• Duterte blasts BIR, Customs


    CHANGE your lifestyle.

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday issued this order to officials and personnel of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Bureau of Customs (BOC) which, according to him, have been the hotbeds of corruption “for the longest time.”

    Speaking during the inaugural ceremony of the United Sarangani and Gen. Santos City bloc of politicians led by Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, Duterte trained his sights on the two agencies, saying workers there must start living the lives of “ordinary government workers.”

    “I don’t want to offend anybody and no particular person is the target [when I say]the BIR is an institution known to be corrupt. Kailangan huminto na kayo [You must stop]. And for the Bureau of Customs, for the longest time maganda any buhay ninyo [you live in luxury],” the incoming President said.

    According to him, BIR and BOC officials and personnel have been earning extra money “on the side.”

    He warned that he cannot be duped into believing otherwise.

    “Huwag na tayong magbolahan. Diretsahan na tayo [Let’s not fool ourselves. Let’s get straight to the point]. This time you have to change your lifestyle. Less expense… try to be just an ordinary government worker,” the President-elect said.

    Duterte, known for his acerbic tongue, cursed as he spoke, especially when corruption was the subject.

    “I promise to the people. I put at stake my life, my honor and even the presidency itself. Corruption must stop,” he declared, drawing loud applause and cheers from the audience.

    “If you really want to help your country, now is the time na ako nandiyan [while I’m there]. All I ask from you is do not lie to me,” Duterte said.

    On Tuesday, Duterte warned mayors involved in illegal drug operations to change their ways because he would kill those who will ruin children’s lives.

    Speaking at the end of a two-day economic forum in Davao City, he said he will deploy a company of policemen who will be given “special” assignments.

    “If you destroy my children, I will kill you,” Duterte said in an hour-long speech.

    “I have zero tolerance on drugs and criminality. I would never preside over the affairs of the country with a corrupt police and [with]drugs abound destroying the lives of Filipinos,” he added.

    The incoming President particularly lashed at 32 elected mayors who, according to him, are known to be involved in illegal drug operations.

    He did not name them but also warned that he knew all of them.


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    1. To control smuggling at BOC, the government doesn’t have to use pre-shipment inspection from the port of origin before the goods are loaded in the cntr. Some Filipino shippers are conniving with SGS inspectors, although not all of them. The gov’t of President elect Duterte must do is implement what the US Customs is doing on import shipments, since 2009, it is called ISF 10+2 Importer Security Filing ’10+2′. This rule applies to import cargo arriving to the United States by vessel. Failure to comply with the rule could ultimately result in monetary penalties, increased inspections and delay of cargo. Phil exporters to the US are complying with this rule, no exception. Here’s a note written at the bottom of an email from a US Licensed Customs Broker “Please note: For Import shipments Customs has begun on full enforcement for the filing of the ISF since May/14/15. Please make sure to send the ISF information 72 hours prior ETD with the correct info to avoid late filing penalty; penalties can start from $5,000.00 and go up as per Customs Authorities consideration. Origin agents: do not ship if ISF is not filed on time, you will be held liable for penalties”.

    2. “Weather weather lang iyan panahon na para isuka ng mga taga BIR at Custom ang mga kinurakot nila.”
      Corruptions in Custom and BIR is already a cancer, it should be amputated, lifestyle checks on all employees of Customs and BIR should be done , all unexplain wealth should be confiscated and those guilty ones should be put in prison be banned from holding any goverment positions for their whole life.

    3. Stealing BIR money is stealing from the poorly paid Phillipino workers, the ultimate bottom level of greed !
      PayPal, the worldwide organisation for international payment and guaranteed delivery
      of ordered mercghandise does not accept delivery to the Philippines.
      Guess why ?
      Any changes in this country will probably be to the better, and president Duterte will make it !
      Per Lind’en

    4. Everybody knows that the BIR and the BOC are corrupt. But the President-elect R. Duterte saying that they are corrupt and advising the employees to minimize their expenses and live like ordinary workers is inadequate, and is not going to cut it. Some of these corrupt employees have already enriched themselves. Is the President-elect going to let them keep their ill-begotten wealth? The country will be forever grateful if Duterte and his new appointees in the BIR and BOC will exert effort to identify these greedy crocodiles, fire them or force them to resign, and replace them with new blood. Hopefully, the latter will be more law-abiding than the former employees.

    5. I heard from the BoC’s personnel, complaining of low salary that’s why they resorted to corruption!

      Why do they sacrifice to stay with the Bureau, if their salaries are not enough? Go and find another job… PALUSOT LANG NINYO!. Talaga kayo magnanakaw. Dapat kayo i-preso o kaya bitayin sa harap na madlang people, kasama na jan ang CORRUPT na LTO AT BIR personnel.

      Mayor Digong, the HOPE of this NATION!

      go DUTERTE go!

    6. EdithaSotto Vitto on

      Maari pong ilan lang yan sa opisina ng gobyerno BIR or BOC pero eh ano po kaya yung mga government officers na maraming travel overseas sana po i require sila na magbigay ng inventaryo at ilagay kung magkano ang nagastos nila. At kung ito ba ay nakatulong sa bayan. Tax money po ang mga ginagastos nila. Lahat po ng government offices wala pong palalalampasin. Salamat po

    7. Sana nga matapos na kababuyan sa customs. Yung mga periodista na kumikita sa customs dapat tanggalin.

    8. To our Mayor,,,and soon to take his oath to be our 16th President of the Republic…The Corrupt Regional Director’s of BIR at mga alipores nila, paki nalang po…isali na yan sa mga druglords na salot sa LIPUNAN!

    9. so true MC, LRA is one office that has to be looked into, because i know an employees working there they got rich quick & they even flaunt their new houses & how many cars they have & even if they are in the lower rank & file ranks of that office. I also know some that are in higher levels, buying acres of land just to raise fighting cocks, huge houses, expensive cars, that really does not comensurate to their salaries.

    10. Maybe , just maybe, things will change. The biggest change in my area is the curfew of minors at 10 Pm. Before, there were dozens of minors in the streets scavenging garbage and sleeping in the sidewalks. Now, there is none. There are ordinances regarding this but the Pnoy Aquino administration did not enforce this. They are only concern with GDP and credit ratings that does not affect Filipinos at all. Good Riddance Pinoy. You are just an ordinary Asshole.

    11. But the bicgger corruption is in the Land Registration Authority where lands are being indiscriminately titled, friar lands acquired and public lands appropriated. That farcical computerization project should be stooped immediatelay and a national relocation survey of all titled lands should be conducted. Many will be surprised that even well known structures were built on lands whose tie lines should put them in Mindoro, Quezon Province or Batangas. Relocation surveys should be matched with the specific GPS position of the land boundaries.