• Duterte asks for another year to end drug menace


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte asked for another year to put an end to the drug menace in the country, setting aside his promise to eradicate the problem within three to six months after getting elected.

    “Basta ang sabi ko sa droga (Just what I’ve said in drugs), I hope to finish the problem, maybe just another year. Babalik ang pulis (The police will return),” Duterte said in his speech before the newly-appointed government officials on Wednesday.

    “Itong sa droga, wala itong katapusan (This drug problem, it will not end). It’s a non-issue to me and I will not answer it anymore, except to say that my oath of office demands that I protect the Filipino people and that the Republic of the Philippines is safe,” he added.

    Duterte won the presidency on a promise to end the country’s drug problem in six months.

    Before his self-imposed deadline lapsed, the President asked for an extension of another six months.

    Duterte has admitted he was wrong with his self-imposed deadline, given the involvement of some generals, police and other government officials in the illegal drug trade.

    On Tuesday, the Palace announced that Duterte signed a memorandum allowing the Philippine National Police (PNP) to participate anew in the government’s drug war.


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