• Duterte and de Lima dispute: A waste of time and people’s money


    “Do not control my mouth! This is my mouth! God given ‘to!”
    — President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, quoted in the back cover of The Duterte Manifesto, published by the ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.

    “I am the only card left for the Filipinos to deal with the situation. I hold it, it’s my ace. There is no cure for stupidity or incompetence. You cannot go to the doctor and ask for medications that will improve your judgmental ability.”
    — President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, page 15 in The Duterte Manifesto

    I am still going over 122 pages of the blue-colored libretto labeled by its publisher, ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc., as The Duterte Manifesto containing what it described in its cover as “Mga aral mula sa mga banat at mga talumpati ni PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE” (Lessons from the punch lines and speeches of PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE.) I have only read a few pages yet but up to the point of my reading my initial view is – the people who produced this tiny volume is not doing the President a favor. My conclusion is that this libretto unmasks Duterte as he continues to unmask himself in his speeches, especially when he extemporizes. Lumalabas talaga ang natural – his natural self really surfaces.

    By doing this, the man does not do himself a favor. He gives his enemies the weapons to demolish him in the process. Duterte’s most destructive enemy, similar to that of US presidential candidate Donald Trump of the Republican Party, is his undisciplined mouth. With Duterte’s mouth, he does not need any enemies. He carries his best enemy in his person.

    My deep concern
    I am concerned with the drift of events because I want him to succeed in implementing some of the good ideas that I mentioned in my previous columns.

    War against illegal drugs: Everyone should join him in this crusade against the proliferation of illegal drugs – but not through despicable means, which cannot be sustained even by his oath of office in the Constitution when he swore that “he will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend the Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man.”

    Is inducing the killing of illegal drug users and pushers consistent with his oath? Of course not! Most of the killings are supposedly done in a drug bust operations. Some are killed while asleep; some while on the run; some even inside the police van; some by mistake of identity; most are obviously in an effort of the police to terminate those who would testify against the involvement of the police in the drug trade

    In the police operation that killed about a thousand illegal drug users and pushers, the big guns in the illegal drug trade get special treatment. Concrete examples are Mayor Rolando Espinosa of Albuera, Leyte and Daanbantayan, Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot. There appears to be strong evidence against them but they are still serving as mayors. Why are they not in prison? Why are they given special treatment? Under the Duterte formula, the way it is implemented – if you are poor you will die, if you are rich and powerful you get special treatment. This violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. It would appear to Duterte that constitutional oath means nothing; human rights, due process, which are sanctified in the Constitution, mean nothing. The Duterte, from the way he acts, prevails over and above everything.

    So the lawyer that he is, by his action, he violates the Constitution left and right. What does that make him? Does this not make him a violator of the Constitution and our current laws?

    If he does not want to be a violator of our Constitution and our laws, he has only one avenue – declare a revolutionary government. Then he can reduce the population of this country by demolishing all his enemies – the drug lords, the oligarchs, the gambling lords, the smugglers, criminals of all kinds, those involved in graft and corruption like judges, justices, members of the Cabinet, former Presidents and their officials, governors, mayors, barangay chairmen, police and military men and loads of government officials and employees The Filipino people will be grateful if he does these. He will leave a legacy better than Rizal, Bonifacio, Lapu-Lapu and Marcos combined.

    War against graft and corruption: The crooks are everywhere – in the executive branch, in the legislative branch, and in the judiciary. When will this war begin? Can it ever start considering that the crooks in Congress have joined his political party? I don’t hear the President ordering the Justice Department to start filing cases, arrest the culprits, make them rot in jail in the meanwhile since most of the cases involve non-bailable crimes, convict them and send to the gallows in preparation for their resting place 12 feet under the ground. Why 12? They maybe able to escape if you bury them six feet under the ground!

    The Duterte and de Lima punches and counterpunches
    This denunciation by President Duterte of Senator d Lima is like the kettle calling the pot black. It does not help achieve worthwhile objectives for the country and the people. This is stuff for gossip. These public officials should not waste the people’s money and time by washing their dirty linen in public. Who cares if they are both immoral – one parades his immorality and the other hides it from the public eyes.

    Don’t these two people know that they live in an immoral country? The government is immoral – most of the public officials are immoral. From the libidinous or sexual point of view, all our Presidents from Marcos to the present with the possible exception of Cory Aquino are immoral. From the dictionary’s definition, immoral means “not in conformity to accepted moral standards,” with the following synonyms: unethical, bad, morally wrong, wicked, evil, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonorable, disreputable, vile, nefarious, basis.

    Based on these standards, all our Presidents from Marcos to the present fit the definition of immoral. So why quibble about immoral, most, if not all, our public officials are immoral, anyway. The punches and counterpunches do not deserve our attention.

