Duterte: Best presidential candidate is in Mindanao

BEST BET Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. PHOTO BY MELYN ACOSTA

BEST BET Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. PHOTO BY MELYN ACOSTA

“THERE are a lot of good 2016 presidential candidates in Metro Manila, but the best is in Mindanao.”

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte issued this statement on Tuesday in a speech before a huge crowd at the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) in commemoration of the school’s 63rd Foundation Anniversary and the 124th birth anniversary of its founder, Dr. Jose P. Laurel.

“Nandito lahat ang magagandang lalaki pati babae sa Manila na pwedeng maging President [All the good male and female potential presidential candidates are in Manila],” he said.

“Si [Sen. Grace] Poe is good, si [Interior Secretary] Mar [Roxas] is good, si [Sen. Peter] Cayetano is good, [Sen.] Chiz Escudero is good. Tingnan niyo sila. Ngayon kapag wala kayong makita dito, lumingon kayo sa South, sa Mindanao, kasi nandoon ang best, [Sen. Grace Poe is good, Interior Secretary Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas 2nd is good, Sen. Peter Cayetano is good, Sen. Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero is good. Look at them, then look southward, to Mindanao, because the best is there],” Duterte added.

He is yet to categorically declare if he will run for President in 2016.

Earlier, the Davao mayor refused to confirm if he will seek the country’s highest post but on Tuesday he told reporters that he was not discounting the possibility.
“It’s a long shot,” he said.

In the same speech, Duterte pushed for a federal system of government as an alternative if Congress fails to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

He warned that Mindanao will be in chaos again if the BBL is not enacted into law, or is watered down into something unacceptable to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“After Mamasapano, the MILF said that they would not accept a watered-down version [of the BBL]. They will go to war,” Duterte said, .
Under the proposed BBL, the MILF also wanted a federal system of government.

“Under the federal set-up, all the money that you collect, say in a region, you retain it and just contribute to the federal government, like in America. You should give only a portion of your income, like 60-40 sharing. That’s the idea, if we agree to adopt this system of governance,” he explained.

Under the unitary system at present, the mayor pointed out, only the central government handles all the money, except for the property tax.
He said the unitary system breeds corruption.

Mindanao, Duterte noted, is home to 30 million mostly indigenous Filipinos and contributes 54 percent to the country’s exports earnings.
But he said the region is always left behind and never consulted on crucial matters.

“Walang tumawag sa amin. Walang Cabinet member na nag-summon sa amin for conferment. Puro military lang, hindi nga sila magkaintindihan [Nobody called us. No Cabinet member bothered to confer with us. They only involved the military, so there’s miscommunication],” Duterte added.


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  1. Plataporma ni Mayor / Attorney Duterte kung may “Twist of Fate” na tumakbo syang Presidente 2016:
    Partial list (Radical Changes)
    1. Abolish congress
    2. Federal form of Government
    3. Gagawing 50k + 30k buwanang sahod ng mga Pulis
    4. Gagawing one million pesos buwanang sahod ng mga Generals
    5. Abolish corruption within one year in office
    6. Eradicate criminals (Photo by Jin Sinkara Xiu)

  2. markray c. mequiabas on

    binoto nyo nga mga presidenteng artistang walang ka background background sa politics si mayor duterte pa kaya he is more capable than anyone who’s trying to make up their image duterte is a transparent politicians not like others and he can manage whatever task is…

  3. noelravalsalaysay on

    Bongbong Marcos for President, Rod Duterte for Vice-President (North and South) tandem would be very interesting.

  4. Pete Gabriel on

    What we need to be President is someone that really love the Philippines and consider the people as his brothers and sisters that he needs to care for their well being. This is what is lacking in our country is that someone that will put the country and its people the priority during and after he or she is elected into office!

  5. Jun Adan’s negative comments on Mayor Duterte is too personal. May I ask him – is Cory Aquino and Pinoy Aquino has management expertise when the voters blindly voted them to become President? Oh, come on. Mayor Duterte is a former Prosecutor, a lawyer by profession. All the fundamental qualities Jun Adan is looking for an effective and well-rounded President is embrace by Mayor Duterte. His more than 20 years experience as Mayor of the largest city in the world in terms of size, is more than enough to propel him to become President and realize his ardent dreams of converting the PH’s unitary form of government into an effective federal system of government. I am NOT very keen in the passage of BBL into a law. There are several pitfalls in that BBL if PNoy’s political “alalays” would not take extra care in passing it into a basic law. These wily Muslim politicians are truly up for something else. They should not be given complete trust and confidence. They are very shrewd and treacherous and also by nature, INDOLENT. Mayor Duterte, with his personality as disciplinarian by nature, can truly command respect. I know Mayor Duterte because I grew up in Davao (when Davao was still a single big province when his father, the late Governor Vicente Duterte), was elected Governor. I studied in Davao and finished two bachelor’s degrees, got married and raised a family. For Jun Adan to critique Mayor Duterte who does not even know the Mayor from Adam to ABnoy is, of no moment, hypocritical and empty, arrogant, rhetoric. You better STOP critiquing if you don’t know the guy.

