• Duterte assures parents of hazing victim ‘justice will be served’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte assured the parents of hazing victim Horacio Castillo 3rd that there would be no whitewash in the investigation of their son’s death and that justice would be served.

    At the same time, Duterte tasked the Manila Police District (MPD) to take the lead in finding and prosecuting the killers of Castillo 3rd who died in hazing rites of the Aegis Juris Fraternity in September.

    Aside from Castillo’s parents, also present was Uncle Gerardo in Malacañang on Wednesday. During the meeting, the family articulated to the President that they preferred the MPD to take charge of their son’s case, prompting the President to call on PNP Chief Ronald de la Rosa and Ps/Supt Joel Napoleon Coronel to shed light on the mtter.

    “MPD takes lead because the [Castillo] family trusts them. NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) will just be there for validation,” Duterte said during his meeting with the Castillo family.

    “There will be no whitewash. He (Atio) was helpless. I would say this is murder because the victim was helpless,” Duterte, a lawyer, added.

    This was later confirmed by the Castillo family in a separate news conference.

    “The President promised that he will help us, that the police will really look into it…it’s the MPD (Manila Police District). He assured us that justice will be served,” Carmina Castillo told reporters after meeting the President.

    “The case will be handled by the MPD under Coronel and supervision of PNP Chief [Ronald] dela Rosa. In my opinion, the MPD is credible, and they have really been of help to us since this started,” Gerardo Castillo added.

    Carmina, however, did not go into details as to why the family preferred the MPD to take the lead.

    “We don’t have apprehension [on anybody]. We just have full trust and confidence on the MPD,” Carmina added.



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