• Duterte also trains guns on millionaires


    TWO days after releasing the list of local officials, judges and police officers who allegedly have links to illegal drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will be baring another list soon: of Filipino millionaires who have not been paying correct taxes.

    In a speech during a visit at a military camp in Samar on Monday evening, Duterte said a list of rich people who have been evading taxes is already being crafted.

    “I will be announcing [the names]formally. I’d like to have the list completed. All of you millionaires and rich people pay your taxes or I’ll invite you for questioning,” the President said.

    “’You haven’t learned your lesson. I will also send policemen to ask you why you have not been paying your taxes. That’s the way you want it, that’s the way that you understand it,” he added.

    The President accused the rich of “cheating the government,” and “destroying the Filipino people.”

    “How am I supposed to protect the young? How do I collect the right taxes? It won’t happen during my watch,” he added.

    “Don’t do that to me. The first and only interest is government interest, nothing else matters,” he said.


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