Duterte: ‘Can’t withdraw because of the money’


That’s a truncated for-the-headline version of what Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in his April 17 taped interview with media. That, however, was unnoticed because he was mainly explaining what led him to crack his sick, necrophiliac joke regarding the August 1989 Davao hostage crisis.


Duterte’s verbatim quote: “I can lose the elections today. Hindi na lang ako maka-atras, kasi marami na ang nagbigay (ng pera) sa akin ngayon nung tumaas na ang rating ko. Kaya kung tumagal pa ang rating ko tumaas [unintelligible]magbibigay pa sila ng pera.” (I can’t withdraw at this point, because many have given me (money or campaign contributions) since my preference ratings started rising. So, if my rating continues to go up (unintelligible) they will give me (more) money.”

n Duterte in the interview posted on youtube. com , right after he said he couldn’t withdraw from the race because of the money

n Duterte in the interview posted on youtube. com , right after he said he couldn’t withdraw from the race because of the money

You can check for yourself that he, indeed, said this in his April 17 interview posted on (, segment 20:35 to 20:49). Right after he said those revealing words, he rested his palm on his face – his typical gesture when he realizes he has said too much.

The statement could be interpreted to mean that with money coming in, he now has enough funds for his presidential bid. But he didn’t explain if he’d use all those funds for his campaign. In the taped interview, however, he hardly appears enthusiastic over his announcement that more money is coming in to enable him to finance his campaign.
Instead, watch him in his recent interviews and you’d see how he seems to be the choker in this election, as Americans use the term to describe “someone who blows a seemingly insurmountable lead in a competition, due to its pressures.” (Urban dictionary)
One could plausibly read him as someone who at this point wants to withdraw from the presidential race but doesn’t want to piss off those who have given him campaign money, a big part of which he probably has spent.

But what kind of a presidential candidate is this who files a bid for the highest post of the land, then finds it too much of a hassle, or realizes the job is too big for him yet can’t back out because of the money he has received from his backers? Can’t he simply tell his backers the same way he blurts out all his other remarks regardless of the consequences: “Here, this is what is left of your donations. The rest I’ve spent for the campaign, and I don’t have receipts and, really, to hell with you if you ever demand an audit!”?

The most plausible explanation, though, is that in the first place, Duterte joined the presidential race for the money.

Reluctant candidate
Remember that even as these irresponsible Davao businessmen were egging him on for months to run for the presidency, Duterte hewed and hawed to the point he actually didn’t file his candidacy on October 15, the deadline for presidential aspirants. Instead, he filed his papers again as Davao City Mayor, a position he has held for 23 years.

He announced his candidacy for the presidency only on November 21, and to be able to run as such, he had to substitute on November 28 for one Martin Dino, a PDP-Laban member who filed his candidacy within the deadline, although for the mayoralty of Pasay City, a barangay in which he chairs. (The Comelec very strangely approved the substitution on grounds that the PDP-Laban party nominated Duterte as its candidate for President, even though Dino’s candidacy was for mayor.)

It was only more than a week later that we would learn why Duterte decided to run as President: Senator Alan Peter Cayetano made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The Nacionalista Party had rejected Cayetano’s bid as its vice presidential bet despite his intense lobbying, and instead, chose Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. No party wanted the desperate, ambitious Cayetano, and even Duterte had to threaten the PDP-Laban that he would not run as President if the senator would be his running mate.

Duterte had nothing to do with Cayetano in his political life, and I doubt if they had even met before the election season. Duterte has nothing in common – background, pedigree, lifestyle, and political views – with Cayetano, whose upbringing typifies one with a silver spoon in his mouth and who has experienced nothing about personal hardships. Duterte wouldn’t have spent a minute in conversation with this boring mestizo, whom he would have ridiculed as an “Inglis-spokening coño,” as he described those who expressed outrage over his sick, necrophiliac joke.

So why did Duterte decide to run with Cayetano as his running mate?

Only a nincompoop wouldn’t see it, but I had to get a source recently to confirm the obvious: Cayetano offered him money, the kind Duterte never saw in cash in his life – P100 million to run for President, if he took him as his running mate. Not bad for a retirement kitty for the 71-year old mayor, and that would provide better homes for his young mistresses, who, according to him, lived in small apartments. So that Duterte wouldn’t feel guilty that he was being bribed, Cayetano told him the money would be his campaign chest to use as he pleased. Neither Duterte nor Cayetano, nor the PDP-Laban, has denied this allegation.

For Duterte, it was a windfall not much different from the lotto. Cayetano couldn’t set any conditions for his campaign.

So Duterte simply did what he did everyday in Davao: Making speeches as if he was just talking to his Davao subjects in their drinking bouts, hurling curses as freely as he wanted, making sexist jokes. He didn’t even bother to study or plan what he would do as President.

He just said he would do what he did for Davao in his 23 years as mayor. Solve crimes by killing criminals where they stand. “Ano ang mawawala sa Pilipinas kung patayin ko lahat ng mga kriminal? [What would the Philippines lose if I killed all its criminals?],” he said in one speech.

Angry mob
It’s a classic case of an angry, unthinking mob projecting their deepest dismay, wishes and prejudices on a demagogue, hearing what they wanted to hear. “He talks frankly, unlike other politicians. Wow, this is the crime-buster we want as President. Wow, this is our last chance for change!”

Duterte didn’t really want to run for President. That was never really in his mind. So now he keeps saying in his speeches and interviews that he doesn’t care if he loses. “Wow, he really isn’t lusting for power. He just wants to fight for us,” the desperate mob thought.

To Duterte’s surprise, his ratings climbed and he started getting more money, as he said in the interview. His ego puffed up as never before as he began appearing on TV visibly ecstatic that the crowds wherever he went mobbed him, women kissed him and he could even lasciviously kiss them on the mouth without causing a stir. That even a crème de la crème elite lady, Gina Lopez, would pay tribute to him was perhaps more than he expected. For this mayor of a frontier town, the world became his oyster. The big fish in a small pond found his way into the big lake, and to his surprise, he was still a big fish.

But again it’s becoming a classic case of hubris yanking the proud suddenly down. Because he feels like a god with the crowds cheering, hailing him, now he can even take on the Catholic Pope, shocking this Catholic nation: “Putangina mo, Papa. Umuwi ka na lang at grabe ang trapik na ginawa mo dito.”

With that forgotten, he feels like a god before an adoring crowd to make his sick, sick necrophiliac Alpha-Male joke, that seeing the beautiful face of a dead rape victim, he got angry that he as mayor should have been the first in line for a chance to have her.

I think Duterte would deliberately shock people more and more in the coming days, so he could tell his backers and his spineless PDP-Laban: “Kayo nagpilit sa akin tumakbo. Pero tama na, ayoko na. Dyan na kayo.” He knows he won’t be able to take the agony of a defeat, as he has never lost in any elections.

So what?

I nearly fell off my seat when I read my colleague (in the Cabinet and in this newspaper) Ricardo Saludo’s column yesterday entitled, “Duterte is shocking and vulgar. So what?”

I wonder if he invited Duterte to dinner with his mother and daughter, and the mayor said in every sentence, “Putangina, puking-ina,” would he still say, “So what?”

I would have thought that Rick, the staunchest defender of the Catholic Church and its dogmas in this newspaper, would have been the most virulent critic of Duterte, since this candidate openly rejects one of the most cherished tenets of Christianity: respect for human life, so much more than any other religion that it claims that not even the State could snuff this precious gift of God, either from a convicted criminal or an unborn zygote.

And I would have not have thought Rick, whom I’ve never ever heard curse, would be as nonchalant over Duterte’s vulgar and shocking curses. After all, there are over 50 quotes in the Bible, both in the Old and the New, condemning the foul of mouth. Just three examples:

Psalm 109:18 “He clothed himself with cursing as his coat; may it soak into his body like water, like oil into his bones.”

Colossians 3:8: “But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.”

Matthew 15:18-20 “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.” (This verse I think perfectly describes the Davao Mayor.)

But the Gautama Buddha was more poetic, and really had more instructional words on why it can never be a “so what?” to habitual cursers, quoting from Ma. Ceres Doyo’s column yesterday:

“The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care.”

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.”


