• Duterte backs killing of 32 drug suspects


    President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday backed the killing by the police of 32 suspected drug personalities in Bulacan province.

    “Those 32 killed in the massive raid in Bulacan…maganda iyon (that’s great). We should kill another 32 everyday, [then]maybe we can reduce what ails this country,” Duterte said during the celebration of the 19th anniversary of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption in Malacañang.

    Duterte also cited the deaths of Albuera City Mayor Roland Espinosa and Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog whom he accused of being involved in the drug trade.

    “The illegal drug trade takes a toll on the lives of the people, victims or criminals,” he said.

    Duterte trained his guns on Commission on Human Rights Chairman Chito Gascon, who has criticized the police in its bloody war on drugs that has claimed the lives of thousands of suspected drug user and pushers.

    “Just wait and see. I will have you (CHR) investigated for conspiracy. You are not mindful of the situation you are getting into,” Duterte said.

    The President, however, conceded that the time will come when he will be held accountable for the drug-related killings,

    “I know I will have my own downfall. I will not be a President forever, I will be asked to answer for all these killings,” Duterte said. “Go ahead [and file a case]. I will ask them to put me in a cell beside de Lima,” Duterte added, referring to Sen. Leila de Lima who is detained on drug-related charges. Llanesca T. Panti


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