• Duterte asks govs for help in drug war, blasts Church anew


    Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday sought assistance from provincial governors in his campaign against illegal drugs, as he again lashed out at the Church for criticizing him.

    In remarks during an oath-taking ceremony for new police officials in Malacañang, Duterte said he met with the provincial governors to inform them about the drug problem.

    “The enormity of the problem is staggering. The consequence and the result of this industry has destroyed millions of Filipinos,” he said.

    The President said many officials, especially those in local government, were involved in the illegal drug trade, becoming millionaires overnight.

    “In one month’s time, they own hotels, ships, good life. Their kids study in Australia, America. Why? Because they go around as war lords,” Duterte said.

    Duterte outed another elected official in his so-called “narcolist” and said nearly 40 percent of barangay (village) officials in the country were linked to drugs.

    He read the name of Licerio Antiporada, said to be a village chief in Cagayan Valley.

    Philippine National Police Chief Ronald de la Rosa said that unlike an earlier meeting with mayors, Duterte did not threaten the governors or utter expletives.

    Duterte again blasted Catholic Church officials critical of the alleged extrajudicial killings being linked to his drug war.

    He said the Church did not help the campaign against illegal drugs despite the millions in collections its parishes receive.

    “What did the Church do? … Where is the money of the people? We in government explain how money is spent to the people. How about you? You priests, bishops, you have nice clothes, cars. Have you built at least one house with five rooms for rehab?” Duterte said in Filipino.


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    1. jose b taganahan on

      Only idiots would believed that Pnoy sold Panatag to China while Duterte made a promise during the campaign debates that he will resign ig he can not eradicate the drug menace, criminality and corruption in government.Of course i dont believe that Duterte will resign because he is a congenital liar

    2. Did you know that a complete human being is signified by the so-called “second advent of Christ?”

      Duterte is a human being personifying the second man of Christ–an evil terminator because Christ is coming as an evil terminator who will destroy all forms of lawlessness among men.

      The first person of Christ is a man of peace , and as such he is a friend to evil as he emphatically taught in his gospel. This is the kind of person the whole world are aching to have.

      But in this , the world has fallen short of wisdom. They stop right at the first person of Christ , they do not know that Christ has an alter-ego or his other self—that is , a man of destruction , a Christ of annihilation.

      And this is where Duterte has been put by The Lord to exemplify the second man , the man of destruction send out to destroy lawless enemies!

      Christ , himself is coming as a man of division , a man of fire—he will cast fire on the earth by sowing anger and hatred among the sinners of the world in order to divide and separate them. And eventually , destroy these sinners!

      As it is written , Luke 12:49-51(ESV) Not Peace but Division

      49 “I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled! 50 I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how great is my distress until it is accomplished! 51 Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.

      This shows the second person of Christ , he is coming in this last time as a man of hatred for he is coming to sow fire and division on the earth , as he himself said. Why hatred ? Because he will punish and destroy the wicked in this time of ours.

      And President Duterte is a man fit for the purpose of Christ. Are you still dull of understanding , you wicked of the world? Can you not interpret the signs happening right in your midst?

      The church (all denominations ) has failed to teach the whole world , the whole person of Christ. In the time of peace , Christ is a man of peace , but in the time of war , that is , when lawlessness takes over and has come to power—Christ turns himself into a man of war , a man of destruction , a man of lawlessness to destroy lawlessness!

      All the world have fallen short of the whole Wisdom of God.

    3. jose b. taganahan on

      All real Catholics should feel insulted on the tirades against priests and bishops of this foul-mouth President who is NOT A CATHOLIC, a pro-Communist, and a fan of Communist China. We should demand for his resignation base on his campaign promise that he will resign in office as President if he could not eliminate the drug menace, stop corruption in government and stop criminality.

      • I am a real Catholic. President Duterte is running the country, not the priests. So please, calm down. The priests are relegated to the side because this is not a matter for the Church yet they persevere in dipping their fingers in politics hence, they get flak for it. If they really want to help the family of the drug pushers and drug protectors killed, then do something pro-active. If they want to help the family of the victims, ditto. Asking for Duterte’s resignation is like asking Noynoy Aquino to confess he sold Panatag to China.