Duterte bares lack of sincerity in vow against corruption


DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s vow to go strong against graft and corruption if elected President remains just an empty election promise with his refusal to sign a waiver on the secrecy of his reported bank accounts containing P211 million.

His reason for refusing to sign the waiver is very laughable. He wants Sen. Antonio Trillanes to, among other things, reveal the source of his documents and how he was able to secure them. Of course, Trillanes will never give Duterte this info. His source might not live a day longer once his identity is revealed.

Some months back, he appeared like a knight in shining armor fighting corruption in signing an unenforceable pledge to waive the secrecy of his bank accounts. Then, when dared to sign a waiver that the depository bank could acknowledge, he refused. Or, is this Alpha-male candidate for President afraid of what a waiver might reveal about him?

He and his rabid followers are now hiding behind the law instead of opening his account for scrutiny to end the issue once and for all. Duterte is saying that under the law, it’s up to the accuser, in this case Trillanes, to prove his charges. This is very strange for a man who’s espousing the extra-judicial killing of suspected criminals.

Duterte and his ilk don’t need to prove that a suspect of a petty or major crime is really guilty. The filing of a court case isn’t even necessary. Mere suspicion that one is a criminal is enough reason to execute him. But if he’s the one accused, he’ll be shouting for his legal rights that he casually denies to others.

His credibility on this issue is all shot with his initial denial of their existence, only to confirm them later while claiming that they contained much less than the P211 million asserted by Trillanes. It’s noteworthy that his change of tune came only after a supporter of rival Mar Roxas had successfully deposited P500 in the bank account that Duterte had claimed to be nonexistent.

Duterte can never wage a credible and sustained drive against corruption as long as the albatross of the bank deposits hangs around his neck. He may win on May 9 but he may expect to face impeachment charges early on.

His threat to close down Congress if impeached is an empty one unless he’s most willing to start a civil war. He may get about 30 percent of the votes cast and counted but he should remember that this means 70 percent are against him.

His promised drive against corruption will go nowhere unless he starts with himself and members of his family. This will be as incredible as his boast to eradicate crime within six months.

He has been mayor of Davao City for 23 years and yet up to last year, murders and rapes were committed in his city. Davao City’s population isn’t even one-tenth of the Philippines’s and yet, crime wasn’t eradicated there during the 23-year tenure of Duterte at the City Hall. So, how could we still believe his boast of ending criminality in the country within six months?

Oh yes, Duterte has at least two declarations where his sincerity is never doubted – his avowed friendship with and support for the New People’s Army and his willingness to yield to China the Philippine claim over the South China Sea/West Philipine Sea in exchange for trains.



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  1. Wow! many people were infected with DU30 FEVER, nahalikan ba kayo ni digong?
    Ok lang sana kung hindi kami damay pag nanalo si dogong e pati kaming HINDI boboto sa kanya sa kangkungan din pupulutin kung sya ang mananalo…..digong is also CORRUPT…tingnan nyo mabuti ang issue………pasalamat tayo may nag expose ng issue hangga’t di pa huli ang lahat…HOY GISING!

  2. Sir Efren,

    With due respect, TRILLANES is accusing in a LEGAL MATTER. What is HARD for TRILLANES to execute AFFIDAVIT if its all TRUE? then he will sign the WAIVER as he promise. You guys keep writing like an IDIOT. sorry,

    • Efren L. Danao on

      Why couldn’t Duterte sign an unconditional waiver if Trillanes’ claim was false and he has nothing to hide? Duterte made much noise last month in releasing a waiver “for the sake of transparency.” Where’s that Duterte now?

  3. The emperor has no clothes. It seems the Philippines is full of such emperors. We might as well turned the entire Philippines as one archipelago of nudist campers.

  4. pedro somoroy on

    mr danao, you are right. you see the evil in duterte but the banks are effectively destroyed,
    who will trust our banks? it is very easy to get information regarding deposits . see the bank run on monday.

  5. How come a veteran columnist like you believe to what trillanes revealed. Can you not dtermined a black propaganda and credibility of his intentions or you had been now a jukebox media

  6. The 2 pollsters have hundred of millions in the pipeline and guess same source as with Corona’s ? See the Senate Zealots around Duterte ! the Asperger kid is afraid! 2 birds in hand one in the bush with Brilliant Boy !

  7. The voters must wake up. Do not fall into a trap. Bad boy is always a bad boy. A womanizer is always a womanizer. This guy is a criminal killing unarmed Pilipinos and bragging that he kills thousands of unarmed people and not even sure if these are really criminals . Hi is not a tough guy as he is trying to portray. He is a spoiled mayor getting away with crime because people around him are scared to offend him.

  8. All his campaign promises are nowhere to be found. Now her lawyer is invoking the rule of law but look how dudirty violates the rule of law. When it favors him its ok but not when it is against. All his promises are nothing but empty or false promises. This is not aprils fool day. sincerity is the issue here. Kawawa na nman ang bansa but again who is going to be blame. Just asking?