Duterte ‘50 percent sure’ to run for presidency


DAVAO CITY: The enthusiasm of around 6,000 supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who attended a rally culminating a nationwide caravan on Friday night never faltered even as the man whom they want to join the presidential race asked for a little more time and patience.

“Soon,” Duterte told a cheering crowd at the Rizal Park, just a walking distance from City Hall, on when he would announced his candidacy for President.

“Let me convince my family first. They might change their minds,” he said.

For the supporters of Duterte, it was a statement good enough to confirm that the tough-talking mayor of Davao would contest the country’s highest post.

After the rally, he said he is “50 percent sure”about running for President.

At the end of the five-hour program, thousands of lighted candles illuminated the park as the mayor’s supporters collectively prayed.

“We pray that he will be enlightened to respond to the call of the people for him to join in the elections next year,” the prayer said.

When the mayor was onstage delivering his message, some of his supporters were in tears.

“The problems of the Philippines are very formidable,” Duterte said, noting how hard it would be for him to fight a system that allowed perceived corruption in the government.

“Our problems include drugs, peace and order, and this government. Until we have this kind of government, the problem will linger on,” he pointed out.

Duterte has become the prime mover of federalism.

“We cannot allow Manila to forever design our future. We need to change the system that will allow us to develop the way we want it,” according to the mayor.

Earlier, Duterte said he will consider running once he gets the support of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

At the rally, a voice message of CPP founding chairman Jose Maria Sison was played.

Sison described Duterte as a man with “integrity, strength of character and political will for good.”

“Sa tingin ko bukas naman siya sa development ng Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng Filipino- owned industrialization and land reform at kumbinsido ako na makabayan siya at ipagtatanggol niya ang pambansang soberenhiya at integridad ng teritoryo ng Pilipinas [I think he is open to the development of the Philippines through Filipino-owned industrialization and land reform and I am convinced that he is patriotic and that he will defend the national sovereignty and integral territory of the Philippines],” he said.

Duterte thanked Sison for kind words and he also thanked his supporters for their overwhelming confidence in him.

The caravan started on August 15 in Luzon.


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  1. Please know the person and the intricacies he’ll enter into before you comment…Duterte has not made Davao City the safest place to live. (Not bragging that he has transformed the war-torn, dirty and lawless city into one of the cleanest,disciplined,progressive and modern place today.)
    Yes,he has also made great contributions to the peace and order situation in the entire island of Mindanao with his good communication lines with the rebel and secessionist groups. It doesn’t mean that if receive good words from Nur Misuari or Joma Sison he is already with them…This only shows his efficiency in handling situations that he was able to ask them for the release of a number of their captives (including a general) that I don’t know of anyone among the presidential aspirants have done so far…
    Our country’s problems are rooted in our island. He is the best man for the job notwithstanding our clamor to give us a chance to have a president, for the first time from Mindanao.

  2. this is becoming too OA already. a firm leader will declare he is running or not and not create too much hype that wanes everyday.

  3. Why the heck he needs the support of the rebel group, how important they are for him? Presently we have a government who supports MILF and not its one law abiding citizen. The next is what, supporter of CPP-NPA?