• Duterte to ask for missiles from Russia


    President Rodrigo Duterte will ask for precision guided missiles and discuss nuclear energy, among others, when he visits Russia this week.

    “I am going to Russia on Tuesday…same purpose…if they can spare us some precision guided [missiles]. We have so many smart bombs, but not as accurate as the ones guided by lasers or by the satellites,” Duterte said in a speech over the weekend.

    “We are really trying not to use bombs that can hit anybody because it will cause so many collateral damages,” he added.

    The President will be meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he called his idol, in his four-day state visit.

    Duterte is also expected to sign deals with Russia concerning security, legal assistance, trade, investments, as well as peaceful use of nuclear energy.

    Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez earlier announced that Manila and Moscow will sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to entice Russian businesses to invest in the Philippines.

    “The main task is to increase awareness on the Philippines, the businesses and opportunities here. Also to sign two MOUs for trade and investment promotion and industry development,” Lopez told reporters. “That’s why we set a business forum [in Russia], will be presenting [how to do]business in the Philippines, also the Dutertenomics,” he added.

    Duterte was invited to Russia by Putin when they met on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Lima, Peru in November last year.

    Duterte will be in Russia from May 23 to 26.

    Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Maria Cleofe Natividad said the visit is expected to boost ties between the two countries.

    “We believe it will mark a new chapter in Philippines-Russia relations. We also see this visit as an indication of our strong common desire to enhance and strengthen bilateral relations,” Natividad said. “We consider this visit as a landmark that will send a strong message of the Philippines’ commitment to seek new partnerships and strengthen relations with non- traditional partners such as Russia.”

    Early this week, Duterte visited China were he secured $24 billion worth of loans and investments.


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    1. If I recall, we primarily have FA-50s on our disposal, a predominantly NATO-standard machine. Using equipment belonging to a different standard (think 5.56mm on M-16s vs 7.62mm on AKs) is going to cause a lot of logistical issues right from deployment to maintenance and retro-fit. The idea might be that if we could get these equipment cheap, it’s a win. But in the end it might be more expensive trying to adapt a new standard into a predominantly NATO spec air force, considering a lot has to change on both the airframes and the supporting mechanisms just to get an effective sortie out. Just my two cents on the issue. It will be interesting to see if it will work and at what cost.

      • You are absolutely correct, Rich, because replacing on something that is perfectly working in the first place, is a dumb or rather stupid and it can only happen in the Philippines and by ourselves, the Filipinos. Trying to reconfigure a perfectly configured equipment would be a disaster, it would not work well and the intended purpose will no longer be there. Why would we spend money to replace the existing system and it is working perfectly? I will not be surprised, however, if the AFP start retrofitting their mounted weapons system and replacing the M-16 / M-4 to AK-47s as their assault rifles. PDU30 is the Commander-in-Chief and it seems like his advisers are a bunch of YEESSSSIIIRRR!!!! people.

    2. bobo pa rin on

      If PDU30 wants the most modern and most sophisticated weapons system, Russia nor China do no have them as of yet, because they are lagging in research and development and in most cases, funding issues. They are still way behind in these areas and the only person that can help him, at this time, is his good friend Donald. An example of what I have mentioned, Russia supplied Syria’s Government with weapons system that suppose to defeat any threat in the country. Russia also supplied them with RADAR to detect incoming missiles and aircraft and an Air Defense System that suppose to hit, disable and kill anything entering the country illegally, at an instant notice. However, then the U.S. sent those 59 Tomahawk Missiles, all of them, and I mean all of the missiles hit their plotted targets. Russia was so embarrassed that NONE of the U.S. missiles were intercepted by any of the weapons system they supplied to Syria, to include their RADARS that did not worked well. However, Russia down played the damage done and Russia did not even confront nor retaliated to U.S. on why they hit Syria the manner they did. Those missiles came from different places and locations (top secret) and were guided by U.S. military satellites and global positioning system. When a plotted target is programmed, the GPS will find its latitude and longitude in mils (not degrees) then the satellite frequency will do the delivery. The only deviations, base on mathematical calculations would be +/- 10 feet, but still within the killing radius of the missiles. Here’s the bottom line : guided missiles are useless without your own satellite and GPS. LASER guided missiles are sophisticated also, but operators require a lot of knowledge, training and very costly. for the Russians to give away, na walang kapalit.

    3. What is he going to do with missiles except get in trouble? He cannot threaten or go to war with the Chinese. He has said so himself. He needs weapons to defeat terrorists and small gang armies not to do long range attacks and ship killings.

      Isn’t the Bataan reactor and decades of debt enough of a lesson learned? And the Japan reactor disaster following the earth quake and tsunami? Doesn’t the Philippines have numerous faults, a history of earthquakes and volcanic explosions? Is this the place to be locating reactors? Are reactors really able to generate cheap electricity when the cost of waste disposal and the storage of spent fuel is taken into account? Filipinos need cheap and reliable energy and that means natural gas which is the most efficient and cleanest way to generate electricity if you don’t have hydropower. Sounds to me like Duterte is falling right into the the trap the EU environmentalists want him to fall in. It will keep the Philippines poor for another century.

      • We are sorrounded by sea, the Philippines need to retake Sabah and needs to eliminate the terrorists and pirates. With nuclear or none, Philippines will still be affected by nuclear capable neighbors South Korea, Japan and other asian countries using nuclear energy. We have Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, its a further loss if we are not going to operate it. If you are a filipino, then you are one of those keeping the Philippines poor. If you are not a filipino, then mind your own business. We have the Filipino president trusted by more than 80% of its citizen. Let us teach our own poor to survive working not begging.