    Public servants, not masters
    President Duterte and Senator de Lima should be reminded that they are not our masters. They are public servants. Stop these exchanges about who is more immoral. They are both immoral. The people are interested in the way they do their job. President Duterte loves to kill, let him kill within the bounds of the law, otherwise he will be in trouble. He is not afraid to be in trouble – that is his problem. Senator De Lima loves to investigate, let her investigate. Let us see who produces better results for the people and the country. The people will render judgment sooner than they think. Duterte and de Lima are old. They should do their work. President and Senator, show what you are capable of doing. Time is of the essence. You are both running out of time. Bluster, boast and crowd attracting verbalisms are only good for election campaigns. Your self-adulation is not funny. That is only good for psychologists and psychiatrists. We need it like a hole in the head.


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    1. leonardo alday on

      The main issue here is not about immorality (palamuti lang yan) but the connection to the illegal drug trade, as in the case of Sen De Lima allegedly being the protector of drug lords inside the BuCor or her being negligent in her duty and responsibility as DOJ Secretary for six years without knowing that illegal drug proliferates inside the Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa.

    2. Mr. Adaza Sir I am in agreement with you that its going to be a waste of time , efforts and resources considering that this is not the only case there will be more I think in the future. Right now our resources will be drained in rehabilitating those drug users who wants to go back to a normal life. The dispute between President Dutete and Senator DeLima is liken to political grandstanding. All these events thats occurring is delaying tactics employed by the opposition to derail the president’s agenda. The situation where President Duterte is so overwhelming I would say because the problems created now is piling up of course there are those that were already on going but have’nt gone yet beyond the threshold of failure. Someone may say we still have ample time but six years is not enough if the cases will dragged on for years. For the president to steer the country to the right direction is to set up all the mechanism of governmen on that direction. Right now some were but most of it are still in disarray. There was once a debated of the charter change but it losses its momentum and now its focus on the investigation of extrajudicial killings and personalities. Its like the pandora box is open and now all the rotten smells spread out. In other words one thing leads to another thing. If the president will entertained all these brouhaha it will not only pulls out the agenda out of it orbit it will also maimed him mentally and physically. The solution to all these probabilities is to declare revolutionary government and it will be a fresh start if not new beginning for a new responsive system of governance.

    3. The truth about the illegal activities of government officials even if he/she is a barangay chairman is always an interest of the public, let alone a nationally elected official whose position is unimpeachable (that’s right. You cannot impeach a Senator! Crazy huh.) Revealing the truth even if it is clouded by personal vendetta is still best for the nation. Waste, is when the President has all the resources at his disposal but didn’t even use it to uncover the corruption or side stepping the corrupt so as not to bang heads with them. This national syndicate is so formidable that no one is brave enough to stand against them.

      • Yes I definitely agree with you Dion…and besides you cannot find a president in the whole planet ready to sacrifice even his life just to save the whole nation from drug menace….not the UN has done, where they are when innocent civilians, girls or boys, young and adults been rape, murdered, chop-chop, robbed, and more senseless butchered crimes …no one is coming to the front asking crying foul…..where are they the CHR or they are simply CH-Wrong….thus, we have to support our president and his govt whatsoever…because he knows exactly what he is doing and no doubts about it…..expect lot of lobbies against the president and his govt…but we civilians the 15M who voted him…were tired from prev gov’t good media talking and not in deeds.

    4. Definitely not a waste of time. You are probably! How can this be a waste of time and money when in fact this is the first time in History that personalities such as DeLima who are in power and in government are being exposed as protector and/or beneficiary of DRUGS!!! who cares about her alleged sex video and her intimate relationships with Dayan and Mancao. The point is she has misused and abused her power to benefit her lovers who happens to be linked with NBP drugs. Bono and Rene are the waste of time!

      • Marzan Rodesan on

        What you are telling are still allegations, “innocent until proven guilty”. It is indeed a waste of time, let the president file the case in the court of law and let him act as a president and not something else.

      • Salamat Ka Julio. Hindi ko alam kung bakit sina Messrs. Bono at Rene ay tila nasa payola nga ng mga DILAW ANG KALULUWA. Sa halip na matuwa na may presidente tayo na may malasakit sa kaayosan ng lipunan ay tila naman gusto pa nilang ang malubog ng husto ang Pilipinas sa burak ng corruption at salot na droga,

    5. I don’t agree with your opinion in fact this is the moment of truth…why drugs in Philippines was in so much rampant and in magnitude that there is no words to describe and impossible action to stop…did you think of this??? This new govt is doing well to reveal how our nation is been blinded with the assitance of prev gov’t in part of this drug trades…you will ask why….why the drugs is proliferating wildly…..to stop this once and for all, this govt has just doing well what is needed to actual situation not by opinion or traditional approach…we are in war with drugs…they are countering offer to kill the president and Bato…had you think of this????had you think what happen next???? expect other sides tactics and lobbies…..to show they were victims……Muntilupa was just cleaned up of competitors so the triad has all they say of the operation inside with the protection using the govt forces controlling the Bilibid prisons

    6. Immorality is a big issue especially with those holding gov’t power. DU30 is showing a need for change (even to himself) not just in corruption,drugs issue but also integrity to all high ranking officials. Immorality can lead to corruption, cheating and other illegal works. In the Bible, Great men like David, solomon, Samson had fallen..

