sign another two-year deal that includes an opt-out, and then opt out after next season to sign a longer and more lucrative 5-year, $219 million deal. He could also agree for a four-year maximum deal worth around $158 million.

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Or he could sign a three-year deal with an opt out, and then sign a bigger amount after the second year.

The salary cap tends to go up each season, which leads to escalating salaries for players. The trick is to try and sign both when a player’s value is highest and so is the salary cap in order to maximize the future earnings.

Durant won a championship in his first season with the Warriors last year and took home NBA Finals MVP honors. He’s hoping the Warriors to repeat as champions this year, where, he added, his focus lies.

Durant, likewise, expressed belief that James Harden, his former teammate at the Oklahoma City Thunder, should be named this season’s MVP.

Since moving to the Houston Rockets, Harden has tremendously improved his playing abilities so much so that many believes he is on his way to winning MVP honors.

Durant agreed, saying, “It’s his turn. Just give it to him. It’s his time to win it.”

He even took pot shots at other contenders, saying he respects Harden more than he does most of other competitors.

“You got three dudes who really care about basketball. You can’t win no MVP if you don’t care about the game. And when I say care, I mean really put the work in the craft,” he commented

“I remember trying to beat Russell to the gym … I remember working out in the summer time with James, six in the morning, really just getting together to work on our basketball games, work on our skills, wanting to beat the best, ” Durant recalled.

Durant isn’t the only person to endorse “The Beard” to take the honors. That list includes Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni, teammate Chris Paul, former coach Scott Brooks, Stephen Curry and DeMar DeRozan.


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