Duterte calls for stronger Asia-Pacific alliance vs North Korea


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte called on neighboring countries in the Asia-Pacific to establish a strong alliance to address North Korea’s lingering nuclear threat with its series of bomb tests.

The President made the call during his tour aboard the Her Majesty Australian Ship Adelaide in Port Area, Manila.

“I hope that in the coming days, we could stay together, especially the alliance between us…the Philippines, America, and even China…that is why we reiterate our full support to our Australian friends, [even] Malaysians…[we need]to show to this guy that he has to stop threatening the world because he runs the risk of being destroyed first,” Duterte said, referring to North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.

“Nuclear bombs, nuclear arms, will destroy Southeast Asia immediately. Nuclear bombs result in devastation. There will be chaos and hunger. We have to make sure that we stand ready to help each other; that people [can]come over here to seek cover,” Duterte added.

The President then cited China as a country capable of stopping North Korea’s threat.

“China appears to be the only [one who can throw a]monkey wrench in the violent plans of Kim Won… Jung. On-Jong On…. I can’t even pronounce the goddamn stupid name. You have to keep watch over him. And it is always good to be prepared,” Duterte said.



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