      John Ensign, Senator (R-NV), resigned his position as chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee on June 16, 2009, after admitting he had an affair with the wife of a close friend, both of whom were working on his campaign.[109] Under investigation, he then resigned his Senate seat 20 months early in 2011 In 1998,

      Senator Ensign had called for President Bill Clinton (D) to resign after admitting to sexual acts with Monica Lewinsky. (2009)

      Chris Lee, married U.S. Representative (R-NY), resigned hours after a news report that he had sent a shirtless picture of himself flexing his muscles to a woman via Craigslist, along with flirtatious e-mails.[121] He did not rely on a pseudonym or a false e-mail address but used his official Congressional e-mail for all communication. Lee said: “I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents…. I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness.

      David Wu, U.S. Representative (D-OR), resigned from the House of Representatives after being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a fundraiser’s daughter. July 26, 2011.

      Too many cases of Go’vt leaders who had fallen because of the scandal in immorality we can include in the list to prove that it is considered as the core of transparency and integrity in leadership.

    7. tama kaya kung sa Tagalog eh pataasan ng pee? i hate to think what the outcome of this comedy will be. will it be beneficial to all concerned? (my apologies to Rotary International)

    8. You only dealt with De Lima being an adulterer. How about her being a drug lord coddler when drugs proliferated in the New Bilibid Prison? Is this a waste of time and money too?

    9. jose b taganahan on

      Indeed. who cares if they are both immoral – Pres.Duterte parades his immorality and Sen.de Lima hides it from the public eyes.

      I hope that in due time Atty. Bono Adaza will file an impeachment case against Duterte before the admittedly pliant and corrupt Congress and also file a criminal case against Duterte before the International Criminal Court (ICC) where a Filipino sets as one of its Justices.

      • There were many sensational cases during the time of BS Aquino that seem to mock the intelligence of our countrymen like how the funds intended for Yolanda typhoon victims were mishandled and the other case about the Mamasapano massacre that claimed the lives of our SAF 44 but where was this Bono Adaza to make a comment to censure the wrongdoing of Aquino? And now here he is with a scathing article that gave priority to mention a “libreto” authored by ABS-CBN which has already lost its meaning to claim it is holding a decent title of fairness in its treatment of various kind of news as it is already found to honor and favor only those that hold a link to the Liberal Party but will easily castigate or unjustly expose to shame if it is the political opponents of the Liberal Party. Bono Adaza is a bright boy but as he moves forward into getting older it looks like he has lost his sight on making honest assessment about the burning issues of the day. Look at what he is doing here in his article, he seems to be lost in assessing and dissecting the bottom line of the “word war” between PRRD and De Lime which is about the relentless campaign of Pres. Digong to weed out illegal drugs in our country which was the root cause of the upsurge of criminality in our country. What he is trying to suggest is that the “existing conflict” is just a waste of peoples time and money. What he is doing here is to downplay the important point that PRRD wants to emphasize because he (DU30) wants to succeed in his campaign to get rid of illegal drugs to protect the lives of common folks in order to defeat the rising criminality that was caused by the proliferation of illegal drugs which only multiplied horribly during the Aquino administration.

    10. Leodegardo Pruna on

      The tussle between Sen. Leila and PDU30 is not a waste of money but of time. Karma is now haunting Leila and everybody is aware of that. Leila did a lot of Karmatic behavior with her boss P-Noy who is also very likely having sleepless nights and are reaping their misdeeds and unjust actions to GMA and Corona. God bless the Philippines.

    11. There must be a person responsible for the spread of drugs in the New Bilibid Prison. This problem is not a waste of time. To say it is a waste of time is equivalent to letting corruption spread all over . The head of New Bilibid Prison during Pnoy term was De Lima. She is responsible. She is the enemy. We do not need proof of bribery which is very hard to prove. What we have is clear negligence on the part of De Lima. Duterte is right , he is the only card Pilipinos have . Nobody has the guts to solve this problem.

    12. jose b. taganahan on

      Indeed who cares if they are both immoral – Duterte parades his immorality and de Lima hides it from the public eyes. I hope in due time Atty.. Bono Adaza will file impeachment complaint against Pres. Duterte and also a criminal complaint against {res Duterte before the International Court of Justice where a Filipino sets as one of its Justices

    13. The important issue is about a high ranking government official suspected and accused of receiving drug money, protecting drug syndicates, and turning a government prison into a a drug laboratory – is that serious or not?

      But it is the media, who are the ones focusing on an insignificant dirt, You are diverting the issue, try to deal with the important issue: a criminal activity being committed inside a government facility- the drug problem, what is its significance in connection with what is happening or being disclosed, is probable or not?

      Don’t even talk about morals, hindi bagay sa atin, lalala lang ang pagka ipokrito natin. You are throwing a smoke screen, which does not help in nation building, but in so doing, possibly defending or aiding a suspected major criminal.

      • This is an excellent analysis. The issue is not about morals and ethics. Bahala na si De Lima kung sino ang mahal niya…may asawa o wala. Ang critical issue: drug protector siya at ginamit ang pera sa druga sa eleksyon. She has to be investigated on this basis. And immediately!