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  1. Message to President Duterte
    As long as abnoy still in power, it is more safe 4 U to stay in davao ,If something happened to U and your supporters cross the line. That autism outgoing Pres will give an excuse to a declare martial law [ his last plan C.. so not to be face the firing squad for treason ang manipulation of evidence] That coward is a treat to our democracy..
    Palusoyt ni abnoy—Isisi mo yan ke GMA

  2. cynthia estrada on

    How do I deal with a duterte presidency? I vomit everyday. It relieves my nausea.

  3. Rico Mendoza on

    HAHAHA! tawa na lang ako jan.. Sa Mayo 9 , ang kandidato kong presidente ang mananalo at yung ay si MAYOR Duterte, and soon to be President Duterte.
    Guys lahat ng mga President Candidates ay may kanya kanya silang mga Negative, In short ang pipiliin nating mga kandidato ay duon tayo susugal. Ang botohan dito sa Pinas ay isang Sugal , minsan panalo(good Leader) minsan din talo(Alang Kwentang Leader) .. Para sakin I susugal ko ang isang boto ko kay Duterte, let see kung may pagbabago ang Pilipinas kung siya ang mananalo. Chilax guys matagal ng Corrupt ang ating Gobyerno kaya walang mawawala kung si Digong ang mananalo. Senyales lang ito na takot sila kay Duterte, Wala akong pakealam sa mga negative coment niyo kay Duterte, kc comment niyo yan,. Pag dating ng Mayo 9 dun natin malalaman kung yang mga comment niyo ay may epekto sa mga taga supporta ni Digong.


    So it is all about money. And not truly serving the Filipino people. No wonder he has billions of pesos in the bank. Whether we like it or not Pnoy did a great job in redeeming our country from a deep debt. May flaws din because nobody is perfect. If we only do our homework searching in the internet may alam tayo. And people nowadays matatalino. I feel sad because there are many divisions happening around at home, social media, office, everywhere. We are counting down the election day. My vote goes to RORO. I believe in their capability to lead our beloved country. God bless them and us all.

    • NANCY REVILLA says
      please show the proof.. Ako puwede ko ring sabihin na may trilliones si pnoy at malakas sa central bank at AMLC para maglabas ng account number mo. Account number pa lang ang inilabas ni trililing at ginagawa pa ang pag doktor sa statement, parang ke corona
      Malalaman natin yan kung babalik pa si trililing dahil gagawin siyang state witness ni DU30 laban sa mabaho mong amo.. UUwi ako sa pinas para makita ang firing squad sa luneta.

  5. charles rivera on

    If anything, Mr Tiglao, you are such the mind reader! You can hear what people are thinking, feeling, and planning, good job!

    • Ang inaaapi ay kina aawaan .Si Mar kinasusuklaman dahil binibida ay baho ng kalaban. ano ngayon eh di tinalo,what a sucker.. Dahil sa laki ng lamang, si Poe at nognog ang dinaya sa 2nd place..Sa laki ng lamang ay kinabahan si Bautista na mag imbento pa ng 10 million na botante para malampasan ang score ni du30, nabahag ang gagong presidente. Dapat ay pagkakataon na ni abnoy na magdeklara ng martial law dahil magrerebelde ang mga tag suporta ni DU30 kung umimbento sila ng botante..Hindi na uubra yung EDSA na walapang 1 milyon ang umatend. Dapat ay pabangunin yung 2 patay na Aquino para matulungan ang pabagsak nang popularity ni noynoy..

  6. Rule of law and discipline and strict implementation daw, kung pumapatay ka outside the due process and even bragging about it, ano pinag kaiba ni Digong sa mga kriminal, anarchy na mangyayari nyan kasi yung mataas should set an example, or maybe he’s above the law. Western culture are mostly progressive kasi yung mentalidad nila bata palang may disiplina na, yung magulang na foreigner nung may nahulog na basura ng anak nya pinapapulot at pinapaton sa basurahan, tayo matatanda na alam na yung tama at mali (siguro) pero kailangan pa ring displinahin, kailangan natin yung batas na implemented kaagad, palakasin pa yung transparency at empowered yung mga tao and media for public scrutiny. Pnoy did a good job, but more works need to be done. Science and technology and scientific agriculture, hindi lang traditional approach at infrastracture. Kung maraming pagkain ang Pinoy na mura, yung ibang pera nya gagamitin nya sa education, health, savings, recreation, at baka investment pa. Maraming ma ke- create na trabaho yon, sayang yung mga coastline natin, kahit manila bay nung maliliit pa kami beach pa sya talaga, balik tanaw nalang kayo sa mga lumang picture ng Pilipinas, yung patriotism kasi yung nawala satin, napalitan ng survival of the fittest in diferrent ways we act like animals. Alam nyo po sa Australia kelan lang nabalita a sa east coast nagkaron ng drought at walang pagkaing hays yung mga baka at tupa nila, yung mga trucker mismo na farmers din sa west coast ang nag ambag ambag para bigyan ng dayami yung mga farmers doon, and that’s patriotism dahil hindi sila mga politiko, farmers din lang.

    • Very well said, sir Harold. If i would recall, during our younger days ay malaking kaibahan. True, patriotism was there at disiplinado ang mga tao. Di tulad ngayon na parang nabubuhay tayo sa urban jungle. Kanya kanyang paraan para mabuhay. Ang environment ay punong puno ng droga, gutom na population, at criminality. Harinawa, sa darating na administrasyon, hindi naman natin hihilingin ang lakas at galing ni superman…pero sana naman ay makamtan natin ang tunay na kalayaan at pagbabago sa ating lipunan. God bless the Philippines!

  7. Matagal nang naging mahirap ang bansa natin, si Noynoy di ko sya binoto noon pero nakita ko na may ginawa sya sa bansa natin na maganda, mag research kayo hindi yung puro facebook lang ang tinitingnan nyo, hindi nyo naman siguro tayo makakabot sa website na to kung di tayo marunong sa internet. Yung pag unlad po hindi na kukuha sa iilang taon lang lalo’t matagal nga tayong naging mahirap. South Korea nga umabot na sa ilang beses na establishment ng republic bago naging maunlad, pero may mahihirap pa rin, wala naman yatang bansa na walang mahirap, meron walang taxes pero may langis naman sila. Dapat po ang presidente may konkretong plano sa bansa hindi yung tumakbo lang kasi si Grace poe daw di Pilipino. Kung biglaan lang yung pag kandidato ibig sabihin ni hindi man lang napag isipan yung dapat gawin. Read between the line, si Duterte po mismo ang nagsabi na kung pumalpak sya yung bumoto ang may kasalanan. Ayaw nyang maging accountable hindi pa man, marami rin namang naging magagaling na mayor na di naman kasing ingay nya. Para lang kasi yung iba na nanonood ng action movie na yung bida siga-siga at yung mga bad guys talsikan habang binabaril o sinusuntok isa- isa. 23 years na sya sa service natural lang naman na dapat may nagawa syang maganda di ba. Pumunta ka sa Palawan maganda yung lugar, sa Marikina may sidewalk kang malalakaran may disiplina yung karamihan. Kung si Duterte na naka upo pag may bumisitang diplomat na maganda o asawa ng diplomat most likely pag nanasaan nya rin lalo’ t buhay pa. Kung tayong mga Pinoy nga kapag kababayan natin naiinsulto ng foreigner halos gerahin na natin yung bansa nila sa galit, yunu pa kayang matagal ng pinatay sa malagim na paraan pa ang hindi ma rereact. Sabi tuloy nung isang media personality sa Australia, kapag nahalal daw si Duterte at may plane ticket sila pa PINAS eh pilasin na lang. Di pa man liability na si Duterte. Eh ang tanong po handa na ba naman tayong mga pinoy na mag padisiplina, yung hindi na tayo iihi sa mga gilid, o gagamit na ng signal sa mga sasakyan natin. Nasimulan na po ang pag unlad, may bago na tayong jet na lumilipad, may mga tricycle na tayong de baterya, may malalaking infrastracture ng sinisimulan, may satellite, point to point bus, may makabago na tayong weather system sa Catanduanes, may cash incentive na yung mga mahihirap na dati wala man lang ganyan, nakakabayad na tayo ng utang panglabas. Gumising lang kayo, magbasa, magtanong makita nyo sana yung potensyal ng bansa. Tandaan nyo na pangako palang ni Duterte yung mga sinasabi nya. Kahit sa Davao may krimen pa rin, may adik pa rin may bombings pa nga noon, may raid pa nga ng NPA sa police station. Sa Baler nga tahimik din pero di naman maingay yung babae na namuno doon, tourist spot pa. Sana naman wag puro bunganga pairalin ni Duterte kung mauupo sya, which seems unavoidable to win, Pero doon na Kopp sa may tunay na plano sa bansa, Roxas at Robredo.

