• Duterte admits seeking PNP official’s reinstatement


    (UPDATED, December 3, 2016, 12:30 a.m.) PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Friday night admitted it was him who called up Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald de la Rosa to reinstate a police official linked to the drug trade in Eastern Visayas.

    In an apparent bid to quell the brewing controversy, Duterte cleared his long-time aide, Christopher “Bong” Go, of any hand in the reinstatement of Supt. Marvin Marcos, head of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) in Eastern Visayas.

    Duterte, in an interview with CNN Philippines, claimed he needed to keep track of Marcos’ movements.

    “It’s like this. I ordered Bong Go to call. By the time he passed it on, de la Rosa answered. I said, do not remove the guy because he’s included … I am doing an investigative job,” the President said in a mix of English and Filipino.

    Duterte said the investigation was over and Marcos’ supposed drug links turned out “positive,” while the Eastern Visayas police director, Chief Supt. Asher Dolina, was “cleared.”

    “I was keeping track of his (Marcos’) movements. If you remove me there, it would all be gone. I won’t be able to follow the trail,” he explained.

    Marcos’ reinstatement caused a stir as he was part of the CIDG team that raided a Leyte jail and killed detained Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. last November 5.

    Espinosa’s son Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. told a Senate inquiry last month Marcos asked for money to fund the election campaign of his wife who ran for vice mayor.

    De la Rosa was put on the spot after admitting on Thursday that a Malacañang “kumpare” or friend told him to reinstate Marcos.

    On the same day, Sen. Leila de Lima, a vocal critic of Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, told reporters it was an “open secret” that Go called up de la Rosa, citing a source in the PNP.

    Go has denied the allegation as “hearsay” and “unsubstantiated.”

    ‘Face the charges’

    On Friday, the PNP chief rejected de Lima’s call for him to identify his “kumpare.” At any rate, de la Rosa said, Marcos and his CIDG men were relieved after the killing of Espinosa Sr.

    Duterte told CNN Philippines Marcos “has to face the charges.”

    “Let him maintain the right to be heard,” he added.

    Speaking earlier Friday before a graduating class of the PNP Highway Patrol Group’s motorcycle riding course in Davao City, Duterte said: “It’s not true that Bong Go made the call.”

    Duterte then declared that Marcos was tainted with drug links while Dolina’s reputation was clean. “Dolina is clean. Marcos is not,” he said.

    Dolina was accused by the Eastern Visayas drug kingpin, Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr., in last month’s Senate inquiry of receiving drug protection money.

    Malacañang on Friday also called on de la Rosa to identify his “kumpare” who sought the reinstatement of Marcos.

    “We will find out first who ‘kumpare’ is because it’s a big issue that the public also needs to know about,” Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Marie Banaag told reporters.

    Banaag, however, echoed de la Rosa and said the matter was “water under the bridge” as Marcos and his men had been relieved following their raid into the Leyte prison that resulted in the killing of Rolando Sr.

    “They were not [reinstated]. Marcos and his allies, they are in restrictive custody,” the Palace official added.



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    1. Daniel B Laurente on

      Hayaan nyo ang pagka abogado nya a g masusunod..Hintayin nyo sunod na kabanata. You are with a genuio..

    2. Dear President Duterte,

      I thought that PNP ae the ones to protect Pinoys, but this morning while I was walking on the street passing the Western Police Station Precint 4: A Cop did make a comment on me “Wow! Ang Ganda.” where I ask you now-is this good? I thought you have a law against Hecklers? Then why is your own Policeman saying creepy stuff to us women?

      What can I do if am presentable? I don’ t think that is a crime. Where are we going to make a complaint when your own PNP is the one making the Heckle :P

      BTW, here at Barangay 423-43, the neighbors are getting some talks about SNOOPINGS: apparently, there are some Pinoy Individuals who runs Snoopy Cameras through drones/ satellites and CCTV where a lot of people can see the inside of houses where the said Snoopies are spying on. Yes, even in their bathrooms and bedrooms :P

      It was said in my neighborhood that certain priests from San Roque de Sampaloc & even the Marcos Family are snoopings on certain areas. President Duterte, maybe you should check this one. Thank you.

    3. Inamin na ni Duterte na siya ang nagpa-reinstate kay Marcos, matapos nitong patayin si Espinosa Sr.

      Something is VERY WRONG, VERY WICKED happening in our country.

      Impeach Duterte! Right now, before it’s too late!

    4. Ah, so it was a molehunt, and the mole turned out to be Marcos. Its very lucky that they got to Marcos before anyone else could get him. Interesting that he also had trouble with keeping his story straight at the senate, the same way De5’s other ‘witnesses’ had. Looks like they didnt plan for him to survive long enough to be questioned.

      Even more interesting is that De Lima is apparently monitoring “open secrets” like who calls who for DU30 early enough to use that info in the media at a moments notice.

      I hope they squeeze every last bit of info from him and his cohorts, throw him in jail then list him as an “asset”.

    5. This is a classic use of abuse——the president using his office and his immunity privilege to manipulate the rule of law. Duterte’s justification of reinstating a criminal to his post just to track his whereabouts is too lame and inexcusable. That’s downright a dirty game.
      What are the functions of NBI and police investigators by the way? Are they incapable to do such investigation? And what is the PNP chief doing, lying to his teeth, when confronted by such an issue? This nation is turning to be a circus manned by manipulators, thugs, and liars. And who are they fooling? The Filipinos who voted for this
      administration? Nothing has been good so far, most are media hypes. We are doomed.

    6. The main reason Mayor Espinoza died is because of Marcos. Something is terribly wrong with Duterte. The mayor is a bad person and so is his son Kerwin. We are dealing with all bad persons. This country is a very corrupt nation.