  6. Duterte as leader is good only in Davao City. Davao is different from the National government which have various management requirements. As Presidnt, one need not be a “macho-type” leader but a well-rounded public administration and management experience and competency as a crisis manager, honest, level-headed and has firm and good judgment on national issues, crisis and disasters. It is necessary also that the leader do not rush to judgment due to pressure of public opinion. The President must also physically, mentally and morally fit to govern. Of course, the President must be brave, courageous to face national crisis or threat of internal conflict.

    • ……lahat naman na binanggit mo qualities na meron ang mayor ng davao city…..well rounded naman sya lalo na sa crisis management, di ba isa sya ( davao city govt) sa mabilis na nag respond when yolanda hit tacloban…yong successful operation against kidnap for ransom group na galing pa ng maynila doon din nagtapos sa davao….kung sa honesty naman maghalukay ka kahit saan wala din syang kaso ng corruption…in terms naman sa public administration tingan natin kung ano ang davao city nong dekada 80’s at yong ngayon….yong current status ng davao hindi ba living testament ng kanyang magandang pamamahala? Merong 911 emergency response unit na libre…may “bahay kalinga” para doon sa mga cancer patients taga davao ka man or hindi…in terms of implementation ng law sikat sila dahil strictly implementated ang speed limit para maiwasan ang maraming disgrasya…yong liqour ban after 12 midnight, no smoking in public places, hindi lang kasi ma enumerate dito yong magagandang programa ng city goverment ng davao para sa kapakanan ng kanyang nasasakupan as proof ng kanyang magandang pamamalakd sa davao ..kahit sa mga national issues nababanggit din nya yong personal views nya sa weekly tv program nya sa abs-cbn “Gikan sa Masa,para sa Masa” every sunday na hindi naman nakikita ng boung Pilipinas….through this program naipaalam nya sa constituent nya what’s goin on sa davao and at the same time tackles issues na hinaharap ng davao city….maghanap ka sa boung pilipinas kung sinong matapang na mayor every week lumabas sa tv para sagutin ang problema ng kanyang nasasakupan?….sa mga prevoius na president ng pilipinas after marcos sino sa kanila ang may magandang track record ng administration ng isang siyudad? Si cory? Si ramos? Si gloria? Si noynoy? Di ba wala….Anong nangyari sa pilipinas….alam mo na ang sagot dyan….meron tayong kasabihan na “kung mapagkatiwalaan ka sa maliit na bagay lalo na sa malalaking bagay”….yong physically, mentally at morally fit meron sya nyan…….yong internal conflict specialty na nya yan….. na miss enterpret lang ng iba ang paraan nya how to handle the situation

    • I respect your opinion, but know first DUTERTE as a leader…all our past leaders may have the qualities you have underline, but being a leader also means action. The fruits of your leadership should have an effect, and that’s what DUTERTE clearly sets apart from the other presidential bets…

    • Omicron League on

      I understand why you have come up with that judgement, you have a very little knowledge about Duterte. Perhaps, based on your ideal next president to be is somehow “perfect”, who I believe you would never find it, never!

      Duterte, is not perfect and does not fit according to your description.
      But Duterte has the axe in his hands and knows where to strike, what to cut either the branch or the root.

      Question now to you. Can you find it someone from Manila? No! And it will never be!

      “He is who is faithful to small things, will be entrusted with bigger things”

    • Oh, is that why we had Corazon Aquino, ang pinoy Aquino, and Estrada? none of the above presidents fit the category you are saying are qualities of a president. Davao is a complex city, composed of lumads, muslims, Christians, NPAs, not to mention the Chinese, the Hispanics and other sectors living in the city. And Duterte has maintained the peace and safety of the biggest city of the Philippines. Manila is nothing compared to Davao. Have you taken a walk in manila? then take a walk in Davao at night to see the difference. The cleanest and safest city of the Philippines it is, because of duterte. Yes he is not an Aquino nor a marcos nor an Estrada but he is the best mayor there is and the best president he would ever be if he runs and wins.

  7. torio del rio on

    Yes, the personalities in Manila whom you said were good are NOT the best. They will most likely follow the same path their predecessors have chosen. They are nothing more than TRAPO except probably for Roxas and Poe. But Poe merely banks on her name’s popularity yet still a neophyte. Roxas is not winnable either which to this day I can’t understand why. We need one who has the complete “balls”, the gumption, the fortitude and determination to set things aright, to institute radical changes if necessary. The present system is not working and believe me it won’t work.