    • Harold
      Mas kailangan ang point of view mo sa website ni JOE america
      dahil pag against ka ay delete ang post mo..Stupid di ba?
      Abangan kung babalik pa ang state witness ni du30 sa si Trillanes from US. Pinsan ni Abnoy yung chairman sa Bangko Central..kaya lumitaw ang account ni DU30 sa BPI.. Justice has been served in Tuwad na daan
      Pag nag EDSA rally si Pnoy ay pupunta ako at sisigaw” Gisingin mong Tatay at nanay mo dahil sinilahula mo ang legacy nila.KUPAL”

  8. I dont know why I feel so sad right now after viewing the video in response to tv reports and netizens’ rage vs Mayor Duterte. Im closed to tears for many reasons. For one, I just realized that Mayor Duterte has gone thru a lot of pain and did so many sacrifices for his people…even at the expense of his own safety. Second, I am a Dabawenyo, but I now realized that I only knew little of Mayor Duterte’s good and heroic deeds. Third, Im sad because despite everything he has done to us his people here in Davao City, yet other Filipinos condemned him without even knowing the truth and worst, he has to face hatred and criticism from hypocrites. Anong karapatan nyo to do this to him?!!! Of all the people kami from Davao City can testify to his love for his constituents, thus only us Dabawenyos have the right to criticize him if he did something wrong. Hypocrites! How dare you! Fourth, how I wish he’s still young when this presidency opportunity was opened to him. Philippines could have been way better long time ago. And lastly, I wish Mayor hasn’t run for president at all- to save him from all of these dirty election tactics. He deserves better especially at his age well-spent protecting and serving his people. But I understand this country needs him desperately. All I can pray to our dear God is to please give our future president a healthy, safe and longer life for him to materialize his new mission – to lead the Filipinos to a unified, peaceful and progressive country. I further pray that his legacy will be uphold by the next generation of leaders, otherwise his fight and sacrifices will be good for nothing. To our beloved Mayor, you are one of a kind Sir. Please take much care of yourself because WE BADLY NEED YOU AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. Thank you for taking good care of us Dabawenyos! May God continue to protect you and this country. Salute to you Sir!

    • Tita duerme on

      Yes sir.. thank you for defending mayor against these kind of people..God please save mayor against all evil..

    • cynthia estrada on

      How do I cope with a duterte presidency? I barf everyday. It relieves my nausea.

  9. Don’t make us fool, your using different account to counter our comments in defending mayor duterte. But the truth is… iisa ka lang na gumagamit ng maraming names. Huwag kang mag-alala…. either you like it or not, our next president is mayor duterte.

  10. THIS IS VERY TELLING AND MUST NOT BE IGNORED–Only a nincompoop wouldn’t see it, but I had to get a source recently to confirm the obvious: Cayetano offered him money, the kind Duterte never saw in cash in his life – P100 million to run for President, if he took him as his running mate. Not bad for a retirement kitty for the 71-year old mayor, and that would provide better homes for his young mistresses, who, according to him, lived in small apartments. So that Duterte wouldn’t feel guilty that he was being bribed, Cayetano told him the money would be his campaign chest to use as he pleased. Neither Duterte nor Cayetano, nor the PDP-Laban, has denied this allegation.

  11. Viktor Fravati on

    “To Duterte’s surprise, his ratings climbed…” should be “To Duterte’s surprise (and ours!”) his ratings climbed – whoa!

  12. Judge a person not on whay he says but on what he does! Because action speaks louder than words! Mayor Duterye has saved and protected lives in his years as mayor of davao city! Do other candidates have this poltical will?go mayor duterte!’

    • Alfonso Deriquito on

      What did he do for the country (not just davao)? Disciplining a city is very different from disciplining a country…. THINK!!!!!

      D, was given an opportunity to put what he is just claiming he an do (in this campaign), EVEN BEFORE. What did he do (or did not do, I should say)? When he was offered the DOTC, DILG and other lead national agency position, HE TURNED IT DOWN AND SAID, “HE IS NOT QUALIFIED”. Now he is claiming he is can run a Presidency???? Come on, wake up. And to make it worse, people like YOU, still believes him???? How blind, deaf, close-minded and fanatic can you be?

      Whether we admit to it or not, D is also a trapo and whatever he promises he is going to do nobody can say he can actually do it. Wala siyang experience and di sya qualified to handle any national position, moreso Presidency. Magisip isip ka pa at isipin ang kinabukasan ng kabataan. Huwag maging selfish and makinig ng maige sa plataporma. #PINASMATALINO #DAANGMATUWINPARIN #ROXASNA

    • Alfonso Deriquito on


      What did he do for the country (not just davao)? Disciplining a city is very different from disciplining a country…. THINK!!!!!
      D, was given an opportunity to do what he is claiming he can do (in this campaign), waaaayyyyy before the election. Past presidents (including PNOY) gave him that opportunity. What did he do (or did not do, I should say)? When he was offered the DOTC, DILG and other lead national agency positions, HE TURNED IT DOWN AND SAID, “HE IS NOT QUALIFIED”. Tapus ngayun… he is claiming he can run the national government as a President???? Come on, wake up!!!! And to make it worse, people like YOU, still believe him???? How blind, deaf, close-minded and fanatic can you be?

      Whether we admit to it or not, D is also a trapo and whatever he promises he is going to do, nobody can say he can actually do it. Wala siyang experience and di sya qualified to handle any national government position, moreso Presidency.

      Kung may dapat kang paniwalaan sa sinabi ni D, paniwalaan mo yung sinabi nyang, di sya qualified, dahil yung lang ang tutuong lumabas sa bibig nya. Magisip isip ka pa at isipin ang kinabukasan ng kabataan.

      Huwag maging selfish and pagisipan ng maige ang plataporma di yabang. #PINASMATALINO #DAANGMATUWINPARIN #ROXASNA

    • Did you really read the article? It’s about his reasons on why he can’t withdraw his candidacy.

      And to answer your question, yes, there is one! One who is far better than him (even he says so)– Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

  13. Digong junior on

    Wheres the link manila times your saying? We are for Duterte and his winning by the way.

    • Alfonso Deriquito on

      In the survey yes. unfortunately its because of people like you. But I still have hope that people like you can be intelligent and decent folks too, so let me now say… You still have time to salvage you children’s future. Survey is not the real rating we should look at. Yung sa May 9 ang tutuo.


  14. If Mr. Dudirty was not running for President after uttering those bastos, shut up comments, I wonder if you would vote him to be President even of the PTA of your children’s school. Sige anak, okay lang magmura basta may ginagawa..ok lang yan..

    If he can unleash the Davao Death Squad composed of NPA sparrow units in his city, as commander in chief in charge of the military and police at his full disposal and discretion..ang saya nun siguro..wild wild west na buong pinas..ok na magmura, pumatay, si president nga ganun pinas na talaga

  15. Francois Jangad on

    Tiglao, can you not understand our present situation? you have your own version of publishing a news item. What a pity that you use your literary style just to hinder a better change for the nation. Be optimistic and be fair. Only fool cannot realize that Duterte is for the Win. Our country is marred with corruption. And to eradicate it? My suggestion is to remove wannabees whose names are tainted with “MAR”. And all voting populace must know this. Here the following: MAR Roxas, JejoMAR Binay, MARy Grace Poe, BongBong MARcos. Atleast we are hinted by their names. What a coincidence.? Do elect on May 9, 2016 is Do 5/9/16 and add it all equals Du30. Take heed of the sign.

  16. Federalism type of gov’t will have its challenges but shall later on return advantages in Philippines economy. Probably, it would also “reshape” our politics…My vote goes to the candidate who is brave enough to implement this change.

  17. Well, we have all the freedom to choose for the next president, But we are not free to face the consequences of the choices we’ll gonna make. Theres no such thing as a perfect president because we have never been contented of their leadership styles, bec corruption, crimes, drugs, and poverties are growing instead of resolving. Why not choose an evil president to fight an evil doers? An “evil” as they say who curse, who has a bad mouth, who kills “evil”, an evil to evil to protect the people. Wrongdoers are afraid to be killed by an evil because they cannot give up on the the wealth they enjoy bec of illegal activities. They want to live and infect more people to make themselves richer and let the poor becomes poorer, slaves and dependent with them at all times.

    • if i will have a chance to choose between good and evil why should i choose the later?maybe these days we opt to choose it desperately or i may say maybe those people dont trust humanity but we are human beings not animals to believe the works of evils in their disguise i would suggest that first take a closer look in all the things he is saying because these will affect you and the filipino people!!!!!!

  18. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.”

    This quote is precisely why Filipinos are in this pathetic situation governed by the so called well heeled politician backed up by big businesses to milk the fuck out of government coffers. This mentality was nurtured by the Spanish friars and military during Philippines colonization in the 15th – 18th Century. Filipinos were called and made to believe they are “Indios” to undermine their persons and made them feel less worthy of the society to stave off possible rebellion. Common tao cannot rub elbows with the aristocrats to the extent they can’t even wear barong tagalog but only camiza de chino (collarless shirts) to identify their status in society. Now in todays world specially in the Philippines, politicians will pull al the stunts to covete that so precious high chair in Malacanang to stage their political or (more on) personal agenda. The masang Pilipino who are the “Indios” before was promised and made to believe again that only the powerful and aristocrats, one by a returning ambitious Fil-am, a Wharton educated economist and a self made (thief) of a Vice President can make their lives meaningful again and again and again. Old song from new singer doesn’t jive well. Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao wrote an extensive essay of Duterte’s shortcomings as an individual. Now I challenge you to do one that will showcase his governance and his City’s track record. If you can do this then you will come out as convincing devoid of any campaign money from those Candidate’s PRO to pull off all the strings to make their puppets look good and colorful to the eyes of the “Indios”. Be fair and unbias in your pursuit of truth and information. Your readers are not tabloid readers to turn the next page without scrutinizing what is true and politically motivated. Good day.

    • Gracita Najarro on

      Governing one city is a totally different ball game compared to governing a country. While a city can hide in isolation from the rest of the world, a country specially a developing one like the Philippines has to interact with the world to survive. How do you think your mayor will fare considering the traits he has already exhibited now, before he has even been elected offending a couple of countries in just one breath. Even your prime example of a city, Davao, is not a perfect one. No matter how euphoric your experience may be in that city, there are still chinks that would merit correction. Just like your mayor.

  19. Alexander katigbak on

    Sa bibig lumalabas ang kasamaan ng TAO

    Matthew 12:34
    You poisonous snakes! How can you evil people say anything good? Your mouth says what comes from inside you.

    • If that’s the case, do you honest believe all the other candidates are incorruptible or have not done something bad to this country ’cause nothing bad comes out of their mouth?

  20. Nakapanood na po ba kayo ng mga mexican telenovela dati, or ang mga koreanovela ngayon, na kelangan iedit or idub. Ganyan din ang ginawa sa video na yun bi Duterte. Inedit po yung totoo niyang sinabi, at pinalitan ng ibang audio ng mga salita na nakuha lang din sa ibang videos. Okay po kuya?

    Now press play button and see and hear it for yourself.

  21. Rape is a serious and traumatic experience. Using it as a subject of a joke is an insult to the survivors and their families. If we cannot be instruments towards their healing, the least we can do as citizens is to be cautious of our words and actions.

    • haha.. di ka makamove on manong or manang? yan ba dahilan mo kaya ang hirap ng pinas? pakiexplain ng maigi ha baka masampal kita ng chinelas ni koring

  22. So are you implying Duterte’s mouthing off is his way of campaining against himself to prevent himself from getting a job he doesn’t want? So if his plan fails, he is elected president?
    The obvious question then is: does Duterte have plans to abdicate the presidency after he has been in office for a token period of time?
    The next big realization is: if the trend of Duterte continues to escalate, and he plans to abdicate, then the most important race is the VP race. Obvious next question is: who is spending a comparatively large amount of money to get elected VP?
    Or maybe this exercise presumes too much intelligence and cunninng?

    • Maybe you mean resign, not abdicate; abdication is for the monarchy while resignation is for a President.

    • In its broadest sense abdication is the act of renouncing and resigning from any formal office, but it is applied especially to the supreme office of state. In Roman law the term was also applied to the disowning of a family member, such as the disinheriting of a son.
      Abdication – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Abdic…

  23. These money was given voluntarily from Dutertes supporters and he was not asking for it as his campaign materials. So, what about the other candidates where did they get their money…..?

  24. did cayetano pay 100 million to duterte so that binay will not win? thinking that if binay wins he, cayetano, would be in deep trouble? and that if dudirty wins binay would not only be made to suffer but would also be unable to get back at cayetano?

  25. To hell with this article!.. I don’t see where this thing is going to… Pina-sakit lang ulo ko eh…

  26. For me duterte is honest and not can ask the people in davao there was no complain. People in davao are satisfied he was strict. I was in davao 8 yrs ago i was caught jaywalking.

    • This column made several good points. If we take a look at the timelines upto when he filed his COC, there were lots of pushing happening on his part because on his previous interviews, he seemed to be happy just continue serving his own town, thats why he initially filed as Mayor.

      Actually when Digong was just rumored to run as president, I was excited. I know he has done a lot of good things in Davao. When he filed his COC, I thought, hell yeah.. we need him. Hes a no nonsense politician who does what he say.
      But later, watching him on the news was rather painful and some comments here and there were hurtful.

      I realized something. I felt he is a good local politician who was just forced to run. Strategically placed in the center to get the beatings and try to put down the opponent. I even felt sorry for him at some point because he seemed to be ruffled by the publicity. I was worried his heart won’t take all those bad things that people will hurl at him on a greater scale. He’s not that young anymore and instead of enjoying his time quietly at his home turf he will be subjected to so much criticisms. I felt he is up there not because he really want it, but because of the pressures.

      This article made sense and it somehow confirmed my thoughts. Adding to my dismay is his constant show of arrogance and disrespect to anybody he dislikes. His supporters are now acting the same way. It was a turning point for me and I have decided not to vote for him.

      I know he is a good man and a man of action. But this country is plagued with problems that does not only focus on peace and order. There are more issues to be prioritized. Crimes are rampant because of poverty and we have to focus on that as well. People need jobs to provide to their families, we need a good health care delivery system, good foreign relations to ensure our ofws are ok wherever they are based, access to good education, focus on local agriculture…energy.. The list is endless. These things must be well thought of on a bigger scale. We are not talking about problems of a city but the whole country. We just needed someone well calibrated and has the know how on how to handle these things. For me, I want a president that will make me proud so see him with other head of states. A president who shows respect, finese and intelligence. Our president is a reflection of us filipinos.

    • Of all the comments I read, yours Ella is the most clear and commendable.
      I forsaw those issues and debated with my daughter who’s a DuDirty fan. But all I got is; ” mom you’re overseas, you don’t know what’s the real score here in the Philippines”. So, how else to push my personal prognosis?!
      May I desseminate your opinion to my voting friends? Thanks Ella in advance…

  27. don’t worry folks its only 6 years of suffering or new society. If suffering we are used to it, if new society let us be thankful that we did it right finally.

  28. The Philippines under the Luzon-based political animals have become the “most corrupt nation in Asia.” It has become perennially “sick man of Asia.” There’s massive corruption in every branch of government; pork barrel system is the portrait of even the Senators and Congressmen of Philippine Congress; drug trafficking/addiction business is becoming lucrative; poverty and hunger is increasing; criminality is the social order of the day; there’s no end to the Mindanao war and AFP-NDF/NPA war; peace, security and public order has only become a dream patronised by the Luzon-based political leaders, who have only patronised and encouraged the socio-economic political decadence of the Filipino nation. In truth, it is only 2016 President Rodrigo Du30, who has the balls, guts, experience, competence to give people a clean government desired by all. All others have failed because they only lead by promising and more promises.

    • melissa salazar on

      perennially sick man of Asia? not anymore under Pnoy. Give credit where it is due

    • Ilonggo in Manila on

      That’s because they have a good job of covering it up. “I was not informed; Wala akong alam dyan” and a lot more excuses. And then they make the people forget about it since the biased media stopped reporting about it. No follow up reports, whatsoever.

  29. i somehow believe the analysis of Tiglao that Duterte wants to back out from this presidential election but did not know how to do it.

    Why? After the rape joke, Duterte said another joke, this time ridiculing persons with disabilities and stroke victims, his pronouncement that he would sever ties with US and Australia if he becomes president. No presidential candidate who is in his right mind and serious in his campaign, would utter another insensitive jokes and statements unless the candidate has no serious intention of winning the presidency. It seems that Duterte wants to lose the election. If Duterte utters again insensitive and hurtful jokes in the future, then Tiglao is correct in his analysis of Duterte.

    Let’s keep in mind that Duterte repeatedly said before that he did not want to run for president. But if he becomes president and fails to deliver his promise and fails to give 100% of his time to the job as president, then his supporters and financial backers should not blame Duterte.

    • Mayor Du30 is indeed creating/stirring intrigue in our minds,a clever move by a smart politician whose mind has been trained through all these years as a Mayor in Davao;he speaks with flaring sense,injecting so much sting to his statements knowing that media will scoop the cream out from its content and from a distance Du30 rebuilds more wires to inflame the masses- style of the old school leftist in the early ’70s until these current years??….no wonder he dislikes Senator Trilanes and Senator G. Honasan.

  30. asiel nils b castillon on

    That is amor propio, he does not want to look bad because if he backed out this people who supported him will feel bad if he backs out… typical Filipino value

  31. Duterte supporters are rooting for him not because he is flawed. Feel free to call us names because we chose a flawed candidate over the well-spoken and decent ones. But no amount of hate and insult can change our minds. Kami lang naman ang porsyento ng mga pilipinong pagod na sa bulok na sistema. Kami lang naman ang pilipinong takot na takot na sa krimen at illegal na droga. Kami lang naman ang di na aantayin na mahal namin sa buhay ang susunod na biktima, Kami lang naman ang pilipinong pagod na sa lantarang kurapsyon sa gobyerno. Kami lang naman ang mga pilipinong pagod na sa mga huwad na pulitiko, anghel kapag tumatakbo pero nagiging demonyo pagkatapos manalo, pagod na kami sa batas at gobyernong hindi patas at walang puso, kami lang naman ang mga pilipino na positibong mababago pa ang kalakaran sa gobyerno, kami ang umaasa ng tunay na pagbabago sa mga namumuno, pagod na kasi kami sa mga trapo….. At kung kabobohan man ang mga dahilan namin na to, eh di kayo na matalino. Pero di pa rin namin iboboto ang manok mo.

    Just to set the record straight, he is not our superhero nor our saviour, no one is. We are after his track record, his excellent achievements, capabilities to lead, abilities to get things done, compassion to the oppress, fairness to all human race, religion and gender, incorruptible image, not a puppet of anyone, willingness to risk his life for the safety of many, will do beyond his duties, will go extra-mile for his people, not pretentious and lives a simple and humble life, just like the majority of us.

    You can criticize the way he talks, for being blunt, for his bad jokes, for his visayan accent but you cannot criticize him as a public servant. His track record speaks for himself and no amount of black propaganda can denounce his accomplishments. No amount of hate from his critics can take away the love and respect of Davaoeños for him. He is the pride of his constituents.


    • Nicole;;;;;You Says “Religion ang Gender” in your post or statement…..First Religion: Duterte Curses Pope Francis……2nd Gender: Duterte Makes Bad Joke to a rape Victim…..Is that what you are fighting for?…


    • Eh sino ang gusto mong iboto na Presidente na may ganyang katangian sa mga 4 pang kandidato?

      Please convince me whom to vote aside from Duterte!

  32. totoo iyan, marami kaming ordinaryo na tao na nagbigay ng tulong para sa kampanya ni Pres. Duterte. tiglao, when duterte went to toledo city a little girl gaver her savings to Duterte para sa kampanya niya. saan si duterte magkampanya, maymga supporters ni duterte na nag alok na libreng printing ng t-shirt, libreng tubig, at ano mang maliit na kontribusyon para lang tuloy ang pagkandidato ni Pres. Duterte.

    di gaya nga amo mo na si binay na ang perang ginamit sa pagkampany galing sa ninakaw na pera sa gobyerno at peping cojuangco at mga malalaking corporation; roxas ang ginamit na pera ay pera sa gobyerno at mga kagamitan at pera galing sa illegal mining ni gutierrez; and poe pera galing ni danding cojuangco, coconut levy, san miguel corporation at iba pang mga malalaking corporations.

    ever since binay informed of his intention to run for president, alam na namin tiglao na you are supporting binay’s candidacy basing sa mga writings mo.



  33. Jacobo Santiago on

    #duterte4president ivote medjo bastos pero maginoo at ma-Ginoo naman talaga yan kaya AYOS lang! wala kasi siya envelope para ipamigay so kunting bad joke lang yun mapasaya lang ang mga sangkatutak na kusang dumalo sa mga rally niya. ang importante dun ay ang totoong mensahe sa likod ng kahit ano pa mang bad joke na yun. tayo naman pag naka-react napakaover talaga, ang hirap kaya magpatawa mga friends. confirmed talaga na box office hit ang #duterte4president kahit saan pa magpasurvery North-East-West-South.

  34. The people recently elected a retard for a president and look what he has got us into. electing a foul-mouth/ironfisted one will be some kind of an upgrade!

    • true..before it was pinning our hopes in daang matuwid and now tapang and malasakit kuno..aldub nation na talaga tayo..sinong sikat duon tayo…this dudirty guy won’t last long tingin ko lang manalo man sya..kung si erap nga na impeach or he might step on some bigtime druglord or kingpin na makakatapat nya…kaya hinay hinay lang meyor..

  35. Having seen the video and having read this article has proven me one thing. The filipino electorates are becoming dumber everyday.

    • I agree with you! Evil people are rampant now adays, they forgot the teachings of God and they are idolizing evil people. Lord have mercy to your people. Touch their minds and hearts so they will obey your Word instead of evil ones

    • Erlinda D. Higwit on

      The Filipino electorates who support candidates who are self confessed killer , womanizer , corrupt , liar , incompetent , plunderers …. have thrown their principles and morals ! This is very sad ! We must pray for all of them so that they will be enlightened ! Me and my whole clan are voting for the men & women with character , competence , credibility , integrity , decency , faithfulness to GOD , country , countrymen , tunay na may malasakit sa marginalized Filipinos at hindi traydor sa ating bansa ! We are for #ROXASROBREDO and all LP senatorial candidates !!!!.

    • Erlinda pls elaborate more, ano ang kaso ng corruption at plunder ni Duterte?
      Womanizer yes , inamin naman niya.
      Liar – malabo.
      Killer – yes ng mga criminal.
      Pls lang paki explain kasi po hindi ko pa alam kng sino iboboto na Pres. sa May 9.

    • is she patriotic? or just ambitious? a patriot don’t pledge allegiance to another country and renounced her Filipino citizenship…

  36. Duterte is a psycho he will make the Philippines the clown of the world . He is wanton and reckless with his words and action he will bring catastrophe to our country and foreign relations . This Brazilian does not know what he’s saying haha well gf niya taga-Davao that’s why magsama sila .

  37. But in the end, it is still Duterte have the iron fist which the Philippines needed fast…

    • Have you even considered Miriam “The Iron Lady of Asia” as your presidential candidate? Surely being compared to Margaret Thatcher can only be a good thing.

    • How well does that work for North Korea? How did it work out for Uganda in the 70’s?
      How did it work for the Germans…?

  38. Nakakaumay na. I just wish rather pulling down the candidate na ayaw niyo eh puriin niyo na lang ung mga qualities ng candidate na gusto niyo and why you would vote for that person. Ang saakin duterte at cayetano yun na yun.

    • I dont Even know if Tiglao is fit tp criticize duterte, As far as I can remember he serve GMA once.. Bakit wala ba syang dungis. Swerte lang nya at si GMa umani lahat ng kaso!!!

    • Did you even read or understand the article? Mr. Tiglao is definitely making a clear point as to what is actually happening behind the scene.

  39. No To Imperial Capital Manila! Yes To Federalism Yes To Progress For ALL! DuterteCayetano na po!!

  40. All of us made mistakes, small or huge or even more than what Digong made. He was just unfortunate that he said it in front of thousands of people and some just looking for a tiny error that he commits and blow them out of proportion.

    If you are a saint, then you have my respect sir. But if you are not, then we are all the same, SINNERS. We made mistakes, you are just lucky majority of the Filipinos is not paying attention. I guess you have made many articles, criticizing Politicians, voicing out your opinion, letting us know what our government has done (may it be good or bad). I admire your profession, but honestly where did it get you? I mean all those mistakes that our government made that you exposed, what happened? Is it enough that you are able to write about it so that the public can know? Has things changed for the better? I mean does majority of the Filipinos felt the effects?

    We all have something to say to about any person, good or bad, I have faith in my candidate. Not all people sharing Bible versus are GOOD and not all persons who curses are BAD. Sir are you saint? If some people wont accept his apologies then there’s nothing he can do about it. I just hate those used-to-be-good-progressive Women’s organization. There are more pressing issues that need’s there attention.

    Haay nako, IF YOU ARE NOT A SAINT then you too are a SINNER. So if all of us.

    • Bernardita Agosto on

      We are not saints but we have selfrespect and respect for others. Mistakes are but normal but if you keep on committing mistakes after mistakes and of the same nature, there must be something wrong with that person.And based on the psychological report on your candidate , he is “Narcisstic psychopath”.

    • Digong, in the national news for just a few months, said so many of his crappy thoughts already. I try to dismiss it, but the things he says are really crappy and controversial. I and a lot of people even in the international scene are not blowing it out of proportion.

  41. every one of us have different views about candidates, im a voter as well as you guys i just want to share my views also.. every candidates already said about their platform of government, im just thinking which is which and who is who have political will that will do what they said or promised to the people as always happened every election… roxas, binay, poe, defensor im thinking that we will get the same my meaning of the same is NOTHING… About DUTERTE im thinking we can get something that we can be worst compared today or we can get something good for us all filipinos because this guy have political will that will do what he says… so i will have to gamble my vote to DUTERTE just hoping we can get something good compare to nothing as usual..

    • What political will? He’s got none. HalfHearted, No sincere intention to lead. Why is that difficult to discern? Fantasyland! Wake up. Be a part of the solution.

  42. ricardo valera on

    what kind of people will believe that Duterte can solve drugs, criminality, corruption and smuggling in six months? I think Duterte is insane, deranged, basing on his words and actions.
    Do these people really understand the consequences if Duterte will cut diplomatic relations with the US and Australia?
    How can sane people vote for a vulgar, rude and foul-mouthed, gum chewing candidate who is acting high and mighty, for the presidency?
    He is defending his words as his right guaranteed by the constitution. He does not know the limits and border of such rights.
    He has gone beyond the borders of this right and has no sense of decency/decorum for a candidate for the presidency.

    • He cant, but if you are foing to fight for it, will you say, second chance for drug lords?

    • People praising Duterte’s indecency and his bad mouth are those who likes to follow him and their children! Expecting him to eradicate criminals etchetera as i can see now will make more criminals. He is not the kind of person to be the leader of the country. Voters must think several times, before voting him. The Philippines will be worst if he will be the next Presidentc only Miriam is the most qualified, when it comes to health, Digong is not healthy too!

    • Correction: we didn’t praise his indecency. We laughed with it like ordinary pinoys sharing a joke or an anecdote like Filipinos do (if you don’t understand that, listen to local stand up comedians like vice ganda or read up on local jokes).
      We praised his accomplishments as mayor of davao and his capability to lead. And his resolve TO UNITE THE FILIPINOS under ONE FLAG which I found lacking in the others’ platforms.

  43. Corporal Killjoy on

    To quote Jacque Fresco: “Never criticize a person or an act unless you can offer something better”.

    Without oversimplifying, are you saying that Poe, Binay or even Roxas will be a better choice over Duterte? Think about it.

    Have you ever made a computer program? One that looks up a book/reference material every time you enter certain keywords? Poe is like that. If you memorize a well-written book about law and theories about progress does that mean other people will benefit from what you know? Isn’t there a possibility that your ideals will be ignored by people who think you are weak and inexperienced? Also, having a zero-corruption track record does not mean it will be like that forever.

    On the other hand, there’s Binay. The man who, aside from Miriam, is actually the smartest of all the candidates judging from his academic record. Also it is true that nothing rivals Makati in terms of urban development in the country. Binay has made a lot of effort to keep investors and developers happy. But that’s the problem isn’t it? If you are not an investor or a developer, then would you feel the difference when Binay takes the presidential seat? Makati and Ortigas Center are the two best-known business areas in Metro Manila, but clean water can’t even be provided to it’s non-wealthy/well-off residents.

    If Roxas wins, what will happen? He is already filthy rich so maybe (MAYBE) he won’t be corrupt. But why does he want to become a president in the first place? Does he really want to serve the people? Why the need for power when he can help the people in other ways? At his age, Roxas should not even be overtly defensive when dealing with the likes of Duterte. Why does he have to explain himself all the time? Time is not always a luxury. If Roxas is going to spend hours dealing with all his criticisms then he is not fit to become president. Period.

    Duterte is crass but records show him to be a man of action; with Davao being the ONLY “green/safe zone” in this part of Asia. But as indicated in this article he also has his flaws. But he wants to turn the Philippines into a clone of Singapore, where criminal laws are kept in check everywhere and people, despite of these laws, are content and earning enough wages. If Duterte is doing this bid for the presidency for money, then does that mean Poe, Binay and Duterte are doing it for honor and duty? Or are things vaguely in the same situation, with power and ambition being the accompanying forces that drive the lot?

    It is not an ideal world, we should choose from a fixed set of flawed candidates. It’s not a matter of deciding what’s ideal, rather, it is a question of what will be the lesser evil. This is why you must be 18 to vote. You must use your brain, that is why it is on top of your heart. Either choose or don’t vote at all.

    • Digong challenged US and AUS to severe their ties with us, just because they said that rape is something that we shouldnt joke about. What would Digong do when they say something more serious ?

    • We don’t know what digong will say in the future so it is useless to talk about it. Unless psychic ka o manghuhula.
      US and Australia’s foreign relation with us affords them trade and economic benefits. They are not stupid to break off that relationship just because of a ‘comment’. Tignan mo yung nangyari sa hostage tragedy dito ng mga Chinese. even After that bungle up, dami padin pinoy nagttrabaho sa china at HK.
      Stop being paranoid.

  44. Most of you are MORALISTS. Why can’t you accept the FACT that somebody from Mindanao with a NATURALITY happened to be leading the Presidential election
    . All of you are AGAINST the Mayor from Davao, why cant you write against BINAY, POE and ROXAS whom have made this COUNTRY a DISGRACE…politically, economically and morally as well.

    • Bernardita Agosto on

      Sorry but Davao is not really that safe. There are still smugglers, addicts and killers around as what has been hapenning the past few days that we hear and read in the news.

    • You prefer areas like manila then? Tondo? Side streets of makati? Are they better than Davao?
      Kung nasaksak ka s mga lugar na to, where would you call for help? In Davao, you can call 911. There will be paramedics with state of the art equipment to come to your aid free of charge.

      The problem with a lot of Filipinos is crab mentality. Instead of being happy and proud that in our country we have a city that is Davao, some will downplay it and choose to see its weaknesses. Its people like these the country doesn’t need. And as they say, birds of the same feather flock together so go and vote for your candidate. We will stick by digong

  45. I made a decision to switch back to my original choice, Miriam Defensor Santiago, when the first of the incendiary rape jokes became viral. I committed to pray for her health every day, and should she win the election, for the next six years. Nothing is impossible with God. Mr Tiglao, your claims here are bold, but necessary. I tolerated the AlDub fans because while I thought that the kalyeserye had no lasting consequence upon myself personally, the mob lynch mentality of its internet trolls and defenders were a monolithic negativity I didn’t want to contend with on such a petty issue. But now I see it was only a foreshadowing of this Duterte Drama that has deluded a lot of us, myself included, for the longest time. We all wanted to believe that Duterte personified our collective anger at rape, drugs, corruption, and impunity. We thought his political will (something I have never really seen in this country as a millennial and so I don’t really know from experience what it means) would discipline Filipinos to observe traffic rules and not litter. But I woke up from all of these. Your expose merely affirmed what my conscience dictates: not to vote for Duterte.

    • Rape is a serious and traumatic experience. Using it as a subject of a joke is an insult to the survivors and their families. If we cannot be instruments towards their healing, the least we can do as citizens is to be cautious of our words and actions.

  46. What else is new? ….l third world countries tried similar ploys before like severing relations or defaulting on their obligations, what they got in return were economic and development aid beyond their dreams …… they are catching up with us ….

  47. Bobbi, thanks, good sleuth. LOL, if one votes Duterte, the Pinoys are damned; if one votes otherwise, the nation is damned as well, with Binay? With Poe? With Roxas? Perhaps people can vote for Santiago with Bongbong as VP, that attracts the millennials! But, first Bongbong has to convince the siblings to return the gold bullions, (as a gesture of concrete reconciliation if BBM wants the presidency, though he can still get it without any conditions), mainly kept in the UBS Zurich and others, for obviously the gold belongs to the Filipino people. But, why beat the bush when life in this world is pure chance? I prefer to have the chance with Duterte which have yet to commit graft, over the 3 stooges of the COJUANGCOS.

  48. Right assesment sir bobby. Cutting ties with US is disastrous to the economy as duterte wants and time again may palusot cya diyan. Joke only he he.

  49. jaujali, shukran a. on

    “I am bit worried that Rudy Duterte might really break our diplomatic ties because his personal reasons. This is more than being hit Yolanda every month of the year. Our call center industries will be greatly effected and there could be massive unemployment if this brat will break his diplomacy to these countries. Iran in spite of massive oil wealth suffered a lot. Duterte might do same to Saudi Arabia every time an OFW will be beheaded for heinous crimes. It is time for us to have a second look for this guy before we vote for him on May 9.”

    You must remember Mr. Johnny Ramos, it was Mayor Duterte who protested against the conviction of our fellow filipino, Flor Contemplacion, from the singaporean government. He wanted to save Flor Contemplacion. This only shows he has a compassion for our OFWs especially women, so to speak.

    • jaujali, shukran a. on

      And had not it been for the issue (rape joke) escalated, otherwise, this will not result into this; instead what people do should confine the issue so that it will not escalate, and this will not only affect Duterte but all of us filipinos.

    • Ph is dying to fight for the claims over China.

      Duterte, fought for you kasi ang politika, marumi talaga. Backbone yan na hindi mo na kelan makikita pa.

      He is humble, why? Acknowledge nya na kahit kaninong plataporma na maganda pwede na gamitin. As a leader, sino sa tingin mo ang may prinsipyo.

  50. To most millennials who may be working in those call centers or the families of OFWs especially those with relatives in the US, think about a situation where there is no more work and the economy suffers because all banks course clearance of funds with eh Federal Reserve – all of these because Mr. Dee Gong broke diplomatic relations with the US. How can we even import oil when all our foreign reserves for payment get frozen because no bank wants to process our funds transfer?

  51. A right analysis mr tiglao digong seems to be destroying his presidency with the words that came from his mouth pang inuman lingo lang ang mga salita ni du30. That is not the kind of presidential speech that people want to hear from an aspiring prez candidate. The phil. Is a third world country compare to superpower us and australia. Definitely this country will suffer if du30 would win omg its scary.

  52. “But what kind of a presidential candidate is this who files a bid for the highest post of the land, then finds it too much of a hassle, or realizes the job is too big for him yet can’t back out because of the money he has received from his backers?”

    – This is quite opposite to the sincerity to serve as President being shown by the Mayor to the public in his campaign sorties. He wouldn’t have had attracted many voters if he manifested those things you have said. Any politician subject to mudslinging would show irritations. Right? With regards to the money he received as reason for him not backing-out, why would he back out in the first place when he is the front-runner? Money represents support. It is this support (and growing) and his desire for changes in governance (e.g. Federalism) that prodded him to pitch himself as a ‘choice’ for the country’s next president. Win or lose, he will finish it. For a man of action like the Mayor defeat will only become certain to those who surrender.

    • Renan Galang on

      The “sincerity” you claim to be in there is but a projection of your own desires and thoughts. If you think him to be sincere, then in your mind he is, even though in Duterte’s mind, he’s actually not. I am not saying he’s insincere, maybe he is! But all I’m saying is we have absolutely no way of knowing until you can peek into his mind. And you can’t do that. So using “sincerity” as a measurement, is a dangerous path to take yourself down on.

      As a voting population we must be aware of these cognitive biases that affect our reasoning. Only then will we be able to vote truly wisely.

    • Amalia Lualhati on

      He accepts contributions from people who have no hidden agenda…those who have noble intentions….we help…we pool our money in groups to campaign for him…and he knows that…kami ang inaalala nya…ang masang Pilipino…the majority of the Filipinos who want him to be President?.

    • He is very stressed out. This is not yet the beginning of a 6 yr term.
      Confused soul, guilty of the fact that he has sold his soul. Remorse!

  53. Bartolome Panes on

    The noblemen jitters whenever the name of Robin Hood is mentioned. Similar situation here different era. The masses has
    found a champion for their cause. The populace want promises that translate into action. This they see in the persona of Duterte. What he did for Davao as a public servant speaks of the kind of governance he promises to bring once elected. At this point, most people don’t really care how he conducts his personal life. Ask the people of Davao how satisfied they are with the performance of their mayor. How basic services is made available to the poor. Among the candidates for President, IMO, he is the only one viable, with the persona, that can and will, by his previous performance, deliver services to the masses. But with all this clamor for corruption to stop. We should take a pause and ask ourselves the root cause of this malady that’s been nibbling the fabric of our society since the time of Jose Rizal. The family is the basic unit of society, and so when the moral fabric of this basic structure of society is weak, the nation is also weak. Crimes being committed are coming from different segment of our society, from the upper, middle and lower class. White collar crime has become the norm. This can all be traced back to the moral breakdown of the basic unit of our society, the family IMO. Moral ascendancy is paramount in building a sound society if a country is to be corruption free.

    I truly believe in the quote below and for our country to prosper, we should use this as a model for progress.

    “ If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” – A. P. J. Abdul Kala


  54. From Forbes,
    Politicians in this country have always been for sale. That is nothing new.
    Peter Schuyler

  55. girlie Bebbeb on

    I find this article said it well. Yes, indeed, that this Duterty man is scary if he will wins the Presidency. Tayong mga Pilipino kasi ay madaling mabola pagdating sa election and add to that, there’s cheating and add to that there’s vote buying.

    • Indeed, nabola ang marami ng mga salitang WALANG MAHIRAP KUN WALANG KORAP. So many of the elite and the masses took this hook, line and sinker and what did it bring us? We have the biggest legalized plunder thru the PDAF/DAP, the most number of massacres, the biggest stupidity and inanity in running an airport and the MRT and the lousiest mode of governance.

  56. Bobby hehe. Di mo lang talaga kayang matanggap ang kototohanan na si DUTERTE na ang maging Presidente natin.

    • Don’t be too cocky sure, hijo. Surveys don’t mean a thing come election day. For all you know, Mr. Dee Gong might even crack from the pressure a few days before the election. Especially that he says that he will sever diplomatic ties with the US, the game takes a bigger international dimension – bigger than what Mr. Dee Gong can handle.

  57. Majority of the filipinos find the past and the current administration of BS Aquino to have miserably failed their hopes and aspirations. We have seen the mushrooming of religious denominations taking advantage of the hopelessness with Pastors and Preachers telling their flock that God is their refuge, has the best plans, have faith, and such Bible inpiring verses. The people have grown impatient of the promised reforms that they do not see it coming very soon. Comes now DUTERTE who the majority think and feel that, despite his foul mouth, he will be the eventual savior of our country. With Congress and the Supreme Court being obviously submissive to BS Aquino, the people have no choice left except embracing Duterte as shown by the multitudes attending his political rally.

    • Jose Bonifacio on

      With the present situation, I can’t help but to compare it to the journey of the jewish people to God’s promise land. Due to the long journey that took years, and the absence of Moses when he received the Ten Commandments, they became frustated and impatient. They thought the’ve been forsaken. So they started worshipping idols and fake gods.
      Also, during the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate, wherein the crowd should choose between Jesus and Barabbas. They chose Barabbas because they saw him as a leader. Someone who will help them free from the roman bondage. They did not saw it on Jesus, for them He has of no help for their cause. For them, the good deeds of Jesus were irrelevant.

  58. What is the issue about that Mr.? It is a fact and there is nothing wrong with that statement. I wonder, why you people always create negative stories whe we people who witnessed the speech of mayor Duterte do cry for him as he speak. We already know he has that kind of character, but being that kind of person doesnt give us the reason to put him down and not to have faith in him. Just because he spoke everything which is true, doesnt mean he is bad. He is angry of all the evils in this country and he is trying to protect us if everyone gives him a chance. Its our people’s choice, why you destroy him? Nothing make sense. His rivals have more confidential issues than him and have a reason for disqualification in their candidacy. Everybody knows the truth about mayor Duterte.

