Duterte to ax more execs over graft


A few days after firing his former campaign spokesman, President Rodrigo Duterte warned that he would ax more government appointees involved in corruption.

Speaking to reporters in Cagayan de Oro on Friday night, Duterte said he will not tolerate public officials committing unlawful acts or abusing their power.

“In the coming days I’m going to fire additional people whom I have appointed in government,” the President said.

“This is my warning, even to directors or CESO (career executive service officer) or civil service eligible, you should stop even just for six years while I am in this office,” he added.

Last week, Duterte fired his ex-campaign spokesman, Peter Laviña, from his post as National Irrigation Administration chief after being told of alleged anomalies in biddings for contracts in the agency.

He made it clear that although he was hurt by the accusations because Laviña is a longtime friend, he could not condone activities that went against his campaign promise to stamp out corruption in government.

The President earlier sacked two of his fraternity brothers from their posts in the Bureau of Immigration. Deputy commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles were implicated in the bribery scandal following the arrest of more than 1,000 illegal Chinese workers in an online gambling operation owned by Macau tycoon Jack Lam at Clark economic zone in Pampanga.

Argosino and Robles were among 92 Duterte appointees fired due to irregularities. Most of the officials fired were from the Energy Regulatory Commission, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, Land Transportation Office and the Bureau of Immigration.

On Friday, Duterte reiterated he would not think twice in dismissing all erring officials involved in corruption.
“Marami ‘yan [There are a lot]. I’m still trying to figure out how it will be done,” the President said.

“Corruption will stop and it will stop, I am telling you I will put a stop to it,” he added.


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  1. i agree tatay digong is the President with brains and balls… Pnot , no balls and no brains at all. species of ulaga HUMAN ANIMALS..with rat brains. But panot is good for corruption and Lies..

  2. If the congressmen were really sincere and honest in supporting our administration in stomping out the graft and corruption in our government then they should include the Plunder Case in the death penalty bill. Now its clear to us that these people are hiding themselves from the capital punishment because of the unconstitutional DAP and PDAP that goes directly to their pockets. If these money were used properly in developing our country then I think our cities, town and municipalities could have its own hospital, school and infrastructures. This is the reason why Filipino people and our country itself has suffered tremendously.

  3. Marcia Ugnay on

    Bakit si Abnoy Aquino ay hindi tinanggal yung General Manager ng NAIA habang dumadami ang tanim bala? Bakit hindi niya tinanggal yung Secretary of Transportation kahit linggo-linggo na nasisira ang MRT? Bakit hindi tinanggal ang DENR Secretary habang namamayagpag ang ilegal na minero sa pagsira ng kalikasan? Bakit hindi tinanggal si DeLima habang lumalaganap ang droga pati sa Bilibid? Bakit hindi tinanggal si Roxas sa DILG at si Purisima sa PNP habang isang libo kada buwan ang pinapaslang ng riding in tandem? Bakit hindi tinanggal si DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman kahit tatlong taon na ay wala pang bahay ang mga nasalanta ng Yolanda at nangabulok pa ang toneladang mga donasyon?

    • Francis R. Roque on

      Members kasi ng KKK ang mga nabanggit mo Ms Marcia. Kung hindi nakasuhan noong panahon ni PNoy ang mga iyan at iba pang cabinet members, puedeng kasuhan ngayon sa panahon ni Du30. Yan e kung may pagmamahal din at galit sa mga magnanakaw ang mga nakaupong kalihim na itinalaga ni Du30 dahil sa tiak na alam na nila na merong graft and corruption or even plunder na nagawa ng nakaraan rehimen sa kani-kanilang department.

  4. Al Moranas Jr. on

    Dapat kasohan ang mga taga LTO ng large scale estafa bago tanggalin sa serbisyo. ilang taon na sila nag kolekta ng bayad sa car stickers pero walang ibinibigay na stickers. #wtf! ginawang dahilan yung kaso sa registration plates eh di naman kasali yung pag manufacture ng car stickers!

  5. How about the weekly payola that the gambling and drug lords gave to police officials. This is not peanuts as it runs into millions. Let put an end to this kind of corruption. Evidence is lifestyle check on the police commanders and proliferation of gambling within the area. If there is no illegal gambling, no weekly payola.

  6. Roger Purdue on

    Will he not only fire them, but also charge them under the criminal code for bribery and corruption?

    • aladin g. villacorte on

      Right. If you only fire them without charging them and making them pay for their crime, then you’ll only encouraging a culture of impunity. Others in govt will be tempted to break the law because the worst that could happen to them is dismissal/termination; some are lucky (like the rouge PNPs) – they get reassigned.

  7. Unsullied sincerity, strong political will, and respectable judgment are God’s ideal characteristics for His “governors or king” in:

    • 1 Peter 2:13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;
    • 1 Peter 2:14 Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.
    • 1 Peter 2:15 For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:

    When will our beloved country that used to be called “sick man of Asia” and a “laughing stock” be known “from the West and from the East”?

    • Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun.
    When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

    Then, we will be “praising God” the right way:

    • Psalms 56:10 In God will I praise his WORD: in the LORD will I praise hisWORD.
    • Psalms 56:11 In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

  8. Ito ang tunay na presidente, may bayag. We are proud of you, Mr. President. CONGRATS.