• Duterte administration ‘worse’ than Marcos’


    An activist nun and a former president of the exclusive St. Scholastica’s College in Manila on Saturday said President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration is worse than that of then-President Ferdinand Marcos.

    Sister Mary John Mananzan made the comparison on February 25, the 32nd anniversary of a popular uprising in 1986 that came to be called EDSA Revolution.

    “[The] EDSA [Revolution] is a brief shining moment in history where Filipinos [overthrew]a dictator but now we are threatened by something worse than martial law,” she said.

    Marcos declared martial law in 1972 that resulted in gross violations of human rights.

    “It is worse than [Marcos’] martial law, look at our leaders [today], I have never experienced so many intellectually, morally and behaviorally challenged government officials,” according to Mananzan.

    She accused the Duterte administration of breaking down the moral fiber of Filipinos.

    “[There is] is a breakdown of rational governance, it has become normal to tell a lie, [peddle]vulgarity and [report]fake news. What has become of Filipinos?” Mananzan said.

    “We are seeing an erosion of our moral fiber as a people, life and law, especially today with Charter change [Cha-cha] that they want to ram down our throats,” she added.

    Through Cha-cha, amendments to the 1987 Constitution would pave the way for a change in the system of government from parliamentary to federal.

    Mananzan said she believes that the current Charter is not perfect but added that she is against the method for amending it.

    “Our Bill of Rights will be removed, the authority of the people will only be elections, the content is what we are against and the process, Con-Ass [Constitutional Assembly]? Look at the quality of our congressmen, how can you trust them?” she added.

    Duterte’s allies in the House of Representatives have proposed the Con-Ass, wherein lawmakers and senators vote as one, with the majority winning.

    The House of Representatives has more than 200 members and the Senate, more than 20.


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