    • yes, just what is the truth about Dudirty????? that he’s an admitted killer and a womanizer? that he’s foulmouthed and a certified psycho? are you sure he’s for you? think about all these negatives and imagine him to be the President of a country that is begging to be saved from farther evil and disaster.

    • look who’s talking. you hate him badluck.
      duterte is the man to save the oppressed pinoys.

    • Alfonso, who is the medical body that certified digong’s psychological health?
      The qulities you described about him has nothing to do with the qualities needed to run this country. By your standards, parang kelangan natin b ng isa pang Pnoy? He’s not foul mouthed, marahan magsalita. Not a womanizer dahil wala pa nga gf. Pasok b sya sa standards mo ng isang pangulo?

  59. Daniel Matsunaga on

    No one can change the Philippines except Mayor Rody Duterte! Only Duterte has a clean remarkable record. Mar Roxas is a weakling and a failure with no remarks of achievement in the government! Binay is corrupt and a liar! Poe has no track record in the government, possible dummy and puppet. Miriam is qualified but has health issues. You cannot destroy a man with good integrity and performance in the government only Duterte has that!

    • i beg to disagree sir. kaya hindi tayo umuunlad kasi maraming tao ang gusto ng pagbabago pero hindi naman kaya umpisahan sa sarili.

  60. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has promised to give the presidency to Sen. Bongbong Marcos, assuming he also wins, if he can not solve the problems on criminality within six months. Let’s take the promise for what it is and vote for Sen. Bongbong Marcos as VP. Mayor Duterte is the only guy who can prevent one Americana from taking the presidency. I think every patriotic Filipino wouldn’t be happy if Ms. Grace Poe-Llamanzares is elected president. If only for that, I can forgive and forget Mayor Durterte transgression to his subject/s and pray for them.

  61. Power can make an unstable mind be more crazier!
    We should not allow to put our lives in the hands of unstable Leaders. Have we not learned from BS Aquino ?

    It is easy to be manipulated by Duterte’s talk , Talk is cheap and People are mad with the current government and showing their frustration by listening & adopting to Duterte’s idiotic curses like their own. The consequences of his words and actions are far more damaging to the fabric of our society.

    • Philip Carino on

      Talk is cheap and where have all the promises of all previous administrations carried us? TO the dust bin! Enough of smooth talkers but actual doers in government. I’m sick of all those good speakers who continue do bad things.

  62. dear sir, i somehow find this column agreeable. and, i always like your facts and positions lalo na tungkol kay pnoy and sa oligarchs. but for today, you are somehow right, but sawang sawa na po ako sa traditional politics. digong is what you see, what you get. he doesn’t need my vote, but he is the kind of leader i need to vote.

    • Paolo Alexis Falcone on

      Define bad first. Rizal was morally decrepit (just imagine how many women he went into bed with) but his actions towards his people made him a hero. Using your moral lenses, he’s equally as bad.

      Had he just returned the money he got from his donors and not finish the novels, will he be as celebrated as he is today? To return the money, citing fatigue, after fighting for so long, is a greater tragedy, insult and traitorous move to the people that supported you.

  63. Rizalito David on

    The Duterte phenomenon merely manifests the wretchedness of our culture. It unraveled the cracks in the Filipino character and likewise revealed how desensitized we already are over the value system that guide our daily lives. The latent undesirable attributes of the collective is now manifest. Duterte defined and characterized what the Filipino is now. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong about us individually and collectively. But then Duterte is both a curse and a challenge and likewise an opportunity. If he makes it, God forbids, we are damned. If he does not then we know where to begin again in rebuilding our nation with a more profound vision and inspired direction. And if only for this I have to thank him. But still I cannot in conscience vote for Duterte. God Bless us all.

    • I respect your opinion sir as member of ProLife and known Catholic leader. I agree with you regarding our miserable culture and rough character and value system. But I disagree when you say if Duterte makes it, God forbids, we are damned. Who are you to judge? God bless!

    • I was also “bastos”, arrogant and disrespectful toward my wife before I became Christian but with the grace of God, He changed me to new loving father in our family. If Duterte wins the presidency, let us pray to God to guide him and let us help him to succeed in his passion to to uplift the lives of Filipino people. I am also an avid listener of DZRJ, DZRH & DZXL radio stations. I also listen to Radio Veritas to balance my thoughts.

    • and isn’t it known to everyone that whenever couples file an annulment there should be 1 of them who will concede or give way and accept mistakes and obviously in our culture it is always the men who takes the blame and to make the annulment fast and easy “psychological incapacity” will always be the reason. so whats the big deal anyway?! Mayor Rody and his Ex- wife are super friends now. they still kiss on the lips. they are more than friends but less than lovers. so ano problema dun eh kinakailangan lang na akoin ni mayor ang dapat akoin at yun ang rason niya para matapos agad at maging masaya na sila pareho. it’s a personal issue…

    • I beg to disagree. The duterte phenomenon reflects our societies hopelessness with the government and the state of our country’s political affairs.
      Halos lahat ng tao naniniwala na kapag politiko ka, corrupt ka. Kung may local project at nakapaskil ang mukha ng politiko sa billboard, corrupt. Kung congressman ka at dumaan ka n maganda sasakyan mo, kinuha yung sa kaban ng bayan. Kung may’ inayos’ na kalsada n Hindi naman talaga sira, pineperahan ng corrupt na local govt.
      And every election we are forced to vote the same faces(o kamag anak nila) because it is the mandate of the constitution. At kahit Hindi ka bumoto, nananalo p rin sila!
      All of them are rehashing the same empty speech. ‘Pagbabago’, ‘makatao’,’maka Diyos’, ‘para sa bay an’,’handing tumulong’, etc.
      Then comes duterte. His achievements speak more for him than his words. And to us supporters, he instilled ‘hope’. hope for change and the end of corruption.It is something th other candidates fail to do. And that is the reason we are protective of him. And that is the reason we will not be swayed by smearing words.

    • Yung boto mo ay wala sa balahibo kungpara sa mga galit sa abnoy ng mga pilipino..Para matulungan mo si Boy Pickup,pag may mitting de abante si DU30 ay pumagitna ka at sabihin mo sa mga tao doon ang totoo,baka imbes na ke Bernardo at Padilla mapunta yung milyong bayad sa ADS eh di sa iyo na ,hindi mo na yun mauubos hanggang kamatayan.
      Gogo boy make your day

  64. Johnny Ramos on

    I am bit worried that Rudy Duterte might really break our diplomatic ties because his personal reasons. This is more than being hit Yolanda every month of the year. Our call center industries will be greatly effected and there could be massive unemployment if this brat will break his diplomacy to these countries. Iran in spite of massive oil wealth suffered a lot. Duterte might do same to Saudi Arabia every time an OFW will be beheaded for heinous crimes. It is time for us to have a second look for this guy before we vote for him on May 9.

    • Don’t worry. Foreign relations can’t be broken easily because of commerce and economic benefits. Governments are run by thinking people and are not overly sensitive to be easily swayed by ‘comments’.

      So stop being paranoid.

    • Jhonny
      incomplete naman ang statement mo,parang cherry picking,taga ABS CBN ka ba? samahan mo ng ebidensya..Hindi na kami naniniwala sa puro hersay ,parang si trillanes ,nalaman lang daw niya sa kaibigan ng kaibigan ng dating supporter ni DU30 tungkol sa hidden wealth..Parng sa kaso ni Corona Small lady lang pala ay tapos na ang kaso. Sana ay ganyan din ang gawing sa kaso ni Ampaw abnoy, puwede ang hersay at small lady. Pag sinabi na unconstitutional kasi ay Aquino na ang nasa galow. Pag hindi celebrity ay puwede na ang hersay para tapos na ang kaso

  65. Remember the time when Cayetano and Duterte went to HK together last year even before Duterte filed his COC? What did they do there?

    • Ate
      tell us what U know..If hersay still tell us
      Si Mar ay lagi din doon, tanungin mo rin siya
      Don’t tell me na kinakalkal na nila kung ano yun 16X na bumisita si Trililing sa China..Don’t be shy tell us

  66. Our life is the creation of our mind? Then judging by the life of Noynoy Aquino, one must have an unstable